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  1. DH will be in an ECV, are there sidewalks on the walk to Port Zante?
  2. Disney's beach excursion in October 2019 is going to Turner's Beach. What is the cost of renting a beach umbrella. The excursion includes chairs, lunch, beverages. We have never been to Aniqua. DH is mobility challenged so he will stay under the umbrella while I enjoy the beach.
  3. Yes i just downgraded from a 4B to a 9A accessible after I paid in full. I received a $880 credit to my Disney Visa within 10 days. The cruise was the 8 night Eastern on the Fantasy. I did do the change on the phone after I found an accessible oceanview pop up.
  4. I purchased the photobook for my WBPC 2019 cruise. I love it. You have to do a little work by going to the kiosk every day and drag and drop the photographers pictures into your book. At the end of the cruise you save it, purchase it, pay the $10 shipping and it is sent to you home in a little over a week. The frames are nice, but there is no room to put your own captions. Its hardcover. I bought it because we had 14 days of pictures and I chose the best 35 of my lot for the book.
  5. We just returned Friday from sailing to Bermuda on the Disney Magic. We drove from Central NJ getting on the NJ Turnpike at exit 11 and getting off the NJ Turnpike exit 16 Lincoln Tunnel. Since we drove into NY on a Saturday there was only moderate traffic on the NJTP and when I got to the tunnel I stayed to the left and got into the cars only tunnel. It was fine. Went to 42nd street and on to 12th avenue and followed signs to the pier 88. Traffic was heavy by the intrepid museum but there were lots of police directing traffic. Drove up the ramp, banged my tire on the concrete but no serious damage, paid the $240 and parked on the pier. All accessible spots were taken so we just drove to the next available spot. Took our own bags down the elevator and checked two bags. On the return we got a porter for our 3 bags and tipped him $10, he took the cart up to the top deck elevator and he waited with DH while I got the car. It was 9:15 AM on a Friday so I just went to 11th AVE and waited in line with everyone else to get to the Lincoln Tunnel. As soon as we got on the NJ Turnpike the traffic was light going south. Wanted to stop at the Carteret rest stop but it was closed. Made it home safely. Thanks for all the tips on this board.
  6. We usually spend $50 to $75 each session. We get one electronic bingo machine and a full paper set with 6 cards for each of the 4 games paid. If you only play the final session, it could cost $75+. It sure is fun. One time the final session was held in the theater. DH won a regular bingo and he won $350. He is not a bingo player and he was sooo excited. Turns out when he went to guest services our bill was a little over the $350 winner so he did't get any cash to put in his pocket.
  7. Thank you, we have two options, dropped off at street level, or driving and parking at the port. Thanks for the answers. We ordered an ECV from Special Needs At Sea but they put the vehicle in the cabin, so I will have to ask for wheelchair help anyway. Just trying to be prepared.
  8. Travelling with DH who is post-op and having a little problem with incontinence. We will be driving from NJ. I will prepare him if necessary. Need to know if there are restrooms right inside the level 2 terminal before security. We have sailed from NYC pier 88 before but I don't remember.
  9. The secret deck on deck 7 is no longer available. When they installed the duck tail fin, they used the spot for machinery.
  10. Thank you we have a placard.....
  11. I know this is a Breakaway thread but Pier 88/90 related. I think we are going to drive in from NJ day of cruise and pay the $40 per day to park at the pier. DH is mobility challenged and we ordered an ECV for the ship. He can walk from the parking deck to check-in and will get a temporary wheelchair if we need to. I saw this question on another thread, but cant find it. For ease of getting from NJ to NYC on a Saturday is it better to take the GWB and go south, or take the Lincoln Tunnel and go to 12th ave. Two seniors wanting to avoid the crazy taxi drivers.
  12. Thanks we will work with our family member. I am familiar with walking across 12th Ave to get a taxi so as long as my family member can drop us off up the ramp we will take your suggestions. The Magic is the only ship in port on the Friday we return. its only a 6 night cruise Sat to Fri.
  13. We are also sailing out of Pier 88 in October 2018 on the Disney Magic. When DH was healthy we would either take train or drive in. Now that he has mobility issues we are having family members drop us off on a Saturday Oct 13th, and pick us up on a Friday Oct 19th. Can passengers be dropped off and picked up on the upper level. Last year on the repositioning cruise we were dropped off on ground level and had to take the elevator up. Are the signs clear when you drive up the ramp for passenger drop off and pick up.
  14. We are also docking at Kings Wharf this October 2018 and DH used a mobility scooter. I was hoping to take the ferry to Hamilton if it is accessible. We are on Disney and you have to have a wheel chair to travel on their excursion. We have been to Bermuda before, but we docked at Hamilton and DH did not need a ECV.
  15. We saw Carousel last week, it was good, and the dance sequences were very good. Its an old story had some teary moments.
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