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  1. There are no passengers on the Rotterdam, she was laid up in Puerto Vallarta with only crew on board. There is plenty of room on her for those transferred from the Zaandam.
  2. How much does it cost (on average) from MCO to Port Canaveral......and how long does it take? Planning on arriving very late on 11/29 and staying at the airport for a cruise leaving on 11/30. Returning on 12/7 directly from Port Canaveral to MCO for an 11:25 AM flight (and I can't do self assist disembarkation). Thanks in advance.
  3. Does this include spending in the on board shops and the spa?
  4. Once you check in and board, you can get off and explore. But be back by the all on board time.
  5. Big difference between the two. You use a defibrillator if you are in cardiac arrest in accordance with CPR. Cardioversion is done in the hospital, requiring pre procedure treatment.
  6. As a regular reader and a very infrequent poster on this board, thanks for taking me along on your voyage. I absolutely love trivia and those are some really hard questions, but I usually manage to get a couple of right every day. One day, a Grand Voyage is on my wish list (pending the big lottery win!)
  7. Roy - I rarely post on the HAL board, but I read it regularly. Thank you for taking me along on your Grand Voyage. One day, if I win the lottery, a Grand Voyage is on my wish list.
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