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  1. I have a different view on this as an X newbie. We are about to do our first X cruise in a few days and I have to say I am worried. I hope the onboard experience will be better than what we have experienced so far. The website is very poor and calls to X produce varied answers. I am also concerned about the potential of being treated like a second class citizen by having only the classic Bev pkg given what I have read here about problems getting the small martinis in the Martini Bar. We have sailed 10 different lines to date so X will be number 11. I have never had as many worries about what we will experience onboard with any line in this pre-cruise period. I am hoping this is all due to a greater tendency to focus on the negative here than on other boards and am planning on embarking with the view that things will be great....at least I sure hope so as we have another X cruise planned for next year.
  2. In our case we have never been able to see this info on our online X account which is both very annoying and hard to understand. Why wouldn’t X want to provide the full receipt info so we don’t have to call them to confirm?
  3. This has been a major frustration for us too. Why X can’t show all of the info on what each guest has is a mystery. When I called to confirm what we have they could verbally confirm it but said that things arranged via a TA won’t show online. How can that be the case?? Clearly they have to have all of my perks and purchases on file to manage my account onboard. Why can’t I see that info? This makes no sense and is something we have never encountered with other cruise lines.
  4. We have cruised on many different lines and have never encountered as many tech issues and frustrations as we have since we booked on X. It has not left a good impression leading up to our first X cruise.
  5. Are there deals onboard for wifi pkgs or are they about the same price purchased in advance?
  6. With gratitude to my fellow CC posters for responding to yet another new to X question from me, I am hoping to find out when is the best time to purchase an internet pkg. We will share a pkg for one device and just have one of us online at a time and, we don't need the full pkg, we only need to get to email. The single device surf pkg is not on sale for our October TA sailing so there is no discount at this time. Does it make sense to go ahead and purchase it now or should we wait until we are onboard? Are there ever discounts when a cruise starts? Might there be any other options not advertised in advance (e.g., smaller packages for limited number of minutes)? Thanks in advance for your advice on what the best option will be!
  7. I find it so frustrating that my account on the X website does not show all of my perks. The provision of this kind of basic account info is, IMHO, a key expectation of my cruise purchase. When I have paid for something I expect a full statement so there’s no room for confusion or mistakes and also so that if things are not as expected I have a chance to clear it up before hand so I don’t have to take time from my vacation to deal with it onboard.
  8. Thx! I just packaged up some Stevia to take with us. We really appreciate having CC to help us with info like this.
  9. Do they have stevia as an option for those who want to sweeten their tea or coffee?
  10. What a terrific blog! Many thx for sharing all of this info. We just booked the Ireland and Iceland cruise on Silhouette for September 2020. We are wondering if you noticed any ballroom style dancing on your cruise? If so, where did it take place and about how often? Any info on the dancing will be great to get.
  11. I tried that and it was going to be such a long wait time on hold that I gave up. Plus, I'd like to see it and print it so I have a record of things with me when I travel and am out of wifi range. Thank you! I didn't find Order History in the left side menu but going to the cruise planner was the key. From there I clicked on "View all Cruise Planning Packages" and on that page on the banner at the top toward the right side was "Order History". Since you had directed me to look for that I went there and found exactly what I needed. It's great to have the CC forum to help with challenges like this!
  12. I have come across this once online but I can't remember how I got there and I now can't seem to find the info page that shows me the excursions and other things that have been purchased for my upcoming cruise. I can log into my account and see my upcoming cruises and do things like check-in, etc. but I can't find info on my purchases. Sorry to have yet another newbie to Celebrity question for this forum, but if one of you who is more experienced with X can direct me to where this info is located online I would really appreciate it.
  13. Many thanks for your reply! We will be very happy to have a pkg for laundry. We are on Infinity’s TA in October for two weeks. That alone will greatly benefit from a laundry pkg however, like others, we are travelling prior to the cruise and with the luggage limits imposed by the airlines we will need to do laundry. The time being given by X to CC is a great example of working to be a customer-centric organization...well done!
  14. Last time we were on HAL it was $7/day in North America (a little less than a year ago). On earlier cruises in Europe it was $10/day when purchased onboard but $7/day if you called them and booked it in advance. So even though you had to stop in time for laundry to go out and come back but had to pay for all days, including disembarkation day, it’s a fabulous deal. We also like being back home and finding something we hadn’t worn since the cruise that has a HAL laundry sticker....always a nice reminder of our cruise. This really goes a long way to building customer satisfaction and loyalty. Can Celebrity take it on?
  15. That is different. The bag of laundry is a “now and then” thing whereas on HAL you pay a set fee based on the length of your sailing and then your cabin steward will pick up any amount of laundry every day. No counting items into a bag, no wondering if/when the laundry bag special will happen. If you have been traveling prior to the cruise you unpack and send things out the first evening. It is such a treat to have unlimited laundry every day and it greatly reduces the amount we need to pack. Worth every penny for the cost of the pkg!
  16. We have sailed on HAL a lot and love their laundry pkg. We pay a fee for all days onboard (even though laundry can’t be sent out on the last full day) and get all we want washed and pressed. It’s returned on hangers or folded. With airline restrictions on baggage we have come to really appreciate this pkg. Can Celebrity do something like this? We would really appreciate it!
  17. Perhaps another option is to install water filtration in the bathrooms and give out reusable water bottles that guests take ashore and home at the end of the cruise. This reduces one time use plastics and leaves a memento of the cruise. Some hotels are moving in this direction. Is this something Celebrity might consider?
  18. I am another vote in favour of bringing back formal nights. Having a chance to dress up, have a nice meal, see a show and get a few dances in all while dressed formally creates such memorable evenings at sea.
  19. Check to see what is open during the day when Carnival is on. We were there for Carnival a few years back and most things were closed. We even had an excursion (through Azamara) that took us to a museum that, when we arrived, the guide discovered was closed! The guide just had the bus driver drive around instead and we ended up having a great time but we didn’t get to see the museum we had hoped to get to. The focus was all on the night time events and the Sambadrome. It was interesting but we had a much better experience in Rio when we went back and it wasn’t Carnival time. Things may have changed but I would double check with the sites you want to see.
  20. Sorry to hi jack this post but I am hoping to learn how many plugs we will find in AQ on Infinity this fall. Also, I see Amazon has a power bar that they say is ok for cruise ships as it doesn’t have a surge protector. Are these indeed ok to use onboard?
  21. Many thanks for taking the time to photograph and post this menu - very interesting and useful. We only have the classic pkg but it is good to see we may have a few options of wines btg in Blu.
  22. Thx! Great info. We are looking at the Auckland to LA sailings which both ships are doing only the Ruby sailing is one day shorter and the ports differ but the ports on both are all interesting. So it really comes down to the ship for us. Have you noticed any differences in opportunities for ballroom dancing on these ships?
  23. We are looking at two sailings that are one day apart so both are at a good time and both itineraries look good. One is on Ruby and the other is on Golden. We’ve only done two Princess cruises both on the Island Princess so both ships are unknown to us and we don’t know how to pick between them. We would appreciate hearing observations on how these ships differ and the pros and cons of each. In particular, info on where there’s ballroom dancing and how much dancing is available on each ship will be great to get. Many thx in advance for sharing your thoughts!
  24. Many thx for these replies. We have done a few Cunard cruises not only for the great dancing , but also the old world elegance that we enjoy (we are some of those strange people who love formal wear but we know it is not everyone’s cup of tea). Also good for dancing are Princess and apparently Celebrity but we won’t know for sure until our first cruise on that line this fall. We have also had great dancing on Regent and Crystal but can’t afford them very often. We will have to give a lot of thought to the Oosterdam cruise as Princess has a similar itinerary but it is more expensive with fewer perks from our TA.
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