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  1. We can do it to either Glasgow or Edinburgh but the one way cost for business is £4833 and we still need to get to Athens to pick up the cruise. I don’t know how the TA managed it but he got the flights at just over £3000 business all legs. The same flights on BA are over £10k.
  2. Most cruise prices are set in $s. When the sell in different currencies they have to rake a view on what they think the £ will be worth over the next 2 years and at the moment Celebrity are using what I feel is an unnaturally low rate. They obviously think the euro will be ok. I think it is a poor bet by Celebrity or Rccl, their masters.
  3. Update i have had an email conversation with someone from the German site and they have given me their ta reference number to give to Celebrity on board so that is very doable. I also asked them about the pricing if we didn’t take the 4 perks (We should be zenith by then) and it looks like Celebrity will increase the price rather than reduce it as they are Are pushing the 4 perks as how they want to go in Germany. I think I am needing to find different agent in the us as I keep hearing about lots of obc, but I never see what I think was lots and they have not rushed back with the other quotes I asked for. Not great service so far. I tried the crowd who took over the Thomas Cook shops in the uk but I got the feeling that what I was getting as UK discount is in the ballpark. Meeting our UK ta on Monday but it looks like Celebrity are working on a future exchange rate of around $1.05 to the £ which I don’t see happening.
  4. On the S Class ships there are sunbeds on Deck 15 around the front of the ship and they will still be there. If the suite guests are all on deck 16 think how much more room there is elsewhere.
  5. From what I have seen The retreat sub deck is the old Solstice deck. Luminae and Michaels/ the Retreat lounge are where hey are now. The family suites at the front of deck 7 and 8 become full suites ie more expensive and there are a few inside cabins where the I lounge is. Other than the Solstice deck there is nothing else lost.
  6. The last I read was that the planned Reflection and Signature suites in the Sky Lounge area was no longer happening
  7. CS is big enough for 2 of us and couldn't justify the extra cost which was about £8,000 to get 2 bottles of spirits, free speciality rests and some free washing (plus a bigger room of course but, with the balcony bath in place, less balcony room than our CS with the large balcony at the side of the hump). Then our daughter decided to join us!!
  8. I will know in around 5 weeks although unsure about what cabin type we will end up with. Booked CS but bids lodged for RS and PH (which are currently not available). Ship looks full unless someone releases the RS that was there last night.
  9. It is happening on the Silhouette just now which was 2 ships and 2 years younger than the Equinox.
  10. It will be interesting to see if they retain the bath on the Silhouette RS when it is complete.
  11. All the renewal of the suite and other cabins, the hot tub on the suite deck the new furniture in cabins.(
  12. We have over the years as it is much quieter than around the pool but it gets very hot at times. There isn't much shade (at the moment) for the frequent rain showers. Recently we have been happy having a sleep on the balcony after lunch.
  13. Thank you. So if I book in US$ on board I can transfer it to the US TA and still get the booking onboard benefits. I have now realised that, dependant on us actually doing the cruises we have booked, that we will be Zenith by the time we book this so I no longer need internet and beverage packages. Presumably I can do the booking without the perks or do they always follow suites?
  14. I have just found the cruise that works the other way. It is cheaper in both US and Germany for an S1 but the UK is £1,000+ cheaper for a CS.
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