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  1. I like 'Chill Beach'. Just follow the paths. Most of the island is actually free. The only pay area is the Waterpark and the Air Balloon. From the pier, the Waterpark is somewhat in front of you to the right a bit. Other than that, you can wander the entire island enjoying the beach, the pool all amenities for no charge. There is also a free tram that will take you around the island. My personal experience, I walked to the large pool (Oasis Lagoon) enjoyed that for a while. Then wandered over to the beach (Chill Beach). Snorkeled, grabbed a snack, hung out on the lounge chair for a while. A perfect day.
  2. Lots of free stuff on Coco Cay. Enjoy the beach, lounge chairs, hammocks, the pool (with swim up bar 😉) and lots of sun, sand and surf. No need to pay for a beach day. Bring snorkel gear or rent from the island. Enjoy!
  3. I am thinking of booking a surfing lesson with Pine Grove surf club. I see very favorable reviews online but no mention within these boards. I am planning an uber from the port and then will have a drop off point at the condos that PGSC is in front of on the beach. Has anyone had a lesson with this company? I am looking for confirmation on the practicality of using an Uber to and from that location as well as any feedback on PGSC. thanks!
  4. great - thank you for the replies. I will look at Cortrans as an option. thanks so much
  5. Hi. I will be on HOTS in 2 weeks. Can I purchase airport transfer for desembark day back to the airport while on board? I thought it would be an available purchase item in the planner but cannot find it. I am talking about RCCL bus transport to Orlando airport on disembark day. thanks. sandra
  6. Great! thank you so much for the response and info.
  7. Hi. I am looking for Sunday mass during my stop in Nassau. I see St. Francis church is near the port. I am unfamiliar with the area. Is this church walkable from port? Is it a safe walk? The church is at the intersection of West and West Hill St. thank you.
  8. Hi. I have purchased the Unlimited Dining plan on an upcoming Navigator sailing. How or when will I know which restaurant has been reserved for me for the first night? I am assuming I would ask for the info on board on the first day when I schedule my remaining dinners but I was wondering if there would be any indication of it prior to that. Right now my calendar just says "Unlimited Dining Reserved" in the time slot on the first day. thanks. sandra
  9. Hi. I am also on that sailing. I booked in April and the itinerary is exactly the same as when I booked. What are you seeing that is changed? thanks.
  10. Little Britain - thank you for the pic - that is very helpful.
  11. Hi. I am booked on Navigator OTS in Cabin 1886. This looks to be a connecting cabin. My questions - where is the connecting door in the cabin? I am guessing that the bed in this cabin is near the balcony - is that correct? and that the connecting door would be closer to the bathroom. Is the connecting door in place of a sofa ? or on the opposite side? I am trying to understand how the cabin "connects" to the other cabin and also determine where the bed is in relation to the balcony. thanks for any input.
  12. Hi. I am booked on Navigator OTS in Cabin 1886. This looks to be a connecting cabin. My question - where is the connecting door in the cabin? I am guessing that the bed in this cabin is near the balcony - is that correct? and that the connecting door would be closer to the bathroom. Is the connecting door in place of a sofa ? or on the opposite side? thanks for any input.
  13. Hi. In my experience the better offer comes from whichever program you have higher rating. For me personally, that is always MGM MLife as my tier level is Platinum (and earned through gambling and spend dollars, not a partner match). Also, I do not typically do much gambling on the ships so my personal rating with Club Royale is pretty low . The nice thing with MLife comp is that it is pretty structured and defined as to what you are going to get. As a Platinum MLife member, I get a choice each year of either a free cruise or a dollar amount off the current best price of any cruise. Depending on your level of play as Platinum, your free cruise is either 3 days or 4 days and your dollar amount is either $350 or $750. In addition, there are defined on board comps that do not change including $200 onboard credit. (Gold level is different but also defined). Here is a recent posting I did for my free Mariner cruise March 1 which includes some additional details around the MLife offer. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2642069-tr-mlife-free-cruise-the-key-mariner/?tab=comments#comment-56955778 Here are the MLife Cruise details https://www.mgmresorts.com/en/mlife-rewards-program/preferred-partners/royal-caribbean-and-celebrity-cruises.html enjoy.
  14. Hi. Yes. I have taken the Free MLife cruise a few times. Your Platinum offer will either be for a FREE 3 night or 4 night cruise depending on your level. You can opt for a longer cruise. In my experience your dollar amount value is anywhere between $375 and $750 (again based on your Platinum level). The free cruise itself is a better Comp value although I have used both options (taken the free cruise and had $750 taken off the bottom line of a 7 night cruise). Here is a link to my Mar 1 Free cruise on the Mariner with some details around the MGM MLife process. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2642069-tr-mlife-free-cruise-the-key-mariner/?tab=comments#comment-56955778 enjoy
  15. Any other ships beside the Liberty give you skating time with the Key? I was on the Mariner 3 night cruise on Mar 1 and there was one Skating session offered for KEY. enjoy.
  16. Definitely recommend the lesson for the teenager. We did this for my 13 y/o son last year. There were 5 people total with 2 instructors. Each person got very individualized, hands on instruction. The instructors tailored the instruction to each person allowing for those who figured it out sooner to continue to more 'advanced' maneuvers - essentially, everyone at their own pace. I suggest you do it on day 1. We found it to be a great value and good choice of purchase. enjoy.
  17. I don’t see a lot of reports on the MLife cruise perks so thought I would share my recent experience. I also had the Key on this sailing. I was on the Mariner, 3 night sailing March 1. Some comments and notes about MLife and Key perks. I am a Platinum MLife member, the top tier in the MGM Resorts casino program, just below Noir which is by invitation. One of the perks of a Platinum member is a free Royal C cruise every year. MLife status resets each year and you must “re earn” your status for the year. For any year in which you earn Platinum you receive the free cruise. And, based on your gaming spend that year, your cruise offer will vary for cabin type and all include OBC. Also, you must attain your Platinum status through gaming and resort spend, not through a partner match (i.e. Hyatt), in order to be eligible for the Cruise offer. My schedule was pretty hectic with a few other trips in the works as well as work commitments, but I found the Mariner 3 night on March 1 that would work. I called the RCCL MLife phone number (this is different than direct contact to Casino Royale). Using my MLife player’s number the agent easily found my offer which was: 4 nights free for 2 people, Oceanview cabin, $200 OBC or $750 off best rate of any cruise, Oceanview, $200 OBC. (I have used the $750 credit offer in the past but the free cruise is such a better comp). The agent was very helpful. I upgraded to a Balcony cabin for $89. The agent commented that I was not taking full advantage of my offer for 4 nights and so she also added the Deluxe drink package at no charge which was unexpected surprise. All booked. Total time on the phone with the agent was about 5 minutes. That was easy. Next, unfortunately, I needed to add internet. I try to disconnect as much as possible but had to be online at a specific time for a few minutes one morning. I also wanted to add lunch at either Chops or Jamies and dinner as well. The cruise planner had 1 device at $14.99/day. The Key was $19.99 / day. Seemed like a no brainer to get the Key for $60 which was actually cheaper than 1 device plus lunch at Chops. I used OBC and added the Key. I flew into Miami 2 days before the cruise and hung out in South Beach with some friends from Palm Beach. Had a lot of fun - South Beach is always a great time – beach, nightlife, good food scene. Took a cab to the port and arrived at terminal A about 10:15. Walked into an empty terminal, quick Sailpass scan, picture on the ipad, through security, up the escalator to the waiting area…. 5 minutes. So smooth. Once in the main waiting area I told the agent I was Key member and she directed me to the seating area which was just a separate section in the main room (not in with Suites/Pinnacles). Boarding started at about 11. The Key members boarded immediately after Pinnacle. There was Key signage throughout the ship including multiple “Welcome to our Key members”. I proceeded directly to the theater (Key signs pointing the way) and dropped off my carry on tote bag. This was very organized, the reps were prepared, had the list of names and cabin numbers (which very clearly appeared to be no more than 100) tagged my bag, gave me Key information and was very friendly. I went to Chops for Key lunch. Gave the host my name which he found on the list and was immediately seated. The lunch was a smaller Chops menu but very good. During the cruise I received a plate of chocolate strawberries and a bottle of wine from the Casino hosts. I received a plate of cookies and a plate of fruit from the Key team. My seapass card had a “key” logo on it. There was Key information in the cabin including the Key times for the activities (flowrider, perfect storm, skypad, ice skating and rock climbing). I took advantage of the flowrider one afternoon. There were a total of 4 people (me and 3 teenagers) for the first half hour which is only as long as I lasted. One of the perks with the Key is priority tendering. I did not plan to use or need this but on the morning of Coco Cay I made my way down to tendering at about 9:30 expecting that there would not be a line since we had arrived at 7. What I found was a very long line extending all the way through the deck one path and up the stairs. Hmmmm... I found a crew member, showed my Key sea pass, and was walked to the front of the line. I boarded the very next tender. Key seating in the theater was on the upper level, center. On the final morning I went to the dining room for the Key breakfast. There was another “Welcome to our Key guests” sign there as well. (those signs were noticeable throughout the ship for appropriate designation). Breakfast was more relaxing and more enjoyable than I had expected and a nice end to the cruise. I walked off the ship ‘at my leisure’. I did not have any bags to claim but I did see the Key bags in a separate section with Key signage. For me, I found the key worth it on this short cruise as a solo. I did use OBC to purchase it but it was still a good value for the 3 day itinerary and the price was actually less for the key than to purchase voom and chops lunch. The additional perks were nice but if it was a 7 night for 2 people I would pass on the key as the value is just not there for me at that point. Let me know if any questions. Enjoy.
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