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  1. We took the metro - very easy, with clear directions. There's a dedicated train that goes to Disneyland from a specific stop.
  2. We did it as a pre-cruise in January 2015, minus the Darwin section. I would highly recommend it. Everything was first rate and we were well taken care of the whole time. A great way to see everything with all the planning done for you. Sure you pay a little more than doing it on your own, but there's something to be said for just saying "here I am - take me everywhere." Worth the money for me. Some will disagree, that's fine. Tour of Sydney did not include going inside the Opera House. They take you to a scenic viewpoint to get the iconic picture of the Opera House and the bridge. The insects at Uluru were brutal - not sure if it was the time of year (late January) or always. When they recommend a net over your hat and head, do it. You can't even talk without getting bugs in your mouth. No problem with flies anywhere else. You don't have to snorkel at the Reef. You can stay on the pontoon, just swim, or go in their glass bottom boat. There aren't any sunbathing facilities so don't plan to get on a sun chair and just chill. Also, bring some anti-nausea meds. The trip out was quite rough the day we went and there were some people majorly sea sick. Try to get a window seat when you fly from Cairns to Sydney - the view of the reef is quite spectacular from the air. I too was surprised by how long the flights were - it's a bigger country than you think. Also, keep in mind that the Australian airlines weigh your carry-on as well as your checked bag. Carry-on cannot exceed a certain weight. I saw people stuffing their pockets while waiting in line to check-in. They also sometimes re-weigh the carry-on's at the gate before you board.
  3. My mom and niece stayed in a cabin over the theater on the Royal in January, and they said it was fine as long as they were already asleep before the late show. The noise wasn't bad but the boom boom vibration was very noticeable. Said while it wasn't bad, they wouldn't choose to stay there again.
  4. Thanks! I would love to get the name of your taxi driver. Please email me at bonita dot couper at shaw dot ca
  5. We're looking for hotel recommendations for the Leblon or Copacabana area. We think that's where we want to stay but are open if someone wants to suggest somewhere else. It will be for a Friday night in January 2020, possibly Saturday depending upon flights, so we're looking for something quiet - we're not partyers! Something mid-range - clean, safe and not too expensive. Thanks for your help!
  6. Our cruise ends in Buenos Aires. We want see Iguazu Falls and then carry on to Rio de Janeiro before flying home. Due to the way the flights to/from Igauzu work, we're thinking of doing things in this order to make the most of our time: 1. Fly early morning from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls - Argentina side airport; check in to hotel in town on Argentina side. 2. Visit Brazil side of the Falls that afternoon. 3. Spend the next day visiting the Argentinian side of the Falls. 4. Fly out the next morning to Rio from the Brazil side airport. Will this work? Any issues with the Brazil Visa entering Brazil twice? Thanks very much.
  7. We'll be spending one night in Buenos Aires at the end of our cruise in January 2020, before flying out to Iguazu Falls the next morning. A Tuesday night if that makes a difference. We're are looking for mid-range hotel recommendations, in the Casa Rosada to Recoleta area. Thanks very much!
  8. We recently had to change the name of a passenger about 3 weeks prior to sailing. Easy peasy. Travel agent just called Princess to change the name and provided the personal information. No change fee involved. New passenger just e-transferred the funds to the previous passenger to pay for it. I was surprised by how easy it was.
  9. I was hoping someone with more recent experience would respond so was holding off. When we were there in 2009, we took the metro/subway to Disney. We had to change trains at one point but as the only train option at that station was the Disney train, it was very easy. Very easy to follow as all signs also had English on them, very clean, and not crowded.
  10. Just off the Royal and no bucket chair in our regular balcony cabin. We asked our cabin steward if we could get one, and we had a chair within about 10 minutes. The small table was in our closet.
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