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  1. An adjustable height table sounds like a great idea! Weather permitting, we would always eat room service meals on the balcony table because it was a more comfortable height for eating. Being able to raise the in-cabin coffee table would be a really nice improvement.
  2. We've been on five Viking Ocean cruises and on every one of them all of the tender ports were included on the original invoice and we've never experienced a deviation from what was on the invoice. Is this Viking's first season in Alaska? I wonder if they just didn't know at the time they announced the cruises what their port situation would be (which seems strange, since they have to reserve them well in advance). Given the size of those towns, though, and the popularity of those cruises, I have to believe it is pretty tight getting everyone into the ports. Good luck getting it all sorted out!
  3. We've been on a number of Viking Oceans cruises with tender ports and found them to be very efficient at getting folks to the port. Of course, the shore excursions don't all start at the same time, so that spaces out the use of the tenders a bit. As someone else mentioned, if you are not on a shore excursion they work you in. I don't think we ever really experienced any delays. As for whether you will be tendering or not, your original invoice from Viking includes a breakdown of the cruise by date and time. If a scheduled port has an anchor symbol, it means they expect to tender in that port. (See below.)
  4. The last post I saw said it was underway and on schedule for its current cruise. According to Cruisemapper, it’s in the Mediterranean Sea south of Italy.
  5. We’ve been on four ocean cruises and on three of the four, we were in PV1’s on deck six forward (in front of the front elevators.). It is our preferred ship location. Very quiet and very low traffic. We’ve got two upcoming cruises, with cabins on deck six forward on both. You’ll be very happy with the location.
  6. Hope the references to "minor damage" are correct and they are able to get back underway soon. Not a very auspicious start but it could have been worse! Glad no one was hurt.
  7. Great to see her! We board next month. I noticed a dome above the Explorer’s Lounge so I assume they added the planetarium on this one too.
  8. I second the comment about the nice free Viking blankets. We also picked up the set of "stuff sacks" after one cruise, and an all-purpose, any-country converter plug after another. (I always thought the gifts were post-cruise, not pre-cruise, and were intended simply as a small thank you.) I agree on the Explorer Society meetings, at least on Ocean. They have mostly become sales pitches from the "future cruise sales person on board." On our last trip (Into the Midnight Sun), over 60% of passengers were repeat customers, so presumably there is really no need to reward loyal customers with a special party if most of the folks on board are repeat customers. Frankly, I would favor smaller price hikes as the cruises become more popular over trinkets and recognition parties, but that is probably just wishful thinking. I just hope Viking doesn't become a victim of its explosive growth and popularity! We'll be on Jupiter in March and my biggest wish is for the same great on-board service and staff as on the previous 4 Ocean cruises.
  9. We did this cruise as well and thoroughly enjoyed it. As mentioned above, several of the ports allow you to walk right off the ship and in to town and in others the bus ride is a short shuttle to town. Yes, there are some excursions with longer bus rides, but we avoided those. I wish Viking would include bus times in the descriptions of shore excursions — they do in the port talks but it is too late to cancel paid excursions at that point — but I generally look at Google maps to figure out the distance between the port and the excursion destination to get an idea of how much time will be spent on a bus. With a little planning you can definitely avoid spending too much time on buses. I think you’ll really enjoy this cruise.
  10. Yes, just ask a Viking rep and they should be able to tell you which cabins have sliding doors and which ones have single hinged doors in your deck area of interest. We tend to favor the cabins on deck six forward and prefer sliders. Viking gave me a list of the slider doors in that area: 6000, 6001, 6006-6009, and 6014-6015. (I got this from the future cruise rep on board, but the customer service reps on the phone have it as well. You can also email the folks at tellus@vikingcruises.com and they should be able to help you out.
  11. Thanks for your reply. Good advice to leave a contact number in case of emergency or unexpected circumstances.
  12. Thanks for your reply - very good to hear!
  13. Thanks — the immigration info is very helpful. Sounds like we would be okay with immigration with the three-day pass, so it’s just a matter of whether the folks on board would have any concerns. This is our fourth VO Cruise, and they always seem very accommodating unless there’s a compelling reason why they can’t be. I think our biggest concern right now is that they get Jupiter finished on time! 🙂
  14. Thanks for the good advice. My plan was to let the folks on the ship know — just didn’t want to raise it with the central office before the cruise. If there is an issue with immigration, we can always cancel the night ashore the day before. I just know that they sponsor shore excursions that involve a night ashore in Israel, so figured it wouldn’t be a big issue, especially since both ports are in the same country. We’ll see . . .
  15. I'm reluctant to ask the "tellus" folks this question, thinking it might be better to ask forgiveness than permission, but does anyone know if there is any Viking policy that would prohibit passengers from spending a night on shore, particularly if that night falls during a port change? We are on one of the cruises that spend three days in Israel, but because the three days fall on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday, many things we want to see are not going to be open because of the Sabbath closings from noonish on Friday to Sunday morning. (I think Viking made a mistake on the timing of this cruise -- the cruise also starts in Rome on a Saturday and the day in Rome falls on a Sunday, when many of the Vatican sights are closed.) We are wanting to spend the night in Jerusalem when the ship moves from Haifa to Ashdod, which is only an hour or so south. I guess after reading all the horror stories about "cancellations" for not showing up, I wanted to be sure our spending a night ashore while the ship moves would not create a problem. (I note that one of the Viking shore excursions in Israel actually involves an overnight in a hotel, but the overnight occurs while the ship remains in port.) Anyone out there have actual experience with this? Thanks!
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