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  1. 150edmiston

    New US promotion

    Just crazy. No sense in this at all. Well at least on this board. David
  2. 150edmiston

    New US promotion

    Its kinda sad to watch this happening and the bean counters at RCCL have got this wrong, with this brand. You are polarising and marginalising your loyal, cheerleading customers. The price for our cruise in Feb on pursuit has shifted around a bit but no more than a couple of hundred £. However on another thread both Phil and i commented that there were over 100 cabins unsold on this particular cruise, and others. There is no commercial sense in upping prices, then offering a promo that looks like but isnt a deal. We are not idiots. I cant wait to see what happens Monday. David
  3. Hicupps, agree 100% about US airlines generally about upgrade to "extra". We were in Kauai in October and AA wanted an extra $150 pp for this..... one way. It was the same econ seat but on a bulkhead (next to the toilets i should add). You dont say what airline you are on. If you have booked club/business that is what you should be on. You wont get bumped to PE. Go to seat guru dot com , put in you flight number, route and date. This will show you how many cabin classes there are or your flight. You should also be able to choose seats in business. Go to your airline website type your locator and go from there. David
  4. Great advice leennp, and from us thanks for this UKTog. We’re about 15 miles west of Edinburgh and had no idea a bus ran to Ocean Terminal. David
  5. 150edmiston

    Many unsold cabins on upcoming Pursuit sailings

    Queen p, select the cruise you want, then the stateroom category and the site brings up the cabin numbers in that category that are available. You can then select a cabin, and the deck plan pops up with a red line around the selected cabin. Hope that helps. David
  6. 150edmiston

    Many unsold cabins on upcoming Pursuit sailings

    Thanks Phil and Flying Shoes. Hadn't considered a fault with the webpage. David
  7. 150edmiston

    Many unsold cabins on upcoming Pursuit sailings

    Just checked the US website. It says our cruise (24th Feb) is sold out, but there are over 100 cabins available in the UK. Can anyone enlighten me? Surely there isn't a separate booking engine per country. David
  8. 150edmiston

    Many unsold cabins on upcoming Pursuit sailings

    I have been keeping an eye on our upcoming Pursuit cruise on the 24th Feb and can't quite believe how many unsold cabins there are. Virtually all of the Deck 8 suites are sold, but there are loads of deck 6 and 7 cabins unsold. I cant quite fathom it TBH. Oddly the price has moved a little today by about £120 for an inside, but the V3 - V1s look the same as they've been for months. When we booked (ages ago), we did so thinking this would be a really popular cruise, and we wanted to secure a cabin that we knew. We managed to get LCV discount and an Easter promo that was running at the time, so are happy with what we paid. Final payment is the 26th of this month, so it'll be interesting to see what happens after that date. David
  9. 150edmiston

    flight time too early??

    I think that is tight and there is little or no wriggle room if you hit a snag. The main issue is that although you dock at 7am you likely wont get off anywhere near that time........ work to more like 8am. The distance is only 20 minutes in a cab to the airport, but you need to allow for traffic, finding the right terminal, bag drop and then getting through Security and then getting to the gate. Do-able, but it's uncomfortably neat IMO. David
  10. 150edmiston

    Luggage Tags

    Note to Host Grandma Cruising - might be worth adding this topic to the “newbies” sticky at the top of the board as this question comes up regularly? David
  11. 150edmiston

    Pursuit- forget the negatives honestly!

    Thanks for the update uktog. Good to hear that the crew are as motivated and engaged as those on Journey and Quest. David
  12. 150edmiston

    Buenos Aires cruise ship terminal

    Thanks for the reply lvi. I did a bit of further investigation over the week-end, and although I believe I paid a premium, we have a private transfer arranged for us when we land (driver will meet us with a name board). For the sake of another $20 on top of a taxi price its worth it IMO after a 14hr flight. Same company will take us and our four cruising buddies to our hotel at the end of the cruise. David
  13. 150edmiston

    Buenos Aires cruise ship terminal

    Thanks for the advice on this thread. After a bit of research, I have tried a few taxi firms. The web page for Taxi Ezeiza is screwed up and wont let you put a date in. Worldcar havent responded, and another only runs minibuses for groups. Having had horrific experiences at other cruise ports, Im keen to get this tied up. Does anyone have a contact/firm that is reliable and can be booked online? We need a transfer from EZE to our hotel in the city on arrival, and then from the port to our hotel at the end of the cruise. David
  14. 150edmiston

    Trying out river cruising

    Thank you for posting this UkTog. Very interesting observations. Some of our american cruising friends have tried a couple of times to get us to join them on river cruises, one of them last year with AMA. We didnt think it was for us, but reading and looking at your “blog”, i think we’ll look again. Thanks for taking time. David
  15. 150edmiston

    Tips for Azamara Newbies

    Well done HGC, this looks fantastic and will be a huge help to anyone who has, or is thinking about booking with AZ. David