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  1. Hi everyone. I would take the train into town. The Motorway (freeway) you use to get from Greenock into Glasgow can be a nightmare with congestion, particularly after the airport. One accident or breakdown causes havoc. The HOHO is a good option as suggested, and there is a Metro which essentially does a circle around the city. Its a good and cheap way to get around and is safe. http://www.spt.co.uk/ If you're into Art / Architecture there are some amazing galleries and buildings. https://www.glasgowlife.org.uk/museums Check Tripadvisor for specific ratings
  2. We were in 8070 a month ago, and one night had to go at full speed all night to outrun a storm, missing a port on the way. Zero vibration. A little early morning ‘set up’ noise from Windows cafe but nothing intrusive. Have a great trip. David
  3. uktog, there is a lounge at City you could use depending on your layover. From recall I think its £35 pp. It's situated landside at the Jet Centre about 5 min drive away and there is a free shuttle. This isn't a good airport for a long layover if you're familiar with it as its cramped and the retail isn't that good, so not much to do. We haven't used the lounge but a friend of mine said it was good. Just an option for you if you plan to raid the fridge 🍸😉
  4. Great to read this Phil, and so glad you are feeling like a valued customer again and that the standards are back up there. Ive been flat out since getting back but will review our recent South American trip this week. Hope you have a lovely holiday. Welcome home. David
  5. Hi everyone. We are just back yesterday after a couple of weeks onboard Pursuit. Cabin was kept spotless, service in restaurants and bars top notch, and there are lots of smiles and good mornings etc from the crew. I did manage to speak to some senior staff (that we knew from quest and journey) and they all admitted that they did have many teething problems. The initial crew plan apparently was to have a rough 50/50 split of new recruits and old hands from the other ships, however that didnt pan out. The split was more like 80/20 (20% being the experienced AZ crew). I didnt g
  6. Thanks for the reply Bonnie. Like you i was surprised WN was listed at all. Again thanks for investigating and coming back. David
  7. Phil, you can actually see these on the iPhone App, so no need for paper at all. David. Edit - just noticed that the pass on the App says you must bring your original travel docs to the port.
  8. Hi Bonnie, I wonder if this is something you could seek some clarity on? According to the App, and we understand that this is a WIP, White Night is showing as our first night in Rio (Sunday 3rd March). If you look at our Roll Call, there are some people attending Carnival that night and will miss out. It may be an oversight or a typo? Thanks. David
  9. Nope cant agree with that all. Calling individuals out on a public forum isn't a good idea. The folks who are mentioned often have no way to retort or defend. The facts as stated in previous posts that there was no F&B has to have been an influence. I do think we all need to take a deep breath here. AZ will be reading this with interest and will, as they usually do, act speedily to rectify. How does "parachuting Heike" in sort anything? The Hotel Director on Pursuit is first class. I'm genuinely sad to read about UKtog and ExcitedofHarpenden experiences. If I need to kno
  10. Hi working to cruise. You can check the official response by going to CDC atlanta in the US and the foreign office in the uk. These are both up to date on entry requirements. https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/list/ https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice You could also search here..... https://www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk/a-z-index If you are in any doubt get the vaccination. There was a recent case of a well known oncologist who didnt get vaccinated and died after being bitten. You cant get this vaccine on NHS th
  11. 150edmiston


    Youd be better posting in the main Az forum for an answer. David
  12. Hmm, that's odd. I was on over the week-end on my pad using chrome and it was fine. Other than wiping the cache I cant think of anything else that might help. David
  13. Is it something to do with the browser? I'm using chrome and am not experiencing this issue. David
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