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  1. We loved Q class. Took Quantum from Bayonne to Shanghai in 2015. 53 days and never tired of it. Although, they had Dynamic Dining then, which we really liked because of the variety. I think I'd get tired of the same meals recycled.
  2. In this case, they knew those people were exposed to someone who definitely tested positive twice. It was the reasonable thing to do. Yes, anyone could bring it on the ship. However, if that is the criteria, there will be no cruising.
  3. Of course, but they knew these people were exposed.
  4. They were all exposed to the infected man. It would have been too early for them to test positive, but they could still have gotten it and brought it onboard.
  5. That was why they required ship excursions, to ensure social distancing and proper cleaning, PPE, etc.
  6. It says it provides "protection to guard from introduction of foreign substances to your face." Nowhere does it say it protects anyone else from the wearer. That's why it's recommended you wear a face mask with the shield.
  7. That's exactly what MSC said. The famil broke the "social bubble."
  8. Besides, then we'd need two threads, since Port Booking wouldn't fit after sailings are open for booking. Better left as one. If someone doesn't want to look at the speculations gleaned from port bookings, they can wait until the sailings are open for booking.
  9. That's a shame. It's a fantastic cruise. We did it this year, disembarking in Sydney on March 14. That's when everything came to a screeching halt.
  10. Wow. I'm glad we just did the circumnavigation. That may not happen again in a long time.
  11. I said I don't believe they'll sail in October. There is much to be done before they can sail. They won't get the recommendations from the task force until end of August and then they still need to implement and get CDC approval. Sadly, I believe that will take more than a month.
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