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  1. Thank you all for the great suggestions. I am going to try a new lighter lens and a new strap!!
  2. We will be going on a Viking Rhine river cruise next year . My current camera is a Sony A6000 with a Sony 55-210 lens. I love this camera but it is heavy! Any suggestions as to what will take great pics and video but would be a lighter weight. Would getting a lighter wide angle lens help? I broke the original lens that came with the camera. Thank you for your help!
  3. Best thing I have read on cruise Critic!! Thank you for the laughs....
  4. We are flying on Delta in April. JFK to AMS then a 2.5 hour layover before continuing onto Basel Switzerland. Both flights are ticket on Delta, but the AMS to Basel is on KLM. My question is, does Delta transfer our checked luggage in AMS or do we have to retrieve it and then check it in for the flight to Basel? I have been to Europe many times but always fly direct since I live in NY. I have never had a layover.... We are going on our 1st Viking River Cruise!!
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