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  1. Thank you for all the very detailed instructions. We'll have a great day in Salisbury.
  2. Thanks I was looking for a hotel right inside Terminal South or connected by a walkway. Is there any of those?
  3. Thank you John. You have been very helpful. Now since we will have plenty of time, do you mind going over the train from Southampton to Gatwick South Terminal? Is it a direct train? How far is it from the port? Is it easily manageable with suitcases?
  4. Dear John; How about we take a private transfer from the port to our hotel near/at Gatwick airport? Then jump on the train to go into London for the rest of the day. We have been to London already but it should be fun and easy, no? Please suggest: 1/ airport hotel ( close to the train station) 2/ if taking the train to London, where do we leave from? And where are we getting off? We are familiar with the Tube but have never taken the train system. Thanks
  5. I just contacted Westquay and Smith cars and they are very cautious There will be major construction on the main road going from Southampton port to Gatwick and it will be completed by 2021 One of their drivers got stuck for 5 hours this week and it’s only the beginning of the construction The main reason I was flying to/from Gatwick was the flights were $1000 cdn cheaper per person And we are 3. The same flights out from LHR may be more convenient but pricier Now, I have to decide: pay more and have my peace of mind or maybe just take the cheaper flight, but the next day The flight I was considering was a direct flight. There is a non direct with the same airline the next day for approximately the same low price The question is: what to do in Gatwick for one day? We would have visited Stonehenge already since we are planning to arrive 2 days pre-cruise ( also due to the fact that there are direct flights only on certain dates with Air Transat) Please help with suggestions for hotels and things to do post cruise
  6. Thanks John, I won't :-)))
  7. Thank you very much pickypicky and John. As usual, I knew that if I ask, I will get woderfully detailed replies. We are booked at the Room2 Southampton but it is fully refundable. Is there a better hotel in term of location ( and of course quality and price)? We need 2 rooms since we are 3. I was considering an apartment but I am not sure that there is AC and with the recent heat wave, I am sure that it will be scorching when we will be there. Just a quick question: how much is the HOHO + Stonehenge ticket? Thank you.
  8. Dear John; As usual, you are a fountain of wisdom. I was hoping to get your approval so now I guess I just have to convince DH to go for it. On their website, Princess shows a time of 7:00am. is it the arrival time or the time that we are allowed to get off the ship? Should I get the Premium Security and Passport check at 12 pounds/person?
  9. Will it be faster if I prebook Gatwick Premium Passport Control and Security Control? It's only 12 pounds /person. Will this allow me more leeway to get there around 9:00-9:30am?
  10. We are booked on the Sapphire Princess in July 2019 and the ship is supposed to arrive in Southampton on a Saturday in July at 7:00am. We are considering a return flight from Gatwick at 11:50 am with Air Transat. Will I have enough time if we do the self debark and get off as soon as the ship is cleared? We are flying back to Montreal. Ususally we always plan for at elast 3 hours before but am I cutting this too close? Is Gatwick as busy as Heathrow or smaller? Since it is a Saturday morning, how bad is traffic? The next return flight is only Monday, at the same time. Please advise before I buy my tickets. Thanks
  11. Hello; We are staying one day precruise in Southampton ( Room 2 Southampton on Queen's Terrace) and would like to visit Stonehenge and Salisbury by train/bus. We plan to visit Stonehenge on a Friday. Can someone help us with: 1/ the best way to go from the hotel to the train/bus station. We are fit and can walk but is it worthed or can we just be lazy and take a taxi? 2/ which train? where to buy ticket? should we buy train ticket in advance or at the station? 3/ I know we have to buy Stonehenge tickets in advance, are the tickets time specific? If we plane to leave Southampton at 9:00am, what time should we get the Stonehenge tickets for? 4/ once we arrive at Salisbury, how do we go from the train station to Stonehenge? 5/ Is the return trip exactly the same way in opposite direction? Sorry for all the questions, I tried to read all the advices here on CC but I just get confused. Thank you.
  12. stefanny28

    Port Canaveral debarkation

    So if we get off by 7:00-7:30, take the transfer to the airport ( approx. 1h-1h15), we should arrive at MCO around 8:00-8:45. Will 3 hours prior to the flight be enough time to go through security? It's not a domestic flight going back to Montreal, Canada
  13. stefanny28

    Port Canaveral debarkation

    What is the earliest time for self-debark?
  14. stefanny28

    Port Canaveral debarkation

    We have a cruise booked next year X-Mas. Looking at flight now, do we have enough time to get from Port Canaveral to MCO for a 11:40AM flight from MCO to Montreal if we "self-debark" and book the transfer early? Thanks
  15. Hi Robin; Loved your review. The photos are so nice. Thanks for sharing. We'll definitely try all these mouth watering dishes.