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  1. My passport has expired,and I am wondering if I can go on Round trip LA to Hawaii with just a real California ID. ,
  2. If you have platinum insurance and you cancel, do you get your money back or future credit?
  3. Did Pam from Californiak stop cruising? I miss her informative comments.
  4. How many weeks before sailing is final payment due? Good or bad idea to wait and book a cruise after final payment? What is your experience? Thank you for your replies
  5. Going on last September’s Los Angeles to Alaska round trip on the Royal.
  6. Because there was nothing else to do.
  7. The cruise card gave me the information of the dinning room,time, and table. How do I find this information with the medallion?
  8. I booked my Alaska cruise when they had the prepaid tip sale. Will they cover the price increase?
  9. Thank you for your replies. I will worry no more!
  10. Just booked cabin C 707and now I see it is righ by the elevators. Will I have noise issues?
  11. Thanks for the info. Now I can look forward my UBD on our next Alaska cruise.
  12. We have always enjoy the balcony dinners. Can they have them with such small balconies on the Royal?
  13. Is there room for a balcony dinner on the standard Royal balcony?
  14. Do you have a barrel chair and table in the cabin?
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