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  1. We received ours within 2 to 3 weeks.
  2. Just looked at the excursions again and guess what. The excursion that was listed as a Port excursion is now listed as a Port Pass. Guess they updated the site and lowered the price to 43.99.
  3. We will see also. Hope we sail. We may just stay on the ship also, cant see spending $45 to $50 per person just to walk in the port area.
  4. I was looking for an excursion for our Feb. cruise on the Adventure of the Seas. One of the excursions is a Port excursion. Seams like if they can offer a Port excursion you should be able to get off the ship and walk around the port area on your own. Am I reading this wrong, check it out.
  5. Usually have a 10 day partial Panama Canal cruise out of Mobile in September.
  6. We had a lot of repeat jokes on our two journeys cruises also. We stopped going to the comedy shows.
  7. So an inside or ov cabin would be best for quarantines. Easiest to maintain the small positive pressure, until you open the cabin door.
  8. They would have to have huge chillers and coils to provide once through air. Building air is recirculated air with 10 to 20 percent fresh air added in.
  9. As long as you have a common HVAC system, unless it's a once through operation, they all breath the same recirculated air.
  10. We were not able to watch the LSU/Alabama game in Nov. on the Breeze. No ABC, NBC or CBS. Only ESPN.
  11. Anyone know which dock the Getaway will use next Tuesday, 2/4/2020, in Cozumel?
  12. There were pauses and sometimes had to check to see the updated score on the internet, using other phone. Plus, it was $25 for a 24 hr period to use the internet and then you had to have an additional sports subscription.
  13. We were on the November Breeze Journeys cruise and wasn't even able to watch the LSU vs Alabama game on the ships networks. Had to watch over the internet on a sports package on a 6 inch screen on a phone. No ABC, CBS, NBC or Fox. Only the totally biased NCBS.
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