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  1. It's actually not officially Lindqvist beach anymore. The Megans Bay park system bought it and renamed it Smith Bay Park. All the locals and some long time visitors still call it Lindqvist. You pay to get in but keep your ticket because you can use it same day at Megans. Lots of natural shade.
  2. To the OP about stairs at PP, no there are no stairs as of the last time I was there in February 2019. I'm not sure if the bar that served the Bushwhackers is open though as it was closed when we went t the new steakhouse Prime. There are stairs to get to the steakhouse.
  3. Not a fan of Sapphire or Coki for that matter but I would disagree strongly about the quality of the view. I would rate the view as excellent to semi-spectacular. Not much else to like about either IMO but the views are great.
  4. Brewers Bay would probably be a good choice. No lifeguards so nobody to tell you not to do it. Smith Bay would be the same rules as Megans. Hull Bay, Sapphire, Great Bay would also be places to try. You are never going to find someplace that allows metal detectors on public land. As Ms411 has told you finding a valuable item and keeping it is not legal anywhere in the USA. In fact it is a Misdemeanor of a Felony depending on the value of the item. You can however turn the found item in to the local police. In most jurisdictions if no one claims it in 30-90 days the item is yours to keep legally.
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