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  1. We have in the past, as long as it is in the same category. However, these days they don't necessarily use every cabin. It's worth a try.
  2. It sounded like the tracelet will replace the Wow band. The articles didn't say how long before it is operational.
  3. I'm sure it doesn't now, but I read they have a contract to use it in place of the sea pass card. What else does the wow band do?
  4. Now Royal is working on the tracelet. My guess that will replace the wow band. No idea when it will be rolled out.
  5. They probably would sleep right through it. 🥱
  6. Our last cruise before covid shutdown was the circumnagivation. It was fantastic. Ours was the last cruise ending March 14, and we flew out the next day, just as everything closed.
  7. Don't be too quick to wish for that. We boarded Edge on Saturday. Everyone was required to be tested. It took us more than 5 hours, mostly standing in the heat, to get to our cabin. It was brutal.
  8. Royal just had 6 test positive, 4 vaccinated and 2 unvaxxed minors. Only one had minor symptoms. So it wasn't just one on one ship. It is protecting everyone, not just the unvaccinated.
  9. We sail on Edge July 31. No one has asked for our vaccine cards. We have had several emails from Celebrity that we must show the original cards when we check in at the port.
  10. Very nice that they brought you loungers. We had the huge corner family veranda on Infinity Around the Horn. They said we couldn't have loungers.
  11. This is what our email from Celebrity has for our July 31 Edge sailing: "• Following CDC Guidelines, masks will not be required for vaccinated guests." This pertains to on board. Ports have their own requirements which must be followed.
  12. I guess it depends on what you like. We really liked the shows on Edge because they are very contemporary and not the same old production shows you see everywhere else.
  13. I always have a large suitcase plus a rolling carryon. We never use the elevators.
  14. We closed the doors to the room. I don't remember the air turning off, but maybe it did. I'll have to check that when we board.
  15. Is the porthole balcony less humid? Seems like you would get less breeze there since it isn't as large an opening.
  16. I think they are considered traditional balconies but have the porthole opening.
  17. I forgot about those. You weren't hallucinating; I remember them now.
  18. There could be people on from the week before.
  19. That would be fun. We rarely only do a TA without adding something else. I am always wanting to hear what other people do.
  20. It's addicting, and when you're retired you have lots of time. We have done many of those long b2b. . . . One of our favorites was b5b on Quantum from Bayonne, NJ, to Shanghai.
  21. Someone just posted they had one of their b2b2b cruises cancelled. They tried to jump to another ship a day later, but were told it had to be at least 3 days in between. So they booked something later. Now their TA heard from Resolutions that Lisa was furious when she heard how people were treated, and their original b2b2b was reinstated. This is a very fast merry-go-round. It's like the weather in St. Louis. If you don't like it today, just wait; it will change tomorrow. Obviously it wasn't because of CDC rule. I bet someone is in trouble.
  22. Not really. They would have no incentive to keep them on.
  23. We were caught in that yes you can, no you can't. We booked b2b on Millennium and cancelled two days later because they said no b2b. Of course, they reversed that again shortly after. Turned out better for us because now we have b2b on Edge. Good luck on your b2b2b.
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