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  1. My April 27th cruise was cancelled. I recieved an apology letter stating I would recieve a full refund for the cruise and ANY non refudable costs related to it.


    I was finally fully refunded for the cruise, but not in a timely manner. The non refundable costs are a different matter.


    I was supposed to cruise with 4 sisters. I rented a limo to take us from the Houston airport to Galveston and then from the ship back to the airport. Because I booked on the spot, I was given a $25 discount taking both trips to a total of $375 instead of $400. Because of the discount though, it made the contracted service non refundable. (their way of keeping you from shopping around I suppose)


    Now before anyone makes any snide remarks about the mode of transport, remember it is 5 grown women. It was cost effective to take one limo as opposed to 2 taxis from Houston to Galveston.


    First off, to be refunded the non refundable cost you had to contact Guestcare and send them your invoices. Then you get a auto reply saying it will take 7-10 days for them to reply. (it took 15 days by the way)


    I finally recieved a response stating they regretted they could only refund $50 of the cost. (two trips, two contracts, so $100 total refund) No explaination as to how they reached the conclusion this was a fair amount or why.


    My original letter of apology after the canceled cruise said they would refund all non refudable expense related to my canceled cruise. I expect them to honer that.


    I am not asking for anything more than they promised. I didn't ask for the additional expense for booking a alternate cruise. I didn't ask for the additional expense of flying to FL instead of TX to take the vacation I would lose if I didn't take it the same time it was scheduled. I didn't ask for compensation for any of the time spent trying to reschedule a alternate vacation or trying to recoup my refunds for the first one.


    Last but not least, my cruise that was supposed to be 5 sisters is now a cruise with myself and a friend because the sisters got frustrated with Carnival and chose not to fly to Florida. This is a substitute vacation, not the sister celebration we had planned.


    I sent them invoices of both of the trips with contract stating that they were not refundable. They tell me they will only refund $50 for each trip.


    Nowhere in my apology letter did it state there would be exceptions or partial refunds upon their discretion.


    So here I am a diamond Carnival cruiser feeling seriously devalued and even feel that my integrity is being challenged.


    I still have a $200 FCC left but I think I will just cash it in and take my original $100 investment and say bye bye to Carnival unless they have a really good explaination for all of this.


    Tried to call by the way, was on hold forever, and then of course was told guest care is closed on Sunday. They would certainly be open if I wanted to spend money today. Guest care? Really?


    and you thought coming on here and complaining would get you anywhere?


    what you *should* have done was contact john heald with all of this. he would have gotten you a response within a few days. or you could have contacted execs... finding their e-mail addresses is easy enough (i was able to do it following a disastrous cruise and got a phone call within hours). you also have to remember you are one of how many thousand they are having to reimburse and they are a company that has to ensure they aren't getting hoodwinked. had you worked a little harder i am sure carnival would have reimbursed.


    also, you fail to mention if the contract you provided from the limo company (and if anyone complains because you wanted to travel in style let them be jealous) said on it that it was non-refundable. oftentimes those invoices do not. so maybe you just need to find some patience, and take your time. its not like carnival intentionally ruined your cruise or did anything to outright harm you or your vacation.

  2. I would like to point out that Carnival hasn't been invoiced for those costs incurred by the U.S. coast guard, either. There was a detailed response from Arison that was on the internet a week or so ago but I can't find it now. However, I have copied this link which has a response from Hunn, Senior Vice President at Carnival Corporation which particularily addresses the 90 safety incidents:




    I don't have a dog in this race. I'm Canadian, so it's not my tax dollars that were spent, and I've sailed now on HAL, Royal Caribbean and Carnival and loved all three of my cruises. It's just I don't like witch hunts and that's what is going on here by Rockefeller.


    I checked the financial statements (corporate) of Carnival Corporation to see what tax loopholes were being taken advantage of by the Corporation. As an accountant practicing here in Canada, I was interested. To the best of my limited knowledge, and based soley on the notes in the published financial statements of Carnival Corporation, those "loopholes" are the utilization of the various tax treaties between the US, Canada, Italy, France, England etc etc. Those treaties are in place to allow international commerce to occur. They benefit all of those countries in multiple ways - as well as those of us who invest in "foreign" companies, like myself, who owns Carnival shares, by allowing me, for example, to offset the Canadian taxes that I owe on the dividends from those shares with the taxes already deducted in the US.


    I don't know why this issue has come up again, in the media, it's an incredible smearing of a corporation that DOES provide a great deal of commerce for all of the home ports in the US as well as the ports that their ships travel to.


    Just my opinion.


    I just have to say it is beyond refreshing to see someone who, before jumping on board the idiot-media train actually looked into it, and found the facts and then formed an opinion.


    now if only everyone else would do that (and perhaps this amount should be put into perspective, in 2013 alone, the first family has racked up more than $13 million in taxpayer funded private vacations, including a 3 day completely private million dollar tax-payer golf weekend with the cheating dog tiger woods)

  3. Joanie you need to quit thinking so much! Or at least think before you speak! I personally find your post very offensive.



    just because you **gasp** find it offensive doesn't make it any less true.


    carnival caters to a different crowd than holland america, and if you don't understand that is a basic part of doing business, stay out of anything dealing with business.


    hal and carnival are in the business of cruise vacations and making money. so they have to know their market. carnival's market would never spend $300 on a cabana. holland americas (apparently) do.

  4. Just off Magic and brunch was only sea days. The dining room was open for breakfast on port days but very early. like 7-9am. I was a bit disappointed in the comedy portion of the brunch. Once time a staff member came out just to "push" the comedy shows at night. The other time one of the comedians came out and chatted with a 10 year old for a few minutes trying to joke around with them. There was no stand-up act of any kind. Really it is just advertisement for their night shows.


    this was NOT the experience that we had with the brunch... it was on all the sea days, and the comedians would do a short 10-15 minute routine type thing, and then they'd go around talking with the people dining and intertwining jokes along with just regular chit chat.



    it probably depends on who the person is. but we thought it was awesome, probably one of our favorite parts of the entire cruise.

  5. I can't find the cruise out of Long Beach, Ca for the Carnival Miracle leaving on 11/10/13. It was there a month ago. Anyone know what is going on?




    dont freak.. this happened to us, about two days before we were to sail. i called a friend who happens to work for carnival and she said it was most likely not showing up due to computer stuff... not because the cruise was cancelled or anything. then when it did pop up, the times were all wrong for the ports we were in, but then within a few hours it was fixed.

  6. No more winter cruising out of Baltimore for me. Too much wasted deck time because of cold weather. Seas were very rough. First cruise I was ever on that I definitely knew I was rocking on the ocean. Also, only had two days of warm weather. Even Florida was cold most of the day. Ship iced up so bad, we were delayed getting off on the return day.



    just on the flip side, and im not gonna act like we had perfect weather because it SUCKED (we came up ahead of, through, and then behind that huge december snowstorm) we had good weather the first sea day, GREAT weather the second, port canaveral wasn't too bad... shorts and a tshirt with a jacket in the afternoon (and you have to remember... jan/feb was unusually cold this winter), and nassau was SPLENDID... hot, sweaty, sunny, sunburn worthy day... and we missed freeport bc of rough seas (high seas 30+ foot) and high winds and current.... spent the last two days being tossed around, and even that friday it wasn't too cold.. with the dome closed it was nice. but yea, def wont be cruising out of the NE in the winter/fall/spring EVER again... many people were complaining about the weather onboard, until myself, or many other people would remind them, its winter in the NE, what did you expect? glass smooth seas, and hot sun? you have to choose, either take the risk, or fly to florida.


    and while i wouldn't do a seven day outta baltimore during anything but summer, i would consider doing a 9 or 12 nighter that celebrity offers out of baltimore during the fall/winter season.

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