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  1. We were on the Coral in Antarctica Jan/Feb of 2020 when covid 19 was first being introduced to the world. It was an amazing experience. During the 4 days we were there we did see many ice burgs but the crew very carefully navigated (with extra officers on the bridge around the clock) to make certain we never got close to bumping into even the smallest ones. And yes some insists on calling these voyages a “drive by” (don’t get me started on that subject, lol) but it is truly an unforgettable voyage. We many whales and gazillions of penguins as well as other wildlife. We even sailed through the narrow opening and into the caldera of the dormant volcano known as Deception Island. Chris
  2. I agree. If the cruise industry is going to survive in this new reality they will have to make changes that will ensure ship travel is as safe as possible while implementing rules that are practical yet effective. Those that believe they aren’t practical should find other ways to see the world and not be allowed to simply ignore the rules as so many have been in the past. Those who see them as reasonable should be allowed to enjoy cruising again with piece of mind knowing everyone is expected to adhere to them once onboard. If some follow them and others do not it likely won’t be long before the ones who ignore them will have the ships to themselves because I for one won’t continue cruising if I’m one of the few who follow the guidelines intended to keep my family safe.
  3. Yes. The oldest ones we have expires in December this year.
  4. Actually they were both <20 days long. One in 2022 allowed us to use FCDs and the second one in 2021 didn’t.
  5. Thanks. I just tried that and it did work for one voyage in early 2022 but not the second one that is set to sale next September. Our account shows we each still have a FCD available and another one each that is still attached to a sailing in April that we were informed last week had been cancelled due to ship repositioning. Lol I guess we will need to call tomorrow and try to get them applied to the booking.
  6. I have not tried that. In the past we didn’t need to do that and the last time we read comments about calling in the wait was significant.
  7. We decided to book a voyage or two in 2021 and 2022 using a couple of our future cruise deposits we have had for some time but when trying to make a reservation online there was no option to use it. Instead the system required a full deposit. The booking was not part of any promotion other than the new option to include WiFi, gratuities and etc. We’ve used them many times in the past for any voyage without limits. Has something changed? We chose not to pay the deposit for the time being.
  8. I guess ones prospective on some of this depends on whether someone thinks it’s important in today’s environment to maintain good hygiene and respect for those around you and how important it is for you and your family to return from a trip healthy.
  9. In one sense I find this encouraging. While I wouldn’t like this restriction when we sail next time it shows me they are taking hard looks at all the ways passengers might contract the virus In today’s reality. I mean until proven vaccines are widely available and utilized or the virus somehow disappears they are going to have to do everything in their power to prevent an outbreak onboard a ship. A single such occurrence during the first few sailings would likely doom the industry. As time passes and they can demonstrate it’s possible to travel this way without having outbreaks they’ll learn what might be relaxed or modified to make it an experience closer to what we all knew and loved before this pandemic. Until then they likely just want to get the ships underway again with modest revenue flowing again without making the news in a negative way. We have to crawl before we learn to walk again.
  10. In my humble opinion prior to this pandemic for every passenger who blew past the hand washing stations when entering the Horizon court or hand sanitizer at the main dining room, proclaimed they paid for that cruise and are entitled to come aboard sick or not, coughed uncontrollably during a live show in the Princess theatre or simply ignored basic hygiene practices while onboard, there were probably at least ten who were frustrated or disgusted by said passengers conduct but tolerated it vs confront the passenger and disrupt their peaceful getaway. With all we’ve gone through over the last several months I’d guess that ratio will now be closer to 100 to 1 and those 100 will be far less tolerant of those who don’t take protocols intended to ensure everyone’s safety seriously. The cruise lines will be forced to deal with these individuals imo if they want to get those 100 to cruise again. So if being held to a sanitary standard or responsible hygiene expectations after this pandemic while they are in large groups of people makes someone feel like their in a “concentration camp” then I dare say they probably shouldn’t be cruising at least in the near future. I sure don’t want to be around them in tight quarters.
  11. Lol. Well perhaps so if someone violates quarantine. I mean seriously how reckless does one need to be with the health of thousands of others before consequences are warranted? I believe the threshold for this has seriously moved due to this virus. I believe it is possible to have a relaxing fun cruise while following reasonable precautions given the consequences to others if you don’t. That’s assumes of course the policies are clearly defined and consistently enforced. It wont be easy for some passengers to comply and perhaps even for the staff as they have been trained for years to practice restraint even towards indignant passengers who may not deserve it and allow them to do as they please rather than confront the passenger. For some people rules are for everyone else and that’s not going to fly in this industry any longer imo. I expect the industry will have, if they don’t already, a “no cruise list” for passengers who can’t follow health safety protocols after all we’ve witnessed over the last 6-8 months.
  12. It seems to me that cruise lines will have to rethink their business models for many things including use of the medical facility if they are to survive. This has taken an unbelievable toll on the industry and its far from over. Stringent enforcement of precautionary measures such as health screening and more closely monitoring passengers for proper hygiene and adherence to protocols will be necessary. If the industry takes another hit like the one we witnessed unfold in March it would the final straw imo. In order to ensure everyone reports any potential sickness immediately they will want to look at making it cost free or minimal cost if that is indeed a barrier to some passengers. Although I find it a little hard to believe that someone spending thousands on a vacation would risk it after all we’ve seen this year over a relatively small medical bill. The two times I’ve used them the bills were very modest.
  13. It’s just a thought but if they’re locked out it would be pretty clear they violated quarantine wouldn’t it? How did they get locked out if they weren’t supposed to be out of their cabin? Lol. Sounds like a perfect candidate for being banned from cruising to me... If there are real consequences for violating rules or policies I’ve found people in general are far more likely to comply with them. Of course this is only warranted if we really want to contain this or any number of other contagious illnesses onboard a ship full of passengers and have a viable cruise industry in these changing times. Sounds reasonable?
  14. Yeah I can’t disagree with that. I added the note at the top about the masks etc not to say necessarily that that will be required but rather to prevent the replies from focusing all the things we are currently dealing with but rather try to flush out onboard practices or behaviors that used to be accepted but that shouldn’t be any longer. I honestly assume cruising won’t really start back in volume until a vaccine is available. And we will certainly be in line to get one when it appears we have a safe one.
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