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  1. So excited to follow along and check out the daily compasses. We are on the next eastern on March 1. Interestingly our itinerary is St Maarten, San Juan and then Labadee. I don’t want to wish your cruise to go fast, but I sure would like March to get here😄. Happy sailing!!
  2. Thank you! I did do some searching. The only 2 grand loft suites that were left were 10724 and 8724. I'm currently in 8724 because I think the room/balcony appear to be slightly larger. However, if one of the corner rooms opens up I will hop on it 🙂
  3. I'm also wondering which location would be better for sightseeing when cruising around New Zealand.
  4. Thanks! I'm in a suite facing aft. The balcony is definitely bigger on deck 8. But I also like the idea of being closer to the action!
  5. I am booking an aft cabin on Ovation. I have a choice between deck 8 or 10? I have never been on a Quantum class and am curious which deck would be preferable. TIA!
  6. I am doing an itinerary very similar to this in Feb '21 on the Ovation. Can't wait to follow along with your trip! I'm curious what you did for flights. I am 40 days out from flights being open for booking. Did you book with Air2Sea? On your own? How far ahead did you book? Thanks! Amy
  7. We are so excited to be adding a grandbaby to our family this late July/ early August!! However, this does interfere with our cruise plans!! Does anyone have experience with deferring and/or canceling a nonrefundable fare? My daughter’s preference would be to go on the the cruise, however she will either still be pregnant or have just delivered.
  8. Thanks! I never done the ABC’s, so pretty excited! Enjoy yours also😄
  9. I haven't cruised for a year (gasp!) and was just looking through Freedom cruise compasses from a month ago with the same Southern Caribbean itinerary that I'll be doing in a week :). I could not find the suggested dress for the evening anywhere, it used to be listed with the dining times. So I thought it might be an anomaly and pulled up recent Allure compasses and did not see it there either. I know people are dressing down much more than 3 decades ago when I started cruising, which doesn't bother me at all, but I might dress up one night if there is a formal(ish) night. I'm
  10. Soooo.....I just realized I should have called C&A to make our requests for our first cruise as Diamond+. We are less than a week away and it says you need to request 10 days in advance. Anyone know what happens when you don't specify an item? I'm guessing we'll get an "Elegant" fruit or cheese tray?😂 We have the deluxe beverage package so I'm not too concerned about missing out on some wine, but curious if anyone knows what happens if a choice wasn't made.
  11. Our genie's email was SY_GOTL02@rccl.com, so I would say you are on the right track! I'm guessing the other genies email is SY_GOTL03@rccl.com.
  12. Just curious how many are in your travel party? We are a group of 2 being given the same options (Villa or Royal suite). I'm not sure what we would do with the Villa which has 4 bedrooms and 4 baths!
  13. But they do not need to be used on the same cruise 🙂 Have fun on your girl's cruise!
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