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  1. Granted, it's been two years, but the last time we did it, I was able to order all of the same. It may have changed (though I am hoping not!)
  2. Yes. You can. They will put holds on the bank account though--double what you spend (at least, the last time I used a debit card, it was double, that could have changed, it may just be a single hold now). If you want to use cash, you can open the S&S with your debit card, and once on board, give them cash, and then you have a "credit" that you can spend down. I do this even when I use my credit cards--and I'm like 12-0 having anything charged on a credit card while on a cruise.
  3. I think it doesn't have anything to do with status so you should be good. Some cruises we get the S&S card when we check in, some cruises we get them in our door mail slot thingy. You don't need your card if you're doing things like buying drinks, they give you a print out with the folio number on it, so that's all that is needed.
  4. It's been a few years since I've run out of water, but I asked the room steward for a case of water, and I am pretty sure I remember it being the same price as when bought online.
  5. The safest thing to do is to wait until on board and try and plead your case. Until this specific post, I have never heard of anyone getting a loophole, regardless if someone is pregnant. At least on board you'll have the doctors note in hand, but they are really getting quite strict about the package. And it's a lot of money to potentially blow.
  6. Delta will just be flying out of Haneda, so I would imagine for that leg, the only thing that would change is the airport. There are lots of flight options from Haneda to the US; we just recently booked flights and there were lots of good options.
  7. We've cruised only in mini-suites on NCL, so I can't attest to the difference between a mini-suite and balcony on NCL... but I do know that the mini-suites on the Epic had a stupid amount of storage (enough for two months of clothes and stuff after a summer living in Paris) with room to spare. The mini-suite on the Escape had a lot of storage, but not as much as the Epic... but my teenager wasn't able to fill all the storage up with her clothes, accessories, and art supplies, which she does quite easily in a balcony stateroom on Carnival without even trying.
  8. RCCL is really insane with their pricing, I have very strong anti-RCCL feelings, so full disclosure. NCL has lots of great adventurous excursions. NCL has lots of them... On the NCL Epic to the Med we lounged by the pool all day, every day. No regrets. No struggle getting chairs. NCL Mini Suites are SO MUCH BETTER than RCCL's Junior Suites (which would be the closest comparison). SO MUCH STORAGE. And the soaking tub is also a huge plus. It makes my head spin how much it would cost for my 15 year old daughter and I to cruise on RCCL... and I really want to do Harmony because that's my name. I told Royal I should be the namesake... they must not have read my tweets. We have cruised most of the major lines (outside of Celebrity), and the NCL Epic is by far my daughter and my favorite ship. WE LOVED our mini-suite... there was a stupid amount of storage... we were able to pack away two months of clothing and acquired goods from living in Paris all summer, and we had SO MUCH MORE space that we could have filled it with. The couches were also super comfortable to sleep on (according to the kiddo at least). I have not been on Breakaway, so I can't really comment on this, but we have done the Escape, and while the ship is great and we did love it, we would book the Epic before any other ship (and we did... and then cancelled for a different cruise because I struggled to justify an addition 2200 for airfare to San Juan... and we both are still regretting cancelling). Hands down, I would pick the Epic. Which I guess is funny because we were on the Carnival Miracle in the dock next door the day the Epic was christened in NYC and we could not stop making fun of just how ugly it was... and we'd pick it as our first choice ship in a head-to-head with any ship (maybe not HAL, but we were in their Neptune Suites so we had a different sort of experience).
  9. After this next cruise I believe she's going to Asia, and then dry dock, and then hanging out in the Pacific. I follow Lee on IG, and he's been talking a bit about it. And he's super excited so for anyone going on the trans-pacific, you're in for a wild ride and I am super jealous.
  10. $4000 isn't that insane for a grand suite... I paid slightly more than 4k for an ocean suite over Christmas... only you know if it's worth it... for me, that was the only room on the ship with a balcony, and we tend to cruise in suites normally so the price isn't such a huge OMG sort of thing and I am realllly good at justifying spending on a cruise. It doesn't sound like it's worth it to you, so I wouldn't even stress about it. Watch the prices, see what happens, and if it doesn't feel right, at least you know you are happy where you are now.
  11. It's pretty fast... we booked a shuttle, we were on the bus by 8:30ish and in the airport through security before 9:45.
  12. With Faster to the Fun your board after Platinum and Diamond. Really, you just get to board a bit earlier and move through the process slightly faster, the real perk is that you get your stateroom ready and your luggage will get there a bit earlier. I have only done FTTF once when it first rolled out and we weren't traveling in a suite, the only thing that made it worth it was being able to go right to the stateroom. We were only on board a few minutes before everyone else though. Priority Check-in Bypass lines and have exclusive security screening lanes for initial embarkation at onset of cruise. Guaranteed Stateroom Your stateroom will be ready as soon as you board, so you can relax or freshen up for the fun you're about to have. Express Luggage Your luggage will be expedited to your stateroom so you can unpack and get settled in for a great vacation! Guest Services You'll have a dedicated phone number and line at Guest Services so you can quickly have your questions answered. Dining Reservations Priority Main Dining Room and Specialty Restaurant reservations (excluding Your Time Dining). Priority Water Shuttle Boarding We hope you take advantage of Carnival's Excursions. If you choose to explore the destination on your own, you will have the option to choose a priority water shuttle from the ship to shore. Debarkation We're always sad to see you go. But when your cruise is over, you may choose an early or late debarkation time upon arrival to your homeport.
  13. Our first any time dining was on the Magic... and it was totally great. We never waited, we sat at the same table every day, and we had the same server. We're doing the Magic again the week before you are. As for NYE things... this is off their website: New Year's Eve When: December 31 It’s time to start over. For it’s a new year! Get ready to throw the biggest party of the year. Festive music, a great rendition of Auld Lang Syne and a fun-filled celebration. Join us for this smile-inducing, iconic celebration as we ring in the promise of the new year. New Year’s Eve Party - The new year is almost here! New Year’s Eve Bash on Lido Deck - Excitement is definitely in the fresh sea air! There’s no better way to celebrate the end of one year and the promise of the next than the swankiest deck party ever, featuring awesome live music with our house band. Join in for the countdown with your Cruise Director and bring in the new year with your loved ones and a ship load of new friends! Our Youth Programs will host New Year’s Eve parties within their areas. New Year’s Eve After Party (adults 18+) - This iconic evening is known for endless festivities lasting into the wee hours. This party is just getting started! Celebrate in the swankiest New Year's after party on the high seas as we move this party into the Night Club!
  14. I've been on the Miracle more times than any other ship and if she was somewhere that we wanted to go or was convenient, I totally would hop on and not think twice.
  15. We did the premium seats, you're just up closer. I think it's really okay either way, but if you have little kids that would be harder to see you may want to do premium. But... there were definitely some people in the premium seating that had to turn their chairs to be able to watch (not a huge deal but...).
  16. I also work remotely and often while on vacation. On the Epic two summers ago I had wifi, but not the premium (that was just for the addition of streaming which I did not need). The best answer I can give you is... sometimes it was great, and sometimes I wanted to throw my mac off the balcony while trying to work. It was better at sea than in port, and in port it was really hard to connect via my phone's hot spot, because of the ships' wifi. I ended up jumping off and just walking towards the port a little with my phone and mac so I could get what I needed done quickly and then go back to vacation.
  17. Moderno is one of our favorites; the food and service is always amazing, never feel rushed, and the drinks are great. We usually do the dining package, but I would totally pay $46/pp (and the kid is only 15 so I'd even pay it twice so she can come too 🤣)
  18. Your TA works for you... ask them to call and see what NCL will do; they won't give you a refund, but they should absolutely move you.
  19. If you google "NCL EPIC" and then the stateroom category you'll find photos. In the med we were two doors down, it's an MC, and it has the bathtub and the bed that is closer to the balcony. That has been by far my favorite cruise ship stateroom. I was able to put away an entire summers' worth of luggage and goods (we spend several weeks in Paris first), and there was room to spare.
  20. I fly out of Philly and Newark (but live massively closer to Philly). Unless you're flying in and out of different airports I don't think the NCL airfare is worth the stress... I also just booked cheaper air on Delta to Tokyo than what NCL was offering (several hundred dollars cheaper). What I tell everyone to do is to set a Google Flights alert and then see what Hopper says when trying to determine what's the best to buy. The other issue with the NCL air (outside of not getting your flights closer to departure) is you can only go two days early, and I believe there is an additional charge. I would also REALLLLLLLY suggest checking out Newark... it's super easy to get to. I try and get a ride to Trenton and then hop on NJ Transit, and it's a fairly painless experience (I do it as a single mom with a kiddo, we've been doing that jaunt since she was a little bit, now she's a teenager and actually helpful). If you can't get to Trenton, then you can just hop on SEPTA and get out to Trenton that way or hop on NJTransit at Jefferson Station (can take SEPTA to any of the CC stations and then get to Jefferson). Slightly time consuming, but flights have been half as much through EWR than PHL.
  21. I'm not usually a big drinker, mostly just all the wine... what I do, since the cheers package is silly for me, is for several weeks before the cruise i buy cruise cash and just use that and then I feel like i'm not really spending money because it's already bought and paid for.
  22. This is why you should use a TA... I've never had a price change disputed, even if the price went up during that same 24-hour period. If it's a type error that's entirely in their control, and they should honor it. That's just called good business.
  23. YAY! I'm excited for you! Swing by your doc and get the patch for motion sickness. It's amazing stuff. Not bad at all... I've only once ever booked an excursion before boarding. The risk is that what you want to do will be sold out. But, there are always so many options. We typically stick with the cruiseline too. It's more pricey, BUT I have terrible anxiety and would stress and worry that we wouldn't make it back in time, and then well, that just sucks. Don't stress. Have fun. Relax. Wear sunscreen. And if you don't get your first choice excursion, your second, third, or fourth choice should all be there.
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