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  1. Welcome to the cruise for October 23rd. We too will be sailing aboard Grandiosa. It's just so unfortunate that things have developed to the level we all find ourselves in right now. Hopefully this situation will get under control before then.
  2. We also have sailed several times with both Celebrity and RCCL in suites and booked the Grandiosa YC but in October. Would be interested in hearing your experience on board since there are not many reviews yet for this ship. Thanks!
  3. Thank you for the information. I'm looking forward to my cruise next year on the Grandiosa!
  4. Will be interesting to hear your assessment of the Grandiosa since we booked her too out of Barcelona next October in the YC. We sail in two weeks on the Equinox in a CS so looking forward to seeing her new changes. We love Celebrity but the prices are becoming too steep so maybe MSC will be the alternative.
  5. RCCL Diamond matched to MSC Gold. Only took a few days.
  6. Still enjoying your critique of your cruises. The plating of your meals look amazing although the taste may not be up to par which is unfortunate. Can't wait to read your final comparison to Celebrity.
  7. Looking forward to your review. Have a lovely voyage.
  8. Great!. Thanks for the info. Our itinerary is the same as the sailing you are presently on. 😊
  9. Loving your review and amazing pictures. Since ours will be our first European cruise, just a quick question from a novice: do you bring your passports along with your cruise card when visiting each port or will a driver's license and cruise card suffice?
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