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  1. Masks and social distancing are also still needed when vaccinated for a few reasons - it takes 2 weeks from 2nd vaccine for the antibody level to be reached - vaccines do not prevent getting covid, they only lesson the symptoms - you can still get covid and pass it on if vaccinated so even if 100% are vaccinated, test are still needed to prevent a spread from one to another
  2. So MSC being the first to sail a U.K. only cruise as you say isn’t insisting on 2 vaccines. However that’s because they wouldn’t be able to fill the restricted cabins. U.K. is currently on cohorts 9 invitation first vaccine and cohorts 1-3 2nd. Instead MSC want a full pcr negative certificate dated in 72 hours of embarkation for those who have not had 2 vaccines and 100% guests over the age of 2 will be swab tested at the pier and wait 2 hours for the results. it will have undertaken 6-8 cruises before silhouette sails, hopefully providing some learning. Again the U.K. vaccination timetable will have reached cohort 3-5 for 2nd at that stage. So if you’re over 70, work in healthcare or have clinical vulnerability, those are the only that truly would have had 2 doses. Not a fantastic scenario to fill a must be vaccinated cruise but we’d have lots of healthcare expertise on board if it was. The U.K. is doing it’s vaccines 11-12 weeks apart, that has a massive bearing on the decision to be fully vaccinated or not. As the U.K. will also not allow vaccines to be paid for, due to the NHS system, then those from other countries won’t be on the list.
  3. Our annual policy just advised a £12 for the year extension cover for covid repatriation, bargain.
  4. It’s possible that hearsay on bubbles is just hearsay. I cannot see how the bubble piece could work with strangers and being denied because they put you at risk. The HSE could prosecute MSC for putting you in that group of people. I’ve been running covid response for over a year now on top of my many years nhs experience and that does not meet with WHO, PHE or NHSE operating procedures.
  5. I asked today and as we’ve both had 2 vaccines were told no pcr needed. If no full vaccine (2) then pcr needed
  6. Try again, those blocking holds have released, I’ve now booked
  7. We were booked on this last year and have it booked this year. We’ve been to a few of these ports and they are great places. Barcelona itself has one of the best hoho tours because it’s so spread out, the gaudi places especially the cathedral is a must see. lisbon has so much to see Don’t worry about the infinity, it’s a lovely ship, yes it’s smaller and doesn’t have the bells and whistles of the apex but it’s got a great atmosphere and feels homely.
  8. Sadly too expensive for us as the flights from the U.K. add another £2k. Keeping my fingers crossed for the med in August
  9. And just like that the money for the MSC cruise hit our credit cards in 48 hours from the email. So that’s 105 days for us. we also got an fcc from ncl for part of the £2200 missing so we move forward a little at a time.
  10. I’m nearer celebrating. So I got an email at the end of January giving me a voucher code for an fcc. It had no value on it but said if you want a refund to email the voucher code back to them which I did. This week I got an email saying that they wanted me to give them my bank account number and sort code as ‘the payment was more than 12 months old they are no longer holding card details’. That’s not true, it’s not more than 12 months and as I paid by credit card I didn’t want to give me bank details by email. I have to say the girl in finance was brilliant, I spoke to her and all she wanted was payment date and last 4 digits of card paid. She located the deposit and balance from one card and the excursions, meals, spa on another. 20 minutes later I got an email saying they’d processed a refund and we should get it in 7-10 days. Fingers crossed because if we do it means we got it between 110 and 120 days. In comparison, celebrity cruises paid up in 5 days from cancel to money hitting the bank ncl have made a right mess of it, they cancelled the cruise and within 48 hours issued an invoice saying we’d forfeited £2200 and getting £242 refund only on one cabin and giving us £500 and missing £1100 on another. 3 weeks later they’re saying they will sort it but who knows when? so whilst MSC take forever, I can’t say they’ve been the worst
  11. I spoke to MSC today as I’d never received my FCC. I was told they’re working on august 20 refunds right now, taking them by sail date. So that could mean another 4 months for me. he told me to email to get my FCC sent as it’s sat on their system then email it back to the same email address to get my refund, arduous indeed. Off to the credit card company we go we’ve taken over 70 cruises, had 7 cancelled in the pandemic. Celebrity, Royal and NCL have been good with their FCC or refund processes. this was our first MSC booking and very likely our last Maybe the Financial Times would be interested
  12. So,far we’ve participated in 5 power up point exercises since june and have not received a single point awarded to our captains club. Is there somewhere specific to look for them? Can anyone give me a tip where to look? Or do I need to ring celebrity? thanks
  13. Is it ok on non formal nights for a man to wear jeans and a polo or jeans and a short sleeved shirt? Thanks
  14. Thanks, I’ve booked and the package was easy. I upgraded it for £56 each for the week to premium. I then found out after taking the aurea package that i could have paid £245 each for premium and not booked aurea. However I work for the nhs so I ended up getting 50% off both the cruise fare and aurea package so in the end we’ve paid £300 each for aurea so worked out very well indeed.
  15. That’s patient choice and informed consent, more hermit than leper I’d suggest. I’m currently setting up covid vaccine clinics and we’ve run the numbers on eligibility by category priority for planning but we have no idea how many will say yes or no. Secondly there is no mention of any letter or certificate confirming vaccine given in the process for deliver. If we don’t do something at the time of vaccine, the dr surgery is going to get inundated with requests later. However we have no idea what an internationally accepted format would look like.
  16. Thank you, I may have to reconsider that package, I don’t want a massage or the thermal spa so maybe better spending the £600 each on drinks as we go.
  17. Hi all never been on MSC just booked with an Aurea package and it says included drinks. Can someone confirm which package it is please as I see there are 3, easy, premium and premium plus thank you
  18. I think it’s safe to,say all cruise lines comp things to guests and some are luckier than others. We have had bridge tours, help deck sail always, wine etc my favourite was the free upgrade from balcony to sky suite, some thin I’m unlikely to be able to do again its great service by celebrity that keeps us coming back. What I don’t like are the people who purposely try to get something free and get pushy with it. one angry insisting on compensation for the smallest issue.
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