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  1. NCL has been the only line where I haven't had the chance to provide my CC information... we're two weeks out and I don't have that option, but would like it to magically appear before we leave. That helps to make it feel officially official.


    Just went to check MyNCL for our cruise on Saturday and noticed that the On Line check in was only showing 75% I had completed this months ago so was a bit perturbed. Turns out NCL have added a preferred payment section which basically allows you to put your debit/credit card details against your account to save you doing it at the terminal before boarding.


    I re-checked my edocs once I'd completed it just in case I needed to reprint them but they have not changed.


    This may make check in a little easier but I still have that little niggle in the back of my head that tells me I'll still have to do it at the terminal.


    I didn't bother searching the forum because I'm a bit lazy so this may already have been mentioned.


    For those on the Bliss next Saturday see you there.

  2. Debating switching from Celebrity cruise to NCL Haven. Our favorite is Celebrity, but the Haven has got it beat! We want something special for our 30th cruise. It is expensive, but we believe we're worth it!


    Are you looking for something specific? You keep posting about this, but I'm dying to know what it is exactly you're looking for to see before making the jump?


    I would really suggest looking on YouTube. There are thousands of videos about the various ships and their Havens. Maybe that will help you decide, or not.

  3. I'm a rookie cruiser. I took my first cruise earlier this year on the Carnival Dream. I'm planning to book on the Breakaway out of New Orleans next March. Can you please tell me the big differences I should be aware of? Also, any thoughts on the Breakaway in general. Thank you!


    The Breakaway will be much bigger. I used to be a loyal Carnival cruiser and now I'm sold on NCL having done the Epic last summer. The freestyle dining was a bit weird the first night, we were so used to eating when we were "supposed to" that even though on our last Carnival cruise we had your time dining, and we still ate at the same time everyday with the same service team (which was great). We cruised on the Magic last, not the Dream, but they're similar, and the Magic is by far my favorite Carnival ship, but NCL has a totally different vibe that I think I enjoyed more. It's hard to explain, but it's a definite different feel.

  4. My brother and his wife are wanting to book their 1st cruise. Are they better off going to a travel agent, calling NCL for help or booking on line themselves? I thought I had read that if they went through a travel agent they might not receive the email to bid on an upgrade? Thanks in advance.



    Here's how I feel.. and I know there are many people who will agree and disagree.


    When you work with a travel agent, they are working for YOU. If YOU aren't happy with them, you then find someone else to work with. So they work harder to keep you as a client. For example, through my TA I was able to book as part of a TA consortium rate, and got enough OBC to basically ensure I spend no money on the cruise. On top of that, she is having two things sent to me room as a thank you. We spent the summer last year in Europe, and did our first med cruise on NCL (our first NCL cruise) and she went out of her way to help me with any questions I had, bent over backwards to make sure I was comfortable and stayed on top of everything for me. If there is ever a problem when I board, I know I can call her, and she will sort it out for me. 100% stress free. There is also the fact that they can book across lines, so if I reach out to my travel agent and say, "I think I want to cruise out of Florida to whatever port" or "I want to go on a cruise in September what kind of deals are there and what would I like" and having been working with her for so long, she can point me in the best direction so I get the best bang for my buck.


    Conversely, when you book through any cruise you are booking with someone who will get paid whether or not you are happy. There is little incentive for them to go above and beyond because they don't actually need your business. Now, that is not to say that there aren't any AMAZING cruise line employees. There totally are, and I am 100% certain there are a few who will go above and beyond for you. But, they have no obligation to add you to another group to get extra perks, they have no incentive to bend over backwards like a travel agent would.


    Now, before I get skewered, there are absolutely awful travel agents and absolutely phenomenal cruiseline reservation agents. I know this to be true; but finding a quality travel agent will be life changing in a way that a cruiseline reservation agent just cannot.

  5. Hi, all. I'm taking an Alaska cruise this summer on the Pearl -- my first on NCL -- and would like to take my nine-year-old out for a special dinner. He looooooves steak. I'm wondering if Moderno or Cagney's is the better bet.


    He's not terribly interested in side dishes or appetizers. For him, the meat is the main attraction! He can behave as well as any adult can in a restaurant, but we don't necessarily prefer fancy over relaxed.


    Thoughts? Thanks.


    Last summer we ate at both, Moderno and Cagney's. I asked my daughter (a total steak snob) which steak she thought was better and she said she liked the variations of steaks available at Moderno but thought the steak at Cagney's was cooked better and liked the finishing butter more.

  6. I have a booking on the Epic in July. Final payment has been made. How soon can I book excursions, specialty restaurants and shows? Do I do this on line or through my travel agent? Thanks for your help.


    You don't *have* to book shows, but you should be able to book everything when you log in through NCL. I think most of the confirmation e-mails go to my travel agent and she is able to look over it and make sure I'm good.

  7. So I accidentally booked a 9:00 am flight out of BCN to Seville fly Veuling on July 1st. EPIC is in Port by 5:00 am.


    Change the flight now. We flew Veuling Rome to Paris last summer, and checking in was absurd, the line moved insanely slowly, and it was the most stressful thing ever.


    If we do the easy walk off how early can I get off? There's only 3 of us and we are traveling light, but one person is a 3 year old.


    I don't think they were letting people off the boat in Barcelona until after 7:30am.


    Will I be okay with a TAXI, or should I arrange trabstransport?


    I would arrange transport to be there at the earliest possible moment.


    Any tips would help. I would like to keep that flight since the next one isn't till late afternoon, and I still need to drive to Portugal that day. We are American's and EU citizens, if that makes a difference, slowing us down at the airport.


    I would take the last afternoon flight or pick a different airline. To miss the flight would end up costing a lot more buying a last minute ticket for the family. I don't think it really matters if you're EU or American citizens, in Rome the check in lines were the same for both. There are lots of other airlines too that you could consider.

  8. Hi I need help, I keep getting different answers. I know if you are European you only have to be 18 to sail in Europe with out someone older. My son and roommate (who are 19) are doing a semester abroad and want to hop on the NCL Epic in June or any other ship they can get on. But I keep getting different answers. 1. No, has to have someone over 21 2.Since he is going to other Countries before getting on the ship he can. 3. Yes they can. I am scared to book and then him get to the port and not be allowed to board. Does anyone have personal experience with this or know where I can find it in writing that he can travel? (FYI he has already been on NCL 3 times, and over 30 cruises all together)


    If you're an American citizen, you have to be 21 to cruise on NCL, regardless of where in the world you are.


    If they really want to cruise, I would suggest finding a third friend who is 21 or older and have them tag along as the 21+ party.

  9. Just wondering have others have done this...will be on a cruise which will travel to countries with 3 difference currencies, not sure if I should take a bit of each from home in the U.S. or withdraw as needed when there, or just place things on CC. Any opinions?


    I would say it more depends on what you're doing. I like to have currency, you can use paper money to negotiate prices if you're in a market that you just can't do with a credit card. I find it cheaper to get currency from my bank ahead of time, but turns out you only save a few dollars compared to using an ATM. I would avoid the currency exchanges in airports and the ones you see around, that would cost you more.

  10. sailed the Escape a couple years ago and LOVED the food.


    booked the Epic in Nov and have 4 free specialty dinners included. here's hoping things will be sorted out in the kitchens by then.


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    We cruised on the Epic last summer, and after spending the summer in Paris eating amazing French (and other European) cuisine, my daughter (teenage food snob) and I (less of a food snob) thought the food on the Epic at the end our our summer abroad was some of the best cruise line food we have experienced. It was better than anything on Princess, RCCL, and Carnival. We paid for the four specialty dinners and we enjoyed our experience at every single one, my medium rare steak came out medium at Cagneys, our amazing server saw that it wasn't cooker properly as he walked by (I was going to eat it, I'm really not that much of a snob) and he asked if I'd like a new filet, and promptly brought me out a new one cooked properly. You have nothing to worry about, our food in every included and extra restaurant was enjoyable.

  11. My sister in law doesn’t have a passport and we are traveling the Jewel Northbound from Vancouver to Seward. She is an Oregon resident and feels the enhanced license with birth certificate is fine. I’m unclear if this is good enough despite reading info on the Norwegian site. Anyone here know for sure?


    So technically speaking, no she does not need a passport, see the copied and pasted information at the bottom. I do believe even if she were to follow the information below she could still be denied boarding by the airline, at which point she's not going on the cruise and no one owes her any refund or anything for airline tickets or cruise fare, and I'm about 95% sure if she purchased insurance that insurance will not cover the cost of anything because it was her actions that results in her missing the cruise (instead of getting sick or something). A passport is expensive, but it is good for ten years. It would be a terrible thing to save up for and pay for this great vacation (six years after we did Alaska and that was still my absolute most favorite) and then miss it because you don't have the travel document.


    The enhanced driver's license is irrelevant... that's a purely American thing. You can't cross into Canada or Mexico with it. You need either the passport or the passport card in order to do that by plane (passport/card) or by car (card). For those of us that live in states that do not have an enhanced drivers license the passport is our backup so that we can get onto airplanes after 2020.



    Important Information for Guests Cruising and/or flying through Canada:


    (Applicable for Alaska, Pacific Coastal, Hawaii & Canada New England Itineraries departing from a Canadian Port City – ie: Vancouver and Quebec City)

    New Entry Requirements Effective September 29, 2016: Visa-exempt foreign nationals who enter Canada by air, must obtain and have in their possession a Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

    The eTA is not required by the following:

    • US passport holders
    • Canadian passport holders
    • Dual citizens (citizens of Canada and a visa-exempt country)
    • Canadian permanent residents (Guests with permanent residency status granted by the Canadian government which are not citizens of Canada)
    • Passengers arriving in Canada by land or sea

    To apply for a Canadian eTA, please click on the following link: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/eta-start.asp. Guests may be denied boarding by the airline carrier or Norwegian Cruise Line without having proper documentation upon check-in.

    For additional information regarding Canada’s new eTA requirement, please visit the following website: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/visas.asp

  12. We will be cruising the mediteranean late August and September on NCL Epic. Visiting Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Cannes and Majorca.

    I am curious about sea conditions and general weather at that time of year. This is our first time visiting Europe and the Med. Any helpful advice is appreciated.


    It's going to be hot. We did the same route, EPIC R/T Rome, and in early-mis August it was HOT. I think you're missing Naples in your list, but I think that was our hottest day at like 35.5c (I think that's like 96?). Each port was quite hot, but Majorca was the breeziest. I imagine at the end of August the weather is still quite warm.

  13. I am looking at Amtrak tickets for my NCL Breakaway cruise October 16-27. I will be travelling to NYC the day before and staying the night. The post cruise is what is causing me issues. I am debating between a 10:20 and a13:20 departure time from NY Penn. I prefer the earlier time, but am worried that would be difficult to make. I have never cruised on a ship as big as Breakaway and a coworker told me that she found disembarkment on it to be a mess when she sailed on her a couple of years ago.


    Any one have any experience or opinions?


    Book the 13:20 so you don't have to stress too much. Sometimes we've gotten to Penn Station quickly and other times it has taken 90 minutes to get a cab there. There's a lot to see and do in Penn Station to kill time, it's also huge so having the extra time to navigate would be less stressful.

  14. Can you upload photos to social media?


    I could not get anything to upload, my daughter did manage to send some photos to her friends. I found it more frustrating than it was worth though so gave up pretty easily. Since we were in port almost everyday I would just upload things to social media when in port and keep my phone in airplane mode on the ship.

  15. Question: New to the bid system.

    We have three couples traveling under three different reservations; with three different cabins (all in the same class in a row).


    How does it work if we want to bid on the Haven 3 bedroom suite and it says a min bid of $2500 per person? Does just one couple bid on it? Then if we get it, the two other rooms can join in--but then they have to pay $2500 each? Or would it just be the $5000 for all 6 people? Does the bid take into account what you've already paid for the cruise and your are just paying the balance of what you bid after what you paid? (ie if the cruise is paid in full at $1600; and the bid is $2500--are you only paying $900 extra)?


    You can't do this... I mean, you could do it, but you end up losing in the end. You couldn't cancel the two other rooms because you can't add people to the booked to fill up the three bedrooms. I don't think you'd even be able to get the keycards for them for that room either, because it's only the people in the one specific stateroom being upgraded who are supposed to move into the new room.


    If the bid is $2500 per person, you're paying an additional $5000 than what you already paid, so $5000 + $1600 is $6600; at that point, I'd just price out the cost of the three bedroom haven suite, divide by the number of people, and compare that to the cost for all three staterooms and depending on how close you are to sailing pay the penalty for cancelling the other two rooms.

  16. Hello all (especially New Yorkers) ~


    I am arriving on 10/20 for 10/21 cruise. I want to see a show while I am in NYC. I just want some feedback on shows you have seen. They all can be quite pricey...so an educated decision is to be made. :rolleyes:


    While the "themes" can be a personal preference (which I understand), I am just looking for overall opinions. I am looking at "Escape to Margaritaville" which is fairly new (and not so good reviews?)

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!



    There's two ways to do this. You can pick ahead of time and know what show you are seeing, OR you can try and get walk up tickets the day of (which is how most of my friends have seen Hamilton, whereas I waited nine months from purchase to viewing).


    There's really a countless number of options, Playbill and Broadway.com would have a lot of info on all the shows. Wicked is always one of my personal favorites, Hamilton was good, Waitress, Dear Evan Hanson, Phantom, my fair lady is opening soon, pretty woman is opening this summer i believe.

  17. We are flying into EWR 2 days before our cruise sailing out of Cape Liberty. We've been to the 9/11 Memorial. We haven't booked our 2 night hotel stay yet. Is there anything to do for the day in Newark area? Sightseeing, shopping, walking, etc.? I'll book our hotel once I figure out what we'll do for the day before we sail. Sailing June 17 on the Summit!


    There is nothing in the Newark area... but its' a super easy train ride to NYC.

  18. Amtrak 100%. It brings you right to the Capital Hill area, and if you aren't meeting a flight in DC, then there's no need to worry about any rail work. It's much less likely to be stressful and trafficky than 95 through Jersey, PA, DE, and MD, and will be substantially more comfortable. And you can walk to Capital Hill area hotels from the Amtrak Station in DC.


    We arrive at Brooklyn cruise terminal on 17 May and will be going to Washington. We have 2 options available to us. The local train from Penn Station to Washington, leaving at 12.35 or Vamoose business coach leaving at 2pm. Travel time is around 4 hours. Now there are repair works on the railway which may mean delays and the cost for 2 is higher at $185. The coach take about half an hour longer and it drops us off either at Bethesda or Arlington, and we are staying in the Capitol Hill area. The coach is $100.

    We don’t really know what time we will be off the ship, although we plan to self disembark so should be early. We can’t decide which will be the most relaxing option, and if we are too early for the coach, which picks up in Manhattan, we don’t know what we would do with ourselves, given that we will have suitcases in tow. I’m also worried about leaving our luggage unattended on the train and it possibly getting stolen. It’s our first trip to USA and we are struggling with the detail. Thank you

  19. For the Epic, the week of Thanksgiving this year, we dock in Cozumel, Jamaica and a Grand Caymen. What did you think about the dock/port stop before venturing out?


    Grand Cayman has great beaches, and is one of my favorite ports.


    Cozumel I think the port is really meh, typical tourist shops and a bar but you really have to venture outward to enjoy the stop. I couldn't care less about Cozumel. Jamaica, the port is fairly typical but there's a lot to do.

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