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  1. So nice of you to post all of this! Much appreciated!!
  2. If anyone has a recent photo of a room service menu that they can post I’d really appreciate seeing it. Thx!
  3. Thx to all who replied. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but we love ballroom dancing and are disappointed to see it disappear from so many ships. We have FCC to use so will probably book on Regal as there’s an itinerary of interest but, after that, I think we will need to stay with Cunard, Crystal, and Regent where dancing is still available. Too bad as if Princess had more ballroom dancing we would be very happy sailing on it.
  4. Are there any opportunities for ballroom dancing on the Regal Princess? If so, where? Wheelhouse? Or?? Thx!
  5. We watched this using the link in the July newsletter. We were asked to register and give our CC numbers in advance and then clicked on the link and watched to the end. Since then I've had one email from X thanking me for registering for the video and giving me the link to watch it. I haven't received anything saying that it has been watched and we'll get the PUP. Has anyone else watched using the link in the newsletter? Did you get an email acknowledging that you watched it? While it was a little better than some of the videos, I'd really rather not have to watch it again to get the points but I'm concerned that our time watching it didn't get counted somehow.
  6. I wonder if there is any way of getting this email?
  7. so cute! Thx for sharing this photo. I didn’t get the PUP is one email and have missed a few events. Did this email go to everyone including people in Canada?
  8. Cunard is our first choice IF there’s an itinerary we want (which can be tricky since they don’t have a lot of ships ). We love the elegance of their approach in particular their formal nights (especially when they have a special theme we can dress for). They also have good dance floors with appropriate music for ballroom dancing. While we know all of this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, we love this style of cruising.
  9. Earlier this week I received a strange letter that didn't identify the sender but, from phoning them I was told it is a 3rd party company called Cruise Line Data Security Events Center in Florida (but I could not get the call agent to confirm the company name when I asked her to do so twice - I am only going by what was said on the recorded answer to my call). As the letter was lacking in details I was only able to discover that the breach of my data came from a Carnival cruise line by phoning however, the person on the phone said she couldn't tell me which cruise line and that someone would call me back (hasn't happened yet). We've sailed with Princess (most recent bookings in the Carnival family hence my post here) but a few years back we sailed several times with HAL and Cunard which are also in the Carnival group. The letter raised all kinds of red flags not only due to the fact of the breach, but also due to the fact I can't tell from the correspondence who sent it, which cruise line was involved, when the breach took place, what data was exposed, or how the breach was dealt with. The letter gives me a web address and cyber monitoring subscription code to apply for 1 year of credit monitoring but I'm concerned about going to this web link as the letter is so unusual that it feels like this may be spam (the letter tells me I have to enter personal info in order to access the free credit monitoring). If anyone else has received this letter and can help shine some light on it I'd really appreciate it. Is this letter with its web address legit? Is there any way of finding out more about the data breach? Thanks in advance!
  10. I agree. I am very disappointed in the way X has handled cancellation announcements as it truly does seem like a ploy to get more FP revenue.
  11. As much as we love to sail (and we have done many cruises), it isn’t our all time favourite vacation. That honour goes to our visits to our favourite city, Venice, for Carnival hence my use of the Italian word for carnival as my CC handle. We are among the disappearing type of people who love to dress for formal night and so our love of creating and wearing elaborate costumes for Carnival in Venice comes naturally to us. Now if we could find a costume themed cruise that sails around Italy we’d have the best of all the vacation things we love.
  12. No luck at all on Chrome or Edge....would freeze or lack audio. We moved to an iPad which was better but we still had to rejoin several times after it stopped. We have been working from home for 20 years so have used many different platforms for sessions like this and have a lot of bandwidth via optical service so I don’t understand why we had so much trouble with this session. Too bad as what we did see and hear was interesting. With having to rejoin so many times I wonder if we will get the points?
  13. Thx Teabag - I agree with you! You mentioned an expand feature. Can you please provide more information on that? I have not heard of it but it sounds useful. How does it work?
  14. Can you please share the email address for the Cptn Club? It would be easier to deal with the discrepancy between my husband’s and my points by email than phone. Thx!!
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