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  1. I travel alone, and have had that happen to me. First night, ate by myself at a table for 6. No big deal, first night often has people either getting a specialty discount, or busy unpacking. Second night, formal night (pre-evening chic), all dressed up, and still alone at my table for 6. The people at the nearby tables were very nice, encouraging me to join them (even though there were no spare seats - they would have scooted over). The waiter was amazingly attentive. Before my entree got there, the maitre d' was at my table asking me if I wanted to relocate for the rest of the cruise. I did, and ended up at one of the best tables I've ever had on a cruise. I do traditional, because I like to sit with people and get to know them over the course of a cruise. Other than the experience above, I only had to request a table change one time. Rectangular table of 10 - two family groups at either end (not interested in talking to others) and me in the middle across the table from two Russian girls, who seemed nice, but didn't appear to speak a word of English.
  2. I booked a GTY once and completely lucked out. Booked verandah gty after final payment, about 6 weeks before the cruise. Was assigned a sunset verandah cabin, which was amazing on the 5 nights from San Diego to Hawaii.
  3. I have an AquaSafe that locks to a chair as well as a transparent waterproof pouch that holds my phone that I can wear around my neck.
  4. I bought a waterproof case for my phone and ID that hangs around my neck. I also have a slightly larger pack (from AquaVault) that locks around the arm of a beach chair (and can't be cut) to hold other stuff while I'm in the water. Handy at the pool on the cruise ship as well.
  5. Edge is new, and people want to be on the new ship and try the new experience. I'll wait until the first wave of "new" goes through and then see if it's more reasonable :) (Especially since as I travel solo, I pay double -- those prices are nuts right now!!!)
  6. I usually upgrade to premium specifically because of the wine choices. The wines listed on classic are few, and pretty generic. No snob here, I just like to have choices. And even better, for the sommelier to have more choices for me! I have had several cruises where, as they get to know me, they get excited about pairing food & wine, gently pushing me to try something I think I won't like and usually proving me wrong. Sad note: In my experience lately, good sommeliers in the MDR have been harder to come across. Sometimes because there are just fewer, so they are more rushed. And sometimes, unfortunately, because they just don't know/care (can't offer a specific recommendation to go with what you just ordered, other than "I suggest red with beef - which red do you want"). But I digress.... Never really thought about paying the difference. But I guess, for me, that's why I get a package in the first place. So I don't have to think about whether something is "worth it". Want a cappuccino? Just get it. Want to try the goofy drink of the day? Why not? I don't want to have to weigh the "is it worth it to upgrade" every night with a glass of wine. Although I probably would save money in the grand scheme.
  7. I did see one time on the Reflection that they put several rectangular tables together in the MDR to seat a group of probably 16+. Disrupted the flow of traffic in the MDR, but more importantly, if you're at a long rectangular table, people at one end can't talk to people at the other end, anyway! Frankly, I don't even like the 10-top round tables, since you tend to have a similar problem of hollering across the table to talk. The setup of having multiple smaller (6-8 people) tables in a cluster not only gives you opportunity to be closer together, but you can also mix up who sits at what table each night, if you'd like. If you have Traditional (fixed) dining, make sure you call Celebrity now and let them know what you're hoping to have happen. If you have Select (flexible) dining, go see the Maitre d' on the first day (he/she will have a table set up generally outside the MDR to handle passenger questions). Let him/her know of your special requests for given days and they will likely be able to set you up in the best possible way. The more notice they have, the better they can accommodate.
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