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  1. Thank you. My PVP (that we have had for years) is in a big battle with cancer and I am going to have to get someone else to handle the situation.
  2. Just checking my deals and RU2 is there. Can you change a cruise that is already booked and paid for under early saver to the RU2 rate? It is an increase of about $190 total but I can live with that over the $615. We don't drink $615 worth but could $190.
  3. When did JH say this? Couple of days ago, my suggestion, was his suggestion.
  4. Had limit order at $20 but changed it to $18.50 then to $18. Already have 200 from last year (100 at $8 and 100 at $12). Not sure if I want to stay at $18 or go lower
  5. book it, pay for it, cancel it when get on board, re-book with OBC. Of course just takes time for it to get refunded to original form of payment.
  6. I think I just got lucky with my PVP doing it for me. He always takes really good care of us.
  7. I send copy of statement with few things blacked out to my PVP, who is very good, and he takes care of it. There is a form that most send in to a certain department. I am sure you will get that info here shortly.
  8. 100 shares is what you need. $100 OBC I use TD Ameritrade
  9. Think I am going to set limit order at $18.50. Sold 100 when it went over $18.50, so if it goes that low again, guess I will pull the trigger.
  10. What about embarkation? Did Plat and Dia get called first, or was it all done by boarding time?
  11. Looks like you got 6 minutes of tailwind to get you there faster.
  12. Have always thought if a flight was leaving or coming, the restaurants were supposed to be open. Have friends at ATL and they have to stay open if flights are happening.
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