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  1. It's probably a moot point now, but I'm on the August 1st sailing on the Magic, going to Florida a week early, and our hotel e-mailed me to confirm that I was not from NY, NJ, or CT and stated that if I had a drivers license from either of those states I would not be permitted to check in. That would be not be a Carnival problem though, that would be a you problem, so you'd have to check with your hotel and see if they'd even let you check in. You'd be breaking Florida policy, not Carnival policy. the mandate is not lifted, but because you'd be boarding the ship, and
  2. I love the Spirit Class! Makes sense A very good idea; splurge. My favorite suites are the ones on the Spirit class. the ones at the back of the ship next to the wrap arounds are my absolute favorite. You get the gentle lull and I can spend hours dozing and reading on the balcony. If you didn't want to splurge on the suite, a regular balcony is just as good as the extended balcony. Honestly, we always cruise in suites, and the perks really aren't worth it (although, having the option to chose what time dining we want is great, and I do enjoy that). We hav
  3. For reasons I don't understand VIFP offers change depending on how you booked etc... I have found if you have a TA with a good relationship with someone at Carnival you can get things done--usually. I was trying to upgrade my sister from an OV to a balcony before they cancelled the Bermuda cruises, and because of the fare she booked, certain rooms weren't available, and the cost to upgrade into the available categories for that fare was double what the website showed. It was weird. Very weird. Our cruise for Aug. 1 on the Magic is more than $1500 more than it was when we booked in
  4. I've never booked a CCL cruise that far out, but I have booked cruises on other lines that far out, and there were VERY few excursions (like less than 10) until about a year in advance and then they all populated for booking. I'm guessing because 11/21 is so far away that's why.
  5. It was totally my fault... it myself in the face doing a thruster and then rebounded off the wall behind me. It really was a wild experience; the next day I went to work thinking I was fine, I just felt a little off. But even this weekend I was with family and my eyes were going wild. I hope it doesn't take a full year for this post concussive syndrome stuff to resolve. We have big things happening this year (Japan this summer for 3 weeks!!), and I really would love to go back to feeling like "me" again. You're probably one of the few people I have spoken with who even understands when I
  6. I'm having some technical difficulties with our new printer and figuring out how to get the scanned images to my laptop. I'll end up taking them to work with me and scanning them there. So we've unpacked, talked about power strips, let's talk about Carnival Hub before moving onwards to dinner. Carnival Hub. $5. Text messaging and digital version of the Fun Times. You can select what you would like to do each day by tapping on the little heart, and then you'll even get an alert 15 minutes before hand that your event is coming up. This was really the only way I wou
  7. AHHHHHHH.... that makes so much sense. and makes me love it even more.
  8. You'll have luggage tags for group 2 because you're in a suite. We just got off the ship in FLL, and they did a good job controlling how many people got off at once so there was no logjam.
  9. Yes that is normal. Not all TAs have access to extra perks like OBC for every cruise... more often than not my TA gets me OBC, but not every time. The difference is, with a TA they work for you, so if there's an issue, they're more inclined to solve it because they want you to return. The PVP works for the person who cuts their checks--the cruise line, so they are more inclined to err on the side of their paycheck. I've booked cruises 3 ways, local travel agent, major travel company, and Carnival and the only experience I would ever want twice is with my local travel agent. I
  10. Oh, I guess one more thought. The newish/newer ships all make you put in a card of some type to have the electricity. We see this a lot in Europe, but not in most American hotels... it seems to trip up people... I just stuck my monthly train pass in there, and just remembered not to waste electricity and turned off my own lights.
  11. I'm working on scanning in the Fun Times. I want to attach them as I go through the days. Tomorrow there will be more! I'm happy so many people are enjoying this. I imagine that I'm an okay story teller, I just wish I had taken more photos. With that said, here are a few more that I did actually take ! This was a message waiting for us for when we got into our stateroom! The kiddo and I are Jewish, but we (as in me) love Christmas. My sister was awesome enough to let me borrow some Christmas decorations. There was a lot of confusion and debat
  12. I'm pretty pale, and do my best to stay out of direct sun because skin cancer. There was some sun on our balcony, but without sunscreen I did not get any color, but we also were getting ready for dinner/at dinner during the sunset and slept through sunrise, so really weren't ever out on the balcony when the sun had a direct path to my skin. I sat outside for hours at a time, it was so nice and hot, but still somewhat shady. This was also weak winter sun (which was still pretty strong). From the other social media page for our sail page, people on decks 10/11/12 said they noticed smells and
  13. Getting onboard. Time to get on this ship. They called Diamond, Platinum, and then Suites, and it was time for us to get onto our ship for the next eight nights. As we walked around the upper level towards the walkway on, there was a table set up selling inexpensive lanyards (I think they were $2) but we don't use them, so we didn't get one. Although, I think next time, I will insist the child wear one instead of putting her S&S into her phone case. She didn't lose it, but she did leave it in the stateroom more than once. Alright, so you look around, passing t
  14. I was really, really lucky to have a medical team that got me into the right specialists right away. 3x a week of vestibular therapy and then once a week with a vision specialists to force my eyes and ears to work together appropriately. I also didn't buy insurance for this cruise, so we really were going no matter what. But, I think I probably had a better time than I ever thought possible just because it was so up in the air for so many weeks. We were in 7335, and I LOVED the room, the location, and the fact that it wasn't too close to the hot tubs on deck 5, which was a big con
  15. I noticed no smells the entire time other than some funk in our bathroom. I also never smelled anything the other times we have been on the Magic. I do know a lot of people complain about it on the lower decks, we have only ever stayed on decks 7 and 8. I will say this time, on the first day, the bathroom had a weird smell, like heavy cleaner that wasn't exactly clean, but by the end of the evening, the smell was gone, and it didn't bother me. I took a deviation to the second deck accidentally and noticed nothing. In the page on that other social network people were complaining about terr
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