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  1. Just curious on how she came out of dry dock. We were suppose to be on her now, but had to cancel our 19 day cruise due to health problems. Was looking forward to the trip. Oh well there will be other cruises. Was looking forward to see how she was spruced up. . .
  2. I need a frig for my meds too. Have rented one most of the time (had to go to the infirmarary once to keep it there). They have been on the desk and under the desk. On the Rotterdam last year in a lania and they put it under the desk. I put not only my meds, but i bring a couple of sodas on board that I put on and DH gets extra milk in the lido that we put in there too. Works for us. Good luck and have a good trip.
  3. Have been trying to get on the port cameras and haven't been able to get on even Port Everglades. I guess with the hurricane everyone else and their brother is trying to do the same. I was able to get on about 4 hours ago and there were around 7300 other viewers on Nassau but since then, nothing. How have others been. Just curious.
  4. There isn't self-service laundry on the Rotterdam. But their laundry service is very good. We used it once and now we are hooked. The last bag we fill, we have folded so when it is returned, we just pack it. Already clean and folded.
  5. I had a small panic attach too, but then I entered our confirmation number and there it was, we had a reservation. 😎
  6. Happy Canada Day. Hope it is awesome.
  7. On the Rotterdam instead of a reserved sign on the wall, they just have them embroadered and they are each lanais chair. We had no problems
  8. No. We just used VIP and they were great. But I do wish Tampa had the Luggage Direct and we wouldn't have had to fine out luggage. We thought we could just sort of disembark go straight to customs and then to the airport. Didn't work that way, we had to find our luggage and take it to the airport and check it there. Luggage Direct picked it up at the airport and delivered it to our home about 3 hours later. Have an awesome cruise.
  9. We were on the Rotterdam in February for 21 days and wanted DH sports coat dry cleaned and were told they don't dry clean any longer. They pressed it, but that's all. The service was still on the list. Congrats on becoming a 4 star. We are close, but no additional star yet.
  10. Have stayed at the Cambria Suites a couple of times. We usually drive and they have a park and cruise special. The rooms were great and had no problem with the parking for 14 nights. I'd certainly go back. Have an outstanding cruise.
  11. Had one of these cabins on the Rotterdam in December - 3341 and really enjoyed it. Rented a refrigerator too because of meds I take. Would get one again when we go again. It's great to be able to go out onto the lower promenade and know there is a chair available for you.
  12. WOW, it's actually working better - - - for now. Will keep fingers crossed. . 🤞
  13. Is it just me or the weather, but I am finding that CC has been very slow the last couple of days, just like it was a couple of weeks ago. Takes close to two minutes to get any response. Just curious.
  14. This is something like my third day for having problems. Same problems as everyone else.
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