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  1. I am flying to San Juan for our honeymoon cruise. Living in Florida I have never had to fly to a port so I have silly questions.


    I wish these were the questions I had.. :D


    When do you usually purchase your airfare?


    Depending on airline usually 6 months to a year out. Depending on price depends on the airline.


    Can you fly with bottles of wine?


    Pack them in your checked bag and wrap a towel or two around them just in case they break. Accept someone with TSA may steal them.


    Do you hail a taxi to take you to port or pre-arrange transfer?


    Nah... Uber, Lyft, or a cab is fine enough.


    Thanks in advance for the feedback.


    Have an awesome time!

  2. I don't think there is much that you can do having booked a GTY category. I think this is the reason why GTY can be more trouble than it's worth. In the eyes of the company, they gave you want they promised, an obstructed GTY or better. Unfortunately GTY doesn't offer a deck promise, even if the minimum category is only on deck 8. They probably won't move you, but maybe you could see about paying to upgrade to a cabin you actually do want.


    Just wondering if anybody has had this experience.

    Booked and obstructed view GTY on deck 8, NCL Dawn.

    Received an upgrade to porthole far forward cabin deck 4!! As low as you can get.

    I'm so mad. They say it's an upgrade because it's not obstructed.

    Location is what we were looking for not a view thru a hole at the bottom of the ship.

    They only have handicap left in the category I asked for and refuse move us.

    What a racket!

    Any suggestions?

  3. We are planning on touring Rome for a couple of days prior to a cruise. I'm looking for pre-cruise hotel and cruise port transfer advice for Civitavecchia. Has anyone used NCL's pre-cruise hotel and transfer service out of the Crowne Plaza in Rome before?



    We did this same thing last year. After giving AirBNB a go, we ended up going with a hotel having spent the month in Paris before and me really just wanting an excuse to eat out at every meal and stop cooking. Now, I have stayed at Crowne Plazas before, and while I can appreciate wanting to stick with what you know, here is the hotel we stayed at, that is of slightly better quality than a CP, but similar price: http://www.hotelstendhalrome.com/ It was in the perfect neighborhood, within walking distance to everything we wanted, and it was close to public transport making getting around easy. We had a room on the 5th floor, and the view at night of the moon over the buildings was just to die for.


    We booked our travel to/from Rome and the port using : https://www.civitavecchiaport.org/ They do both private and group transfers and it was super easy, super comfortable, and I would use them again without thinking twice.

  4. I am experiencing some confusion DESPITE using the "search" function of CC.

    We are traveling on Epic Western Med. Two of us have ATT, three have Verizon. Both providers offer international plans that are $10/day per device, with the charge occurring only on days that the phone is used.


    How does this work on the ship? Can we text each other while at sea,call the US while at sea or does the plan only refer to calls that are made while in port ? The reps for both companies gave me conflicting answers or non-answers. Does NCL have cellular at sea, and is that covered by these plans?


    I would highly advise not using your phone plan while on board, it's extremely expensive and will be in addition to the $10 per day. You can use the NCL app for much cheaper and it works fairly well.


    What I am asking is- can I use one of our cell phones to make a call or send a text ( NOT using iConcierge) while at sea? Does anyone have experience with either company?


    You'd pay for the data at some absurd rate like $19 a mb and $1 a text.


    We do not mind the daily charge and don't want to go get new sim cards for the 11 days we will be away (4 days travel-Rome pre cruise-travel home , 7 on the ship)


    We spent last summer in Paris, my daughter and I (she's 13) had no problems using our American phones, we had unlimited data and texting, and were able to use wifi calling instead of voice calls to avoid additional charges. It was much better than getting a sim card. In Rome though, the internet was absurdly slow. On board... we were on the Epic R/T from Rome, and even in port turning off the wifi (to get off the Epic's service) made the Internet pretty unusable. The only port I had any luck in was Barcelona. Otherwise, I had to actually get off the ship to use my laptop on my phone's tethering. Texting using my own plan while on the ship in port was equally maddening, sometimes texts went through and sometimes not. I work from my laptop and phone, so it was slightly frustrating, but I ended up just doing a lot less work than I thought I would, so ultimately it worked out well for me.


    Internet- if we only want to check and send emails - on our phones-can we do this with either of these international plans? I know we can get ship internet with our 250 free minutes, what about using data ?


    Each international plan will have their own nuances... we have t-mobile which offers unlimited data and text internationally so we were able to. Read the fine print, a handful of years ago I was KILLED with a phone bill that I thought had international that covered data and several hundred dollars later, lesson learned.


    We will have internet on the ship for our ipad and research -crazy teens; but what about just using my phone to check on my basset hounds at doggie camp via a quick text to the sitter?


    Not sure about this, trying to use my own phone and plan to text while on the ship was a cluster. I did not buy on-ship internet but from what I can see online it looks like that you can send a text but don't quote me on that.


    One last thing- do these plans cover roaming data or is that a no-no? A CC member "GaryCarla" once explained why phones should NEVER have roaming data on and it has has stuck in my head for years to always have data roaming off.


    They wouldn't cover roaming data on the ship, but they would cover roaming data on land as per whatever amount of data you bought, that's why you're getting an international plan.


    FWIW, we have no interest in the Instachats /Snapgram /Bookface /Tweeter sites. We need to be able to text each other, text a family member in the States and access email. The ability to receive calls from the US (if an emergency occurs) would be great as well.


    Is there someone who has used either of these carriers that can give me the low down?


    Thank you so much!


    With the Med cruise, you're in a port everyday (almost) so I really wouldn't worry too much about texting others while on board and leaving out that risk. The time difference can make communication slow, but by the time you're back on board it's at least midday in the states so you'd have a good chunk of time to communicate in real time. Before moving to t-mobile we had AT&T and I thought their international plans were BS for what I needed (unlimited data and tethering, the ability to text ), which is why we went to t-mobile and I haven't regretted it. Obviously, changing phone carriers for a single trip is totally not worth it, so make sure you read and understand all of the fine print, write the important stuff on an index card to take with you, and keep really close tabs on teenagers with data if it's not unlimited. While wifi is available almost everywhere in Europe (at least everywhere we went) it's also much slower and we used about twice as much data as we normally do in a month (before counting in Netflix on the iPad).

  5. :oNumerous times in the morning I am awoken by people slamming their doors as they exit their rooms. The walls to the cabins are very thin and you can even hear a persons conversation in the next room. But wouldnt it be great if cruiselines started installing sliding doors to the rooms so people stop slamming doors!


    Then they'd bang the door back into place. I think this is one of those things where you know it's going to happen, and if this is something that bothers you, then planning ahead and using a sound machine or even leaving the TV on (which is how I sleep) is enough to drown it out while sleeping. There really isn't much to be gained by complaining, and there is even less to be gained by letting it ruin an otherwise awesome vacation. Anywhere you go, regardless of what rules or societal expectations are in place there will be people who act like jerks. Just don't let them ruin your trip.

  6. Are the smells of smoke and perfume really bad on the Epic outside of the smoking areas/Casino? We are sailing on the Epic in December. I have asthma and was only planning on bringing my inhaler, but if the smell is really bad, I am thinking I need to bring my nebulizer.


    I am just reading the threads and seeing the complaints. I was hoping not to have to lug the nebulizer around.


    We were on the Epic last summer, and the only place I ever smelled smoke was on my balcony and in my stateroom because my neighbors were the most inconsiderate humans on that ship and they would chain smoke constantly. By the end of the cruise I had to have my room sprayed down so many times they sent me wine and strawberries as an apology for the inconsiderate humans I was forced to endure.


    Seriously though, even in the casino the smoke was not that bad, and I am really sensitive to it.

  7. What is the most efficient way after leaving the ship?

    Thank you!


    I feel like a private car service is just so much easier than a shuttle. I've used Blacklane in Europe with much success (and here in the US too, but I much preferred their British folks who were outstanding and understood as Americans driving on the left is absolutely terrifying for a bit).

  8. There will be tons for them to do. We did Alaska in the end of May a handful of years ago, there weren't a lot of kids on board, I was by far (next to the few kids) the youngest on board, and they were all super happy and super occupied when the ship was moving. In the ports we went out and did things, so I don't know about then... I don't know about the NCL ships that do Alaska, but the line we did had a covered pool, so it was warm, but it was kind of chilly in the water. But you could hang out on deck chairs.

  9. We are taking a cruise out of Venice in June and I was recently told that wine and/or liquor brought on the ship from port is not confiscated on Mediterranean cruises. Is this true? This is our first Mediterranean cruise. TIA


    This is not true. When we embarked in Rome last summer there were signs telling us what was and was not allowed on board. I was 100% prepared to give up my bottle of French whiskey that was making it's way home to a dear friend of mine. I did not try and hide it, and they did not take it from me, but I felt incredibly guilty. There were people who tried to carry on several bottles of wine and theirs was confiscated outside of whatever the allowed bottle number.

  10. I am looking to travel on the Norwegian Jade in May 2019. I look at the cost of the shore excursions and realize that could add another thousand, given that the 11 day cruise has a port almost every day. Given that I realize that with the cruise line tours, you are guaranteed not to miss your ship taking off without you, and safety concerns, etc.... is it possible to save a lot by trying to get your own transportation to some of the places offered in their tours? Or booking your own tour through an outside company? I realize the ship wants to make money on these tours, but with some being up to three hundred dollars, that is just too much per port. Is it easy to get around on your own? And safe in Greece?



    We have spent the last two summers traveling in Europe, and last summer spent several weeks there. We booked all of our tours etc through Viator. On the cruise part, we only did one tour and ended up doing it through NCL out of convenience. Viator is owned by Trip Advisor (I believe) and they contract local (and approved) tour operators and I believe they have an entire section for cruise travelers in each city. I don't know if I would trust just a random company, I also would suggest looking at the specific port boards, there is an insane amount of information and you can usually tell who is hawking their own stuff versus legitimate businesses. Europe is really expensive, but it's a far trip, and you really cannot discount just how much of an experience it is (and how much we all grow just by having those experiences...)

  11. Are promotions ever included in sale away rates ?


    No... BUT our first NCL was a a sail away rate, I picked the cabin category based on the fact I liked where all of the rooms were (we went with a mini suite over a balcony for this reason about a $200 difference in price) and I wasn't disappointed. I'm not a huge drinker, so the unlimited drinks aren't a perk I really care about. We did book a dining package, but the additional wasn't great enough to outweigh the cost benefit of doing a sail away rate, as it was about $800 cheaper than picking a stateroom.

  12. The wife and I are looking to book our first cruise for our 15th anniversary. We are late 30s. Not hard partyiers but like to have a few drinks. We are stuck between 5 options and looking for some cruise expert opinions. The cruises are:


    Carnival Sunshine, 8 night (Grand Turk, San Juan, St. Kitts and St. Marteen)

    This is a smaller, renovated ship (I used to cruise a lot with Carnival) and the ports are outstanding.


    RCCL Adventure of the Seas, 8 night (Labadee, San Juan, St. Marteen and St. Kitts)

    This is my parents favorite ship. I've only cruised on the Explorer of the Seas, out of all my cruises I have never felt so nickel and dimed as I did on that cruise, which is why I haven't cruised them again. Although I have been tempted now that "My" ship is out (harmony of the seas... there's something I feel that would be fulfilling for harmony to sail on harmony). I also did not like Labadee; it felt really dirty being there, there wasn't a ton to do (RCCL recently announced they're going to basically rebuild it).


    Carnival Magic, 7 night (Cozumel, Belize, Honduras and Grand Cayman)

    Until I cruised on the Epic, this was my all time favorite ship (even better than Westerdam, which we had an awesome pinnacle suite for). The ship was incredible, really well kept, the food was amazing, the service was excellent. I got off the Magic and could not wait to book her again. The ports are also good ones.


    RCCL Oasis of the Seas, 7 night (Labadee, Jamaica and Cozumel)

    We haven't done an oasis class ship, but a friend of mine recently did. They'd be the first to admit they're "county" people, and they really struggled with the crowds and the waiting.


    Norwegian Getaway, 7 night (St. Thomas, Tortula-BVI and Nassau)

    These are great ports.


    All are the same week. The Sunshine, Adventure and Oasis are basically the same cost. Magic is $600 cheaper. Norwegian is $200 more than the 3 but includes the drink package, dining package and prepaid gratuities (all things we will buy with Carnival or RCCL for about $1200) so in the end the Getaway is about $1000 cheaper in the end.


    How do I decide? I have read so many reviews and frankly don't know how to decide. We are leaning towards the Adventure but the price on the NCL Getaway is so tempting. Help, please. Thanks!

    If I have more than one choice I make a spreadsheet, rank things based on how I feel about them. Look for videos on you tube and photos and see what piques your interest.

  13. This will be the twins first cruise where they are kicked out of the “kids club”. Are there any activities at all for the 18 yr old group? I’m worried that their graduation present will be a bummer with no way to meet other young adults.



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    They do a young adult meet up... and they will all find each other. It's very hard not to make friends around the same age when you're all in close proximity.

  14. I think this is one of those things you have to decide if the risk is worth it. This year we booked a balcony (two rooms side by side) with my parents, for a pretty good price, and thought about doing the bidding to a mini suite, but we wanted to be next door to each other. The day after final payment was due a ton of mini suites were available, and we were able to move from the balcony to a mini suite for $100 total and it cost my parents $0 to upgrade.


    I guess the moral of the story is you have to decide what you want... I would check and see how much it would be to pick your own mini suite that has a balcony you like in a location you like and see what the price difference is. This is only my second cruise on NCL, and we've only cruised in mini suites, so I have no point of reference to compare a balcony to a mini suite, but we loved the mini suite last summer on the Epic and there was a stupid amount of storage that my teenager managed to fill up.

  15. With everything that is going on I'm concerned as one of the stops is St. Petersburg and wondering how safe it is. Does anyone have input on this?


    There is no chance NCL would dock there if it wasn't safe. Of course, in a foreign country you always have to be cognizant of where you are and the cultural norms of the people, and there will always be people who try and take advantage, but if you think smart you'll be fine. But NCL would never dock anywhere that wasn't safe, the bad PR would be too much to risk.

  16. hi there wondering if anyone has experience sailing out of Rome in October? Mostly wondering if you’ve had experience with the kids club (kids are 9 and 11). Whether it’s any good and if there will be kids in October as assuming most are in school....

    Never sailed Norwegian- only RCL and princess. Kids loved RCL kids program so I’m hoping NCL will be good too.



    My daughter enjoyed the NCL kids program, but she was in the oldest group (which honestly, I wasn't super thrilled with, I like how most lines separate 13-14/15 and 1/516-17) but she really had a blast once she joined. The weird thing about Rome was that you're cruise is starting in the middle of the cruise of those who boarded in Barcelona, and my daughter did not want to go to the kids area until the night in Barcelona when everyone else was new. By the time we got on the kids had already formed their little groups.


    It really depends on the school breaks in Europe, which vary from location to location. I imagine there won't be a ton of American kids since you're in the start of the school year, but if the price was good, I would totally pull my kid from school to go, so I assume it'll be okay. When we did Alaska in May a few years ago there were like, 6 kids my daughter's age, two only spoke Mandarin and did not really hang out, but the young adults running HAL's kids club were AMAZING and gave them such a personalized experience, they really got to do everything they wanted and then some more. So even if there aren't a ton of kids, expect them to have a blast. And bring playing cards! We had so much fun up on the lido under the canopies playing cards, people watching, and enjoying each others company.

  17. I wasn't thinking I would "smuggle" it in, I was just curious if it's allowed. I was on Princess in Hawaii once and didn't realize they would take away little bottles I bought at a store on land. I only bought two of the sample size bottles and then a half liter of something that I didn't think they had on the ship, and they took it and said I could get it at end of cruise. Needless to say, the didn't have it at claim time when I got off the ship, so one of the crew must have enjoyed drinking it. That's really odd that they don't include bottled water in the drinking package, as it's probably one of the cheaper options if you were to buy single servings of any type of drink. I am hoping their "tap" water is safe to drink in Europe. As for the person complaining that this question was asked before... I'm sure a lot of questions are repeatedly asked on here... sometimes it's very timely and difficult to find answers to a question you have, or just plain easier to post and hope you get an answer. I don't see the harm.


    I saw a lot of people complaining about the price of the water that NCL sells, it's massively cheaper per bottle for about the same size as you would buy in Europe (in Paris, for a liter it was anywhere from 4 to 7 euros, on sale it was 2,50 per bottle if you bought a few at a time) so I think relatively speaking, not a huge deal, my daughter and I each drank a bottle of water a day, and I'd refill mine in the buffet and that was more than enough. We drank tap water across Europe and didn't die, so I would assume it's safe, ships water is potable (obviously they cook with it) so maybe just bring those brita water bottles and then you'd be golden.


    I would throw the little bottles in your bag, and worse comes to worse you lose them. I feel like the bottle prices on the ship were really not that insane, and cheaper than CCL and RCCL.

  18. Looking forward to following this thread as we leave on the Epic in about 3 weeks. I was wondering about how festive it would be on board and what part of the world most of our shipmates would be coming from. I think it will be interesting that half of the ship will be European. And I can see where as port intensive this cruise will be, most people will run out of gas and go to bed early so they will not be worn out for the next day.

    On our week on the ship, the vast majority were American, but there was a decent number of Spaniards.


    BQ, in regards to the public transportation, do any of them take credit cards? I was wondering about cabs, buses, and trains. Additionally on our stop in Naples we are planning on taking the high speed ferry to Sorrento then on to Capri then back to Naples. Wonder if they take credit cards? We are bringing some euros but are trying to decide how many euros to bring.

    So long as you have a chip in your card, the vast majority of public transport will take credit cards. The only person I *had* to pay in euros was our driver from Rome to the port. It is good to have paper currency though if you're planning on buying things from vendors. For the ferry, you should be able to pay for your tickets ahead of time, which would help to secure your spot. In Naples there was a MASSIVE amount of traffic of people getting to the ferries, there was a ferry in each dock it seemed, and the volume of cars on the narrow streets was crazy. It's cheaper to get euros from your bank before you leave, but I found during our month in Paris I could withdraw up to my daily limit in euros and the fee was pretty low, I think of 400 euros it was less than 10 euros. There are always ways to spend those last few euros too (tips at the airport, tips at the ports, tips for cabs, tips for ship workers, etc).

  19. My daughter and I did this last summer... here are my thoughts:


    We are a family of 5 and have cruised a lot in the Caribbean and Mexico. This summer we are boarding Epic for the port-intensive Western Med leaving from Rome.

    We loved the Epic, and we got on the ship in Rome, not realizing that the vast majority of the cruisers get on the ship in Barcelona. We spent the month in Paris before getting to Rome, and I wish I had known and maybe would have changed from Rome to Barcelona.


    My first thoughts are that the ship will have a different atmosphere as we have only one sea day and so many potentially long days of exploring on excursions. Our usual cruise is 3-4 stops and a healthy sprinkling of sea days with late nights" howling at the moon ." I know many from the states cruise so frequently that they no longer get off the ship at all the ports when cruising the islands.

    The atmosphere is different, but in a weird way. When we boarded in Rome something felt different (the port wasn't crazy like it is in the US) and then when we boarded I realized that we had quite literally entered our vacation in the middle of everyone else's vacation. This resulted in a very different feel. There was not that same level of "newness" or excitedness (now I'm making up words) that you feel on the first day of a cruise because many of the people had already been on the ship for a few days. I 100% loved the process of getting on, it was super easy, we hired a private car to take us from the hotel to the port and there was very little waiting, but that was where the atmosphere was different. After we had figured out some of the nuances (the Med. Epic was our first NCL cruise so I'm sure there was a bigger learning curve for us) of the ship and how things go it was great. Had the same feel as a carib. cruise, maybe the nights were not as late or crazy, but there was no shortage of things to do. I do have to say, we did not get off the ship in any port other than Naples. This was really a relaxation trip for my daughter and I (it's crazy I know, I'm young 30s, she had just turned 13 but we really just wanted to do nothing and have a nice, hot lazy week which is exactly what we did). The bonus to this was the ship was basically empty, leaving us all of the deck chairs, all the comfy chairs that were usually packed, and letting us find good spots in the shade.


    Is it the same with a European cruise; that is; are a majority of the guests from the EU and stopping in Barcelona no big deal as it is practically "local" for them , allowing for a big party atmosphere; or is it more subdued with masses of exhausted families attempting to smash as much Europe into a week as they can?

    The vast majority of the guests were American. There was a healthy number of Spaniards and a handful of Italians, but for the most part, it was exhausted Americans trying to smash as much as possible into a single week. We had spent a good deal of time on the continent prior to getting to the boat, but it seemed like most were arriving from the airport, and then departing directly to the airport for flights back home.


    With this cruise, there are two points of embarkation which in itself must be kind of cool.

    It was really disorienting, you are quite literally walking into someone else's vacation. Having never been on a NCL cruise before it really was not until we were back in Barcelona when all that first day stuff was gone over, and some of the things we knew nothing about were much more clear. I do have to say, I loved the muster drill and the way that we got to meet ALL of the "exec" level employees. We got their names, their backgrounds, a few comments about their country of origin, and as we left the theater they shook EVERYONE'S hand. I don't know if this is an NCL thing, but we loved it (we've cruised CCL, RCCL, HAL, Princess).


    Any comments /insights are appreciated. It has been many, many years since we boarded a ship in Europe it will be a first for our teens ( 17,19,19)

    My daughter is a bit younger, but is more like 13 going on 21 instead of 13 going on 14. If your youngest teen is into entourage it can be a little awkward coming on in Rome, had I better prepared my daughter she would have done better, but she went the "first" night in Barcelona, and she went on to have a blast there. We have a really great "one thing a day" policy, so we only book one excursion or tour a day and then we actively try and get lost so we can experience some more authenticity. Even though we only got off in Naples, in Naples we found an amazing pizza place about 8 minutes off the boat, and then we did a tour to Pompeii, and I was 10000000% suggest that. It was really an amazing tour, and I wish we could have spent more time there. Boarding in Rome was really easy. A fun fact... I'm not a big drinker, but had brought along a bottle of whiskey bought in Paris for a friend back home. It was in my carry on (not hiding, I was fully prepared to give it up to them to hold until we got off) and my bag went through the scanner twice and they did not mention it at all.


    Thanks and have a great evening


    Having done many, many, many carib cruises I was not sure what to really expect in the Med., but it ended up being one of the most fun cruises. I LOVED the Epic, and I know people seem to hate it, but the ship is really well-designed, the crew were outstanding, and other than it being a little weird to only have to elevator banks, this seems to be a NCL thing and it wasn't that annoying. We did the Cirque dinner show and I would highly recommend it, my daughter is super bummed that it isn't on the Escape (which we are doing in a few weeks to Bermuda). The shows were great, we had a blast winning bingo, and when half of our deck of cards blew over the edge, one of the crew brought us a new deck, which was so unexpected and kind, I was totally blown away. If you have any questions about the ship/things to do on board/daily schedule I can dig out all that stuff.

  20. Hi all, I'm an NCL newbie and it's been 7 years since my last cruise, so I'm out of practice.


    I'm traveling on the Epic in May out of Barcelona and trying to plan my port visits.


    I see on the NCL website that they say disembarkation usually begins 2 hours after docking. So if we arrive at Naples at 7am per schedule, does that mean the earliest I can get off is 9am, or are they ever earlier?


    Just trying to make sure train/bus schedules are synced up. Is there usually a long time to get off first thing in the morning?


    Did this one last summer, Naples was the only time we actually got off the ship, and I think we were off less than 25 minutes after docking. It seemed like it was fairly quick to get off in each port, and I don't recall seeing much chaos or long lines on the ship leading to the deck to disembark in each port.

  21. I currently have the Epic booked for Thanksgiving week in conjunction with a Disney trip.


    But, being the never-sticking-to-original-plans person that I am, I'm now debating switching to the Getaway.


    I have not been on either ship.


    Here's how I see it- Epic is obviously more convenient to Orlando, and has the bowl slide that my son has been talking about.. AND it's $800 less than the Getaway.


    But- the Getaway has the ropes course and plank..which means there is more for him to do on the Getaway..as well as the waterfront.


    Which would you choose and why?


    I have only been on the Epic, and that is hands down my favorite ship of any that I have been on across all the lines. I know some people have very strong anti-Epic feelings, but it was probably the best cruise (or second best cruise) ever. I would hands down pick the Epic.

  22. Hi,

    Looking into booking a cruise this summer out of NY. I have a family of 4 (Kids are 4 and 6). I can get a large balcony on the escape that is 175 square feet and has an over sized balcony 70 feet for 6200 on the 9th floor or I can get a Mini Suite with larger balcony which really looks to be a grand balcony room that is 207 square feet with a over sized balcony of 124 on the 8th floor for 6900. Seems the 32 feet of extra space in the cabin won't make or break but it could make a difference with the 4 of us and I kind of like the very large balcony (124 sq feet) and being on the waterfront floor. Although maybe that floor could get very noisy with all the dining and bars there.




    Thanks in advance...



    We've only done a mini suite on NCL, for the one we are going on this month we originally booked balcony rooms, but kept an eye on prices, they went down maybe about two months ago (so about 11 weeks before cruising), and for $100 my daughter and I moved into a M2 and my parents moved to an M3 (connecting staterooms still) for no additional cost. I also got a lot more OBC, which was awesome and totally worth the $100. With smaller kids (my daughter's first cruise was when she turned 5) I would say the size of the room doesn't really matter, so long as you keep it as clean as possible. We were in a mini-suite on the Epic and I loved the extra space in the room, but I don't know if it is worth the extra $700. As for the noise, it seems like people aren't complaining, we're on deck 9, but on the Epic we were one deck above some of the potentially noisy areas and it was never loud.

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