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  1. Having cruised for over 50 years, 10 of those years were spent cruising with Regent until FDR came upon the scene. After implementing his idea of cruising, we never sailed with Regent again. Maybe he's grown up since or maybe not, but if he mirrors his past performance, we will be gone from NCL as well. After our cruise with Celebrity last month, their CEO just chased us away as well. This time it's no big deal since at our age, we don't have much more time for anything to be too concerned. But for those of you who are still climbing the mountain, good luck. The point is that the person at the top does make all the difference in the end result.
  2. If you insure through a company like "tripassure.com" for example, you will find only a few policies that provide waiver of pre-existing along with not having to insure for total trip cost. Up until now we have only used the insurance for the medical aspect. After September 22 when Citi cancels their trip insurance benefits, we will have to look for a package to insure total cost as well as medical. Becomes very difficult and expensive at our age and some companies only insure up to age 85.
  3. WOW! boscobeans.... You sure brought back memories. We haven't seen anything like that for many, many years. Those days are long gone..if I remember, most of the ships had real staterooms...far larger than what they now call suites. The ships were smaller and most all had bathtubs. Today they remove the tubs and create more cabins. Back then they had professional entertainment and informative lectures. Now we get port talks and what is called music continuously blasted everywhere on the ship. Thanks for the memories....
  4. On the Equinoxthe bottles not really wall mounted. There is a cage on the wall, high up for me, that has 3 pump bottles that are very difficult to pump from below. After you try these you will wish you brought your own.
  5. Were on the Equinox this past week and will record some of our experiences...4th cruise with Celebrity and the last. We have been cruising for 50+ years..all over the world so we're not exactly novices. We booked Aqua class on this cruise because we like to eat in Blu. MDR is too hectic and noisy for us. In the past, the food was very good and we liked the comfortable venue. This time, the food was bad. Mostly overcooked and dry no matter what and how we ordered it. Never again. Service however, was outstanding. What's interesting is that the suite(?) choices that come with Aqua are quite small and uncomfortable. Concierge costs more and comes with a larger suite but can't eat in Blu...only if available. Once we tried concierge class and was assigned to Luminae. For us it was pretty bad. Again the venue was nice but not the food or service. Ordered room service for lunch twice. Took a little over an hour to arrive..no problem. But had to call 3 times each time to ask for the tray to be picked up. Ended up putting it into hall where I saw other trays on the hall floor . On day one, our room phone stopped working. No calls in or out. Took 8 hours and 3 trips down to find a supervisor(Sasha) who said would move our room if they can't fix it now. 20 minutes later he called our room...they simply switched the phone to a working line. Equally annoying were the recorded calls every afternoon from Captain or Cruise Director always selling something. If no answer, they left a message. For obvious reasons all the cruise lines are looking to appeal to a younger crowd . As a result, every event or music is so loud that the only peace and quiet is in the cabin.. The events were so loud that I couldn't talk on my phone outside the cabin. We tried to see some shows and movies, but left after the first 10 minutes, as did others Years ago we had real lectures...now a lecture is advice on where to shop. I suppose it's us, as the ships seem to be sailing full. This time, we couldn't wait to get home.
  6. Very important is to cover pre-existing medical conditions. Not all policies do and when they do, you must buy the policy usually within 15 days of making your deposit. Also some policies that do cover it require you to insure for the full cost of the trip. Only a few do not require this. Since some credit cards cover the trip cost, this would be more costly than necessary. I have only used insuremytrip because you can filter any prices only for the provisions you want and their support is excellent. We have had a few minor claims over the years and they did well for us.
  7. On the Equinox now. Probably better off finding something else to do, maybe read a book. Shows are awful and getting worse all the time. Used to have interesting lectures years ago, but now only port talks about where to shop. Tried watching a movie today in the theater....pathetic. Had to get in line just to walk out.
  8. With a new hurricane moving towards Florida, I wonder what might happen to next Sat Equinox sailing. Trying to call Celebrity goes nowhere as I assume everyone on that sailing has the same question. If it continues on the estimated path, I don't see how the Equinox could return to the port from this weeks trip.
  9. I could offer many, but after cruising for more than 50 years and reading the posts on CC, all my response will do is use up a lot of bandwidth disagreeing with me. Good luck to all.
  10. On all other ships you are correct. We were in a Neptune 6 months ago on the NA and it's still our favorite ship. After this trip on the NS, we would never book again and if they make the same changes on the other HAL ships, we are already looking elsewhere. When I get a moment, I will write a comprehensive review of our trip.
  11. We just got off the NS and no more breakfast in P Grill for anyone. Only club orange or MDR for Neptune people. Of course the Lido if you are desperate.
  12. Interesting...when the cruise line invites me to travel with them at no charge, as a guest, only then would I would consider them to be the host.
  13. Have they upgraded the chairs in CO yet. Are many people attending?
  14. Just got off phone with HAL ship services or something like that. Sharp agent agreed that they were never trained on club orange..only got an email announcing it. I mentioned that we booked Neptune on Mar 31st Nieuw Statendam and am upset with what I am reading on CC. She put me on hold and dialed then up..came back and agreed. Also talked to supervisor who told her they were replacing the crazy chairs in CO. She said open seating is still available in the MDR but no Pinnacle breakfast. CO or MDR or Lido, of course. Then reiterated that this was only a trial and may change yet. Good luck to us.
  15. Last October on the crossing from Italy to Miami on the Westerdam I used wifi calling with no problem. I have Metro/T-Mobile. I bought the middle internet package. Only cost was for the internet.
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