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  1. I had read where JH said the code would work if you had used it to purchase on items that ended up cancelled. I had purchased a photo package and some beer to be delivered to the room that was refunded. I do not remember what he code was I used, pretty sure it was the Black Friday code. What code did you use so I can purchase for the new cruise?
  2. Do you have a pic of the croc hat? Never heard of it until now.
  3. The baseball cap is my personal favorite. It was several years ago. We do get plenty of use out of the Tervis tumblers.
  4. How can you tell it's pretty full? They only show a few rooms online at anytime.
  5. Got 2 cards today for cancelled April 25 cruise for beer and pixels package,
  6. Had a really good PVP who retired. Was assigned a new PVP who was less than expected. Got recommendation of for a new PVP. When I talked to the new PVP, just had to send them an email saying I wanted them as my PVP npw. Now how to get you the name of a good PVP is the problem. Wish they would have a message system here where we could PM other members here.
  7. $1000 card came today 2 pm today UPS left it leaning against the door because we were gone. Glad the neighbors didn't want to go on a cruise
  8. Why do you chime in if you do Royal and Princess? OP got a great offer and asking opinions for Carnival ships.
  9. Ordered $1000 card at 4 pm eastern. See how long it will take to arrive.
  10. Not going to stack. I do not see that happening. Look how much you could have if they stack. They cannot do that for all the cruises that have been cancelled.
  11. Not for us. Could go with the expanded and free room service maybe once a day.
  12. It does not move. Will be refunded the same way you paid and lose the discount.
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