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  1. I think the chocolate covered strawberries are under gifts and the water is under beverages
  2. I don't remember the cabin number but 2 years ago we had a jr suit and we had the pole. The poles are in the rooms under the pool.
  3. Unless things have changed since my daughter was in the younger kids club there are nights that you would sign up for and the counselors take the children to the windjammer to eat. Things on the larger ships may be different. When my daughter was younger they closed the club around lunch time for a few hours. Again on the larger ships it may be different.
  4. I bought a chapstick a fer years back and it was around $2.00. It is quite higher and there are not much in choices.
  5. just say virgin whatever. For example ask for a virgin pina colata
  6. For the photos you collect all of the prints like you’ve done in the past and they will keep them behind the counter until the last day. You don’t have a choice of sizes. As far as the digital some give you a thumb drive and I believe now there’s a code and you download them on your computer at home. As for the luggage they don’t store your suitcases for you you have to keep them in your room.
  7. You need to take it as your buying something you enjoy not something that will increase in value. I've bought several pieces of artwork that I enjoy. I don't expect them to increase in value. I buy what I like and what will look nice in my house.
  8. I would go with the Carnival only because it's a 9 night as opposed to a 7 night and you said it is a $12 difference. I've never done Carnival but I enjoy more days.
  9. We were on Grandure two years ago and had this package. I went and let the photo desk know I had the package and collected the pictures and they kept them in a folder behind the desk and on the last day I got all my photos. So yes, you need to check the photos daily.
  10. The driers on a ship are commercial dryers and they run hotter. It might ruin the elastic.
  11. Who said they can handle special needs? Most kids clubs so have high kid to counselor ratios. Royal does have a program called Autism at Seas but they only run on some sailings. You would need to research what sailings they are doing.
  12. Thanks both my daughter and I will do this as she’s 15 and I won’t need to help her. She may need to help me.
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