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  1. Some Hosts will leave you a message on your phone about Elite events, but in our experience, most don’t.
  2. We are on deck 12 midship on the Edge - under the pool area. Will we be woken up in the morning with chairs and people moving around above us? We are not early risers. We have never had a cabin on such a high floor before. Hope we have a peaceful cruise experience.
  3. We can’t print out luggage tags for our January 19 cruise on the Regal Princess, sailing out of Fort Lauderdale. Are there luggage tags available at the pier - from the luggage handlers? We have been sailing most recently on Celebrity and they mail luggage tags to your home.
  4. We sailed on the newly renovated Summit in June and again in September in an inside cabin. There was an outlet for my hairdryer by the desk that had a mirror. I was able to sit and put on makeup and blow dry my hair.
  5. Hope Eddy Jenkins is still aboard the Edge when we sail on January 26. We have enjoyed his sense of humor and his lectures on other Celebrity ships. He has an amazing amount of information in his head about art and other topics. He’s a very bright guy. We have also sailed previously with Captain Kate and look forward to sailing with her again.
  6. We have been on 20+ Celebrity cruises. The prices aren’t bad if you (1) book a few months ahead of time; (2) book through an internet cruise agent; (3) don’t care about which cabin you have (usually book an inside guarantee); and (4) don’t take any extra perks. The “free”’perks are not free - you are paying high prices for them. We are Elite and enjoy the free drinks between 5:00 and 7:00 pm, the free laundry, and some free internet minutes. We will be sailing on the Edge for 2 weeks this winter, when the ship is a little over a year old. Last winter the prices were outrageous because it was a new ship - just wait a year and the prices are reasonable.
  7. My husband and I are in our late 60’s and White Rabbit is on my husband’s playlist on his IPhone and it plays in our car. We are baby boomers (grew up in the 60’s) but never did drugs. The song is just nostalgia and puts us in a relaxed mood. We will be on the Edge for 2 weeks this winter and look forward to a different experience than the other 20+ cruises we have sailed on. Hope Captain Kate,, who is in the commercial, is still on board on January 26. She was our Captain on the Equinox last winter.
  8. We have done 20+ Celebrity cruises, but never a B2B. We know the production shows will be the same for both weeks, but are the other theater entertainers different?
  9. When I got up this morning to a sink full of dishes and a dishwasher to unload, and sheets to be changed and laundered, I was happy to think about the 3 weeks of cruising that we will experience in January and February. We love cruising in the Caribbean to escape from the cold weather in the northeast. We feel very taken care of on Celebrity cruises. The prices for cabins go up and down. Since we aren’t particular about which cabin we book, we watch the prices and book when the price is fair to us.
  10. I am not a shoe person, but when going on Caribbean cruises, even my husband takes 4 - 5 pairs of shoes. We will be sailing on the Regal Princess (1 week) and Celebrity Edge (2 weeks) consecutively this winter. I will take: 1 pair of flip flops (waterproof for the pool and beach, and used as slippers in the cabin), 1 pair of sneakers, 2 pairs of sandals, and one pair of flats (closed shoes). That’s 5 pairs of shoes - at a minimum.
  11. kelmac Thoroughly enjoyed reading your comparison reviews of the 6 ships that you sailed on. We have booked 3 cruises in a row for this winter: one week on the Regal Princess and B2B on Celebrity Edge. I booked cruises leaving from Fort Lauderdale, so even though we have to pack after one week on the Regal Princess, we will take a cab or Uber from the Princess dock to the Celebrity dock. I also thought about laundry. Princess has laundry rooms and we are Elite on Celebrity, so laundry won’t be an issue. We are looking forward to spending time in warm weather since we live in the northeast.
  12. I see the photos above show shade - guess it depends on the position of the ship and the sun. There is NO covering above the chairs. Shade is very important to us. We are used to sitting on the lounge chairs that are actually covered near the windows, and not far from the pool on the S class. Hope we find the shade we want during our 2 week sailing on the Edge.
  13. Happy New Year and Happy Cruising to all! We sailed on the Summit in September 2019 and enjoyed seeing the Edge video on our stateroom TV. It looked so beautiful that we booked 2 Caribbean cruises (B2B) on the Edge for January and February 2020. We hope to enjoy sailing on this new ship, after sailing on 20+ Celebrity cruises on the M class and S class. Keeping a positive attitude, despite the negative Edge comments on CC.
  14. haggal Thanks for the show and dining information and positive feedback about the ship. We will sail on the Edge B2B from January 26 - February 9. The videos we saw about the Edge on our September sailing on the Summit made the Edge look very appealing. The negatives reviews on CC have been a bummer. Happy to hear positives about the Edge!
  15. We have sailed on 20+ Celebrity cruises, but this is our 1st time on the Edge. All the other ships had shows at 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm. We would attend the 7:00 pm show, and go to late seating dinner, usually at 8:30 pm. However, on the Summit this past June and September, late dinner was at 8:15 pm, which we enjoyed. I would appreciate finding out the correct show times and dining times (set seating) from recent cruisers on the Edge. We are looking forward to trying this new ship. I have read many negative reviews, but would love to hear about all the positives for this beautiful ship.
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