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  1. I've got my first B2B in January 2021 out of Galveston. We'll be in the same cabin just to avoid packing/unpacking. If we choose to get off the ship, I see the through passenger getting me back on, but can I get back on before boarding officially starts or I will have to wait for that. In Galveston, boarding generally starts around 11 or 11:30am so if I want to get back on at say 10:30am, will I be allowed? I would assume the seapass station has to be staffed to scan my card and don't know if employees are stationed there that long before official boarding starts.
  2. Having to check-in after the apps/tv and answer questions might be harder and make that line go slower. I usually see many guests who are not great with English and not the type that pay enough attention to answer questions.
  3. We were supposed to be on Radiance from Galveston for 14 night partial Panama Canal in Oct 2021 but just got email that the cruise is cancelled. Hoping another ship will replace Radiance on that sailing or if that trip is null...
  4. Can you bring soda 12 pack cans back with you from a port and take it with you to the room?
  5. Yay for the improvement. I don't drink alcohol so virgin drinks is a great addition. That said, I only turned Platinum after last cruise so still have a long ways to go ☹️
  6. Thanks for that info. Will likely pack light then and skip MDR on formal night. I'm sailing out on 24Jan...hoping for no impact to trip but skipping Progresso is no big deal to us.
  7. Piggy-backing on this thread...I'm sailing on EOS on Jan 24...5 nights. Is there formal night on a short cruise of 5 nights? Along that line, is free lobster on the menu? Just considering my packing options of bringing nicer attire or not for dining room. thanks,
  8. Be very careful with smart phone even if in airplane mode but wifi active, I've had the iphone time changed thru wifi several times while on shore and no longer what I thought it was. Need to look into what the poster said about turning off time change...
  9. I used it on Vista in Oct 2018 on basic internet package. Was able to do the video call too. Video quality was not great but it works w/o lagging.
  10. I liked Cats. Saw it 3 times one 1 sailing!!! Grease was...meh...very talented cast but...meh...
  11. When I was on HoS 3 weeks ago. freestyle were in pizza place, Mini Bites, and WJ. I've always read that soda can only goes to people who pay as opposed to drink package, however, my wife was able to get a can, unopened, at the hot dog place on Boardwalk.
  12. We were on the same week as this review. We did go into the hot tub in Solarium on the last day...just so we can say we used it eventhough it was very sunny and hot. The tub temperature wasn't too hot...just a little more than ambient so I guess they must have dialed down the temperature. It make the dip nice...almost swimming pool-like.
  13. Sorry for the few days gap. We got off Sunday and drove to visit relatives in Naples area for the next couple of days so plenty busy driving & chatting to fill our days. Disembarkation: We chose the self assist route. Slightly unorganized when we arrived on Deck 5 and saw a line that started somewhere in the main dining room. We found our way to the back of the line then later realized there was a line on the other side of the dining room. My wife decided to stay near the dining room entrance rather than drag her bag thru the crowd to the end of the line. At one point, she called me on the phone and said the other line is self-assist so I'm in the wrong line. That new line somehow got to start exiting before us. All the people in my line were self-assist too so there were misinformation floating around. Either way, once the lines started moving it was really quick. Custom and passport check seemed to be based on facial recognition camera so we never really stopped or talked to any agent...just walked off the ship and directly out of the terminal building. So kudos to the Port and RC on making the embarkation and disembarkation extremely smooth for handling 6400 passengers. Now crossing my fingers that RC and our home port of Galveston will finalize the deal and bring an Oasis class here. The new terminal that they talked about will likely have this latest technology and make embarkation/disembarkation a breeze.
  14. Catching up with day 4 in St Thomas... We took taxi to downtown for shopping. $4 each person one way. Arriving in downtown, we were greeted with tour sellers. One guy caught us with his sales pitch which was to avoid Megan's Bay as local prefer the beaches on east and south of island. Also the taxi from downtown to Megan's would be $8 each and $5 each to get in to that beach. I didnt research to verify his numbers. He (Jose's Tour) offered a scenic drive around the island then to a free beach, Secret Cove or something like that and ride back to ship where we'd then be asked to pay $25 each. My kids jumped at the idea of scenic drive which turned out to be to a high point overlooking the city and both cruise piers then to another vista overlooking Megan's Bay. Got a quick 2 minutes history lesson at each. We got 1.5 hours at the free beach. The locals dont like the water north side as it is Atlantic, cooler, and less clear. The south beaches we're carribean warm water which is supposed to be more clear. At least thats the sales pitch Jose gave us. We shopped in downtown for 1.5 hours before heading to the rendezvous point for the trip. The driver was Angel who is Jose's cousin and proclaimed to be the best looking driver on St Thomas. The drive along windy roads up and down the mountain was like a roler coaster ride. Well worth it in my opinion.
  15. I’ve done 2 NYE with RC on their bigger ships with a Royal Promenade. Nice party and balloon drop. Probably sardines like NYC Time Square kind of crowd. Great venue for NYE, don’t have to worry about getting back to room drunk...just a short elevator ride away.
  16. Stumbled upon 2 ducks in Central Park lunching before getting off ship
  17. Do you get the pin on the first cruise after you achieved the level? I'm on HoS now and should have turned Platinum after first night. If points dont add until a week after this cruise then I guess it'll be in my Stateroom on my next cruise. I'll likely make Carnival Platinum before RC Diamond...if only I stay with one company...
  18. I'm currently on Harmony for 7/21 thru 7/28. The Freestyle machine say cup is good thru 8/4. Based on that, I don't think they reprogram after every cruise. Any body has pantry at home filling up with these cups? Good problem to have 😉
  19. Day 4 Compass Ventriloquist Ronn Lucas was amazing last night. Took a volunteer from audience to incorporate and it was highly entertaining. Arriving in St Thomas around noon. Was going to take ferry to Honeymoon beach but family wants to walk downtown now. Oh well. This will be our 2nd time here. Last time was 1999 on my Honeymoon cruise on Celebrity. This time we've got 2 teenage offsprings along for the ride.
  20. I think the sharks were more afraid of all the people surrounding it. I was in knee high water and the shark was also in that depth. My son looked under and said one was a nurse and the other was more traditional gray but couldn’t tell what type. RC life guards were near by and didn’t seem concerned so must be normal sighting. Breakfast today was in MDR. Sat on the buffet side but asked waiter for eggs Benedict with no issue. Very nice and relaxing compared to Windjammer. Will do again. Speaking of Windjammer....everyone corralled thru hand washing sinks. 4 sinks on each of 2 entrance. Sad that people can’t take care of their sanitary way such that RC had to make this change and slow down entrance. Even with that, it wasn’t difficult to spot people not using tongs to grab food. Lunch in Solarium. Again relaxing compared to WJ. Formal night tonight so got dressed for pictures at 5pm. Got 3 photo scenes in by 5:30 and did that walk-in at MDR since our reservation was 6:45. We got table for 4 by 5:45. Done with dessert by 6:45. Not bad. Headliner show at 8:30 with ventriloquist.
  21. Looks like Cruise Compass uploaded jumbled some what. One page failed so re-uplink here.
  22. We stayed at Towneplace in Titusville. Looks very new...thus clean and less than half the price of big name brands in Cocoa Beach. Here are Cruise Compass for first 3 days. Hopefully it up loads in order. Dinner night 2 was Wonderland. Waiter brought out 6 appetizers. Each person chooses 1 entree. I had the pork which was pork belly bacon again. I thought this was much better than the bacon at chops. Less spices to over power the meat taste. Also lots more fat content...90% at least. Much closer to my expectation from the DC restaurant. Keep an open mind for taste and entertainment and you'll likely enjoy it...I sure did. We didn't have reservation so did the walk-in for adult comedy club and Fine Line. 2 comedians going about 20 minutes each. First guy was ok. Second was hillarious.
  23. Coco Cay...not too perfect day. Windy, captain 20 knots today...was 35 earlier in morning and mostly cloudy with a few "liquid sunshine". We were off early to snag beach chairs and umbrella, people were very slow getting off as we found Chill Island cove closest to Chill Grill very empty. Saw sting ray about 2 feet from water edge and a couple of friendly sharks, 3 to 4 feet long. Norwegian's island next door but no one there. Unfortunately, I'm recovering from ear problem last week so best not to get head wet, else plenty of little fishes to entertain casual snorklers.
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