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  1. Pizza is nothing like it used to be. Still good but used to be great IMO.
  2. We like Fantasy and all the Fantasy class. Mush less waiting in all areas. Going on Valor next month, been on Glory and Dream, but still prefer Fantasy class.
  3. We did cruise and air with Carnival for a cruise out of Miami. We flew from Knoxville to Miami with stop in Orlando. Carnival took care of everything and did not have to worry if there were to have been any delays. We used Carnival shuttle to and from port so did not have to worry with luggage. The price was great.
  4. We would be the same way. I don't think they could stock enough patties or sandwiched. Pizza would go the way of the dinosaur.
  5. The pizza now does not hold a candle to what they served not that long ago. Like mentioned above, long lines and not having it ready to serve. Makes everyone want to take more when the person working does come out with a pizza. Almost have to pass and get a sandwich nut hard to not get a slice late at night.
  6. I have not used hotwire so when I look at the hot rates, it says they can't reveal hotel until after booking and it says it will be guaranteed to be one of 2 or 3 hotels listed. Is that how it always is on hotwire. We have Prytania ($116 total) reserved but was just checking rates of other hotels. Looking at hot rate for $84 (104 after taxes and fees) and its listing LaQuinta, Comfort or Hampton in Harvey (Mississippi River-Westbank area) and says 4 miles to port. Would you take the chance on that or stay at Prytania. Both have free parking for the night and breakfast.
  7. We are staying at Prytania Park end of September but will have to park at Fulton Place. Prytania did not have any extra parking fees for the night and Fulton has shuttle to and from port. Prytania $116 and Fulton $75 for 5 day cruise. That worked out to be a better price than any park n cruise package we could find.
  8. Paradise, love the smaller ships. Tampa easier on and off
  9. https://www.cruisetimetables.com/#destports
  10. We like Fantasy class. Paradise and Fantasy are close but can't complain about any we have been on.
  11. Do you think that is the best way to find best deal? PVP did not have a good deal. $541 pp inside not good.
  12. Not sure how many hours manifest must be submitted but PVP was going to book me yesterday around noon eastern for Aug 1 Fantasy departure.
  13. We are going on Valor in September and got OV for $272pp. We were just hoping Carnival might want to fill the ship if they had unsold rooms but guess they do not reduce that much if they do not sell.
  14. Just talked to my PVP and there are rooms on 4 day Aug 1 out of Mobile and its 541 per person inside. I thought rooms would go down closer to sailing but he said they actually go up. Guess we can just watch HGTV Island Living this weekend.
  15. I have always been told they sail full but then there always seems to be a few cabins. Probably no shows or real late cancellations and Carnival still gets their money. Just didn't know what the latest a room could be found. Just told my wife I was looking and she doesn't seem real happy bc she likes to have time to plan. Probably will not be able to pull off the trip anyway.
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