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  1. So excited to be following you again!! Honestly, I think I've read every blog you've ever written - my favorite vicarious adventures! Smooth travels & Bon Voyage J&G ❤️🛳️
  2. I would encourage everyone who agrees that the chair removal is ridiculous to call or send an email to Princess. I sent an email yesterday (polite but firm) to Customer Relations and received a call-back same day. She stated it is fleet-wide and was commenced last May (??). There are limited chairs available if you ask your steward. However, they are monitoring complaints on this subject so there is a glimmer of hope. Please join me in emailing or calling Princess. We love Princess and think of it as a luxury hotel of sorts - not Motel 6 with no place to sit.
  3. Shouldn't be a problem. We've done it a lot and you'll notice crew brings back many items from their shopping expeditions, including carry-outs from onshore restaurants.
  4. We've received refund checks in as little as 2 weeks and as much as 6 weeks after disembarkation. The previous poster was correct - look carefully because you may mistake the envelope from Bottomline for junk mail.
  5. We've gotten a couple over the years on Princess. The stewards work so hard I'm glad they don't take the time to make them daily.
  6. Preparing to enjoy yet another of your Live From's. Thanks so much for taking the time and trouble to do it! We've been on some of the same cruises as you in the past and it's always fun to get home and read your input on the voyage. (We quit doing M&G's a few years ago but need to get back in the habit.) From one of the other posts it looks like you're on the Sky next Fall as well. See you then - if not before. Bon voyage and smooth sailing!!
  7. Oh Marla! I'm late to the party and just spotted your excellent (as always) blog. We were actually on the same voyage as you. While I may not have recognized you and the mister - your selfies are almost non-existent - I would have certainly recognized Florence, so how was it possible to travel in parallel universes for an entire week?? Would have loved the opportunity to tell you in person how very much I enjoy your reports and photos and appreciate the time you take to post them. Maybe next time. Sigh. Janet
  8. So happy that my first post on this new format is to wish you a terrific winter of exotic cruising and CONGRATULATIONS on 35 great years!! It wore me out just reading your first post and I can only imagine all the logistical planning that went into finalizing your itinerary - but that's what you do so well. We were scheduled on the Majestic from Rome to Singapore and cancelled it for the very reasons that you stated: far too many sea days. But boy, did you ever come up with a wonderful Plan B. Can't wait to travel along with you & G!! Janet
  9. Certainly will be looking forward to following you J&G!!
  10. Pia - thoroughly enjoyed your Live From, exactly as I have all of them over the years. Will be looking forward to your travels in Japan (but I believe you said it was on another line). Use those Princess FCC's soon! :D Jeanie - looking forward to hopping onboard with you in October! I really admire ALL of you who do Live Froms, the next best thing besides being there.
  11. Have been following your Adventures in Ireland on FB - so glad you're doing a Live From! Thanks to you and to all who do so, taking valuable time out of your cruises to share the adventures with those of us [temporarily] on dry land! Janet PS Hugs to Matt O'Brien & Ron Goodman!
  12. We've done a dozen or more cruises on the Royal/Regal. Lots to love. The only real negatives for us is that Princess Live and Club 6 are not conducive to playing trivia. This is not a concern if you don't enjoy playing trivia but if you do, it's major. On crossings, the venues are jam-packed but the Vista Lounge (where there's plenty of room) is given over to bingo or art auctions that produce revenue. I understand that completely - but proper scheduling could provide time slots in the Vista for trivia as well, at least during the day.
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