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  1. Any estimates as to when they will start boarding? I am working on setting up our transfer. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. My first Tokyo Tea, but definitely not my last! Thanks Rick! Always looking for a new drink! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. I think the shirt speaks for itself[emoji39] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Hi Mitzi! She said we will be fine. My thought is if there is something you want on a specific night at a specific time, let the genie know in your precruise correspondence. Happy planning and see you soon! Amy
  5. We are also in a Star Class suite on the TA. I have been in contact with our Genie from last December who is now on the Symphony. We are hoping to have her again! She has said to not worry about dining. I think this is one trip I will be grateful for having a Genie (not that I'm not thrilled to have one at any time :) )!
  6. Hi John! Marla is AMAZING!!! Her communication is definitely spectacular! When we were getting closer to our cruise I would email her frequently late at night (11pm-midnight CST). Many times she would answer within 1/2 - 1 hour. I swear she doesn't sleep! Once on the ship she shined even more :) We had a group of 6 in a 2BR aquatheater suite, my husband and I and 4 mid 20 year olds. Our family absolutely adored her and we are still in contact. I messaged with her briefly a couple weeks ago. We are Star Class on the upcoming TA and hoping to have her again as our Genie. I am sure you will enjoy Marla as much as we did! Tell her hi from Amy & Dan!
  7. Are you thinking of Marla? We had here on the Allure in December. She has since moved to the Symphony. We are hoping to have her again in October.
  8. Thanks everyone! I will do some calling today and see what I can come up with. I booked this cruise on the first day it was offered and also booked my flights on the first day they were offered. Although I did not book insurance on the cruise, After going through my documentation, I realized I did book insurance on the flight. It is through Allianz. I’m hoping I can just extend the policy on the flight to include the entire vacation. I had completely forgotten I had purchased insurance for the flight.
  9. It is times like this when I am mad at myself for my procrastination tendencies! I know for best coverage, I needed to book insurance right away when I booked the cruise. Well I forgot to purchase it initially and now I’m within 3 months of the cruise with no insurance. We are flying to Barcelona on award tickets which are refundable so I’m not too concerned about insuring the flight. However, I do worry about delays and such. We are flying in 2 days before embarkation so do have a buffer built in. I would love any recommendations for insurance plans. We do have elderly parents with no current health issues. Are there any plans that would cover cancellation if anything happened to them between now and our cruise? I am thinking it’s too late for this. The most important options for me at this time are if one of us gets ill between now and then and can’t travel or if something happens during our travel whether it be delays or illness. We are on a transatlantic cruise if that makes a difference. Thanks!
  10. Thanks! We sailed Star class on the Allure in December and were charged for the wine pairing. I thought it was a bit odd because all other alcohol we had was included. I know you are supposed to be charged for wine over x-amount per glass, but this never happened when the price was within reason. I would certainly expect to pay the difference if we ordered something really high end. I did not research the wines served at the Captain's Table, but I'm sure it costs more than the allowed amount which would explain the $25 charge. We did not do any classes and the Allure doesn't have an escape room. We are on the Symphony 12 night TA and are thinking we will have more time to experience some things we don't normally do. However, I am hoping to NOT do a repeat of my Flowrider experience! Let's just say the medical facility and staff on the Allure are top notch!
  11. I haven't found this anywhere and was hoping someone here would know. If you are booked in Star class are you charged for classes and the escape room? Specifically, I'm wondering about the cupcake decorating class and sushi making class. I am sailing on the Symphony. Thanks!
  12. Thank you for all the responses! I have been busy traveling for work and did not call C&A until this afternoon. And honestly, I was hoping I might hear from the travel agent and not have to deal with this mess. So here is where I am at: 1) After talking to C&A, I was given an email to send my request to fire my agent, was told it can take 7-10 days. 2) Final payment isn't due until July 30 so I should be ok. 3) Thankfully, I requested that the travel agent send me the confirmations from RCCL showing my deposit and cabin. So I forwarded those along with my request to fire the travel agent. 4) Yes, I can see my cruise when I log in to my cruise planner and everything looks ok. Crown & Anchor also confirmed that we are 5 people in the suite that I have booked. 5) I should also add that I handled the original booking and deposit myself and then had the agent add 3 others. I knew that RCCL at least had the deposit for my husband and myself. I am a little sad as I was looking forward to working with a travel agent to minimize my time involvement. After this experience, I can safely say I will continue to handle my own bookings in the future. Thanks everyone for your input and letting me know I wasn't overreacting :)
  13. This is the first time I have used a travel agent for a cruise. He was recommended by someone we have cruised with several times. He is also listed on Royal's site where you can search for a travel agent. I'm getting a bit nervous as I have final payment coming up next week. I have tried calling him for several days and have not gotten a response. When calling the main agency number, I get an automated answering system that does not identify it as a business, but rather just lists the number called and to leave a message. I have also tried calling his cell phone and have not heard back. At this point I am nervous about giving him final payment when and if he ever gets back to me. We owe a little over $11,000. My fear is that he would take the money and run. The only basis I have for feeling this way is the fact that he won't return my messages. Do you think I am over reacting? I'm assuming I could file a complaint with my credit card company if this happens. Since I am so close to final payment, I want to make sure that RCL gets my payment in time. Would it be helpful to call C & A to see if they would take my payment. I would appreciate any advice, thank you!
  14. I have some OBC that I can use to book a shore excursion in my cruise planner. There's a great sale on a shore excursion I'm interested in. However, my cruise is still a ways out. If I change my mind and cancel my reservation will they refund it back towards my OBC? Or would I lose the OBC?
  15. I've asked this on our roll call but haven't gotten an answer one way or the other. I'm hoping someone here may know the answer. Will luggage valet be available for disembarkation on the Symphony TA this fall? The last TA I was on did not offer it because of customs coming from Spain. Since we will be clearing in Port Canaveral the day before disembarkation in Miami, do you think luggage valet may be an option?
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