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  1. We love "Americas Test Kitchen" on P.B.S and the Create channel at the end of each show they show a Holland America ship and say something about the show on board. Was wondering what is it ,does it cost extra and how did you like it. B.T.Y. it is the best cooking show of all time and oddly is also called "Cooks Country Kitchen " sometimes although it is the same show .Thanks in advance.
  2. I think so I have been on a few travel sights looking for something for this summer and there are some great deals. but this whole thing just makes it hard to pull the trigger on something.You can feel that this starting to go away and most people have short memories .Then I will be kicking myself for not booking . Any on else feeling like this or have you taken a good deal.
  3. Got a nice little booklet from N.C.L. today .The prices were very low from New York and some great deals in Europe . They were kind of vague about dates(did not read the fine print) . I get postcards from N.C.L.almost every week this was the best prices ever.
  4. Had this happen to us on our last cruise .Did know how to handle this are they going to show up or should we change . It sounds like a minor thing but it did effect our enjoyment of the cruise. This seems to happen a lot these days I hope they find a better to deal with this.
  5. On our first cruise for our 25th anniversary we had a great flight and nice day in Vancouver . Went to the ship loved every part of it had a great dinner and went to bed.Wake up the next morning (Sept 11 2001) to the nightmare of 9\11. Did not know how to act ,what to do or what would happen with our cruise to Alaska . We went to breakfast and I could tell none of these people knew what had happened as we left a women coming in must have seen it my face and said ''none of these people know do they'' I shook my head no and walked away. It was a bad experience but the cruise went on and we did our best to enjoy it and not think about how hard it would to get home and the world we were returning to. It did not turn us off to cruising and we went back to Alaska in 2004 without incident. Have cruised 26 times since then and hope to have many more.
  6. Totally right I think for a first timer a Med.cruise from Barcelona . Got great advice to stay a couple nights in Barcelona on this site ,Glad I listened.
  7. Sounds good I would think Ms. Scales is getting up there in years.
  8. Have heard of her, wish some channel would pick it up in the U.S.
  9. If no ships are in Europe and so forth ,there would be more ships on the coasts and more cities to embark from. The east coast does have a lot it seems the west does not.
  10. The port may not make money bit the town you are visiting will.
  11. We are it seems like some channels have more (or maybe I am looking more)and I have come across a few good ones .The Create channel has a good river cruise show with Samantha Brown. It goes along the border of Germany and France was not aware of this cruise it looked great. Please tip me off if I am missing any. B.T.W. the Travel channel tonight has a block of shows ''Ghost Nation'' hey thanks for nothing.
  12. Less flying and people would feel a little safer being close to home and in the U.S.
  13. Went down on the seat of my pants also.There was a chain from top to bottom but it was used by to many .
  14. Smart of you to see Chichen Itza many go to Mexico and miss this jewel.Was lucky to have been able to climb it in 1992. Little scary on the way down .Great review I fell like I know both of you . Happy cruising in the future.
  15. Thanks for getting it ,not every debate or idea has to go back to the Big Bang.
  16. Loving this but please no more pics of clown \mime . These times are scary enough.
  17. People always hate tourists until they are gone.
  18. B.T.W. I do not think the Phila. port was in the Navy Yard it was near Penn's landing . There had a Celebrity ship at one time .
  19. You said it better than I did the letter of the law and the history are of no meaning in this crisis .
  20. Many have ports, the Jones Act says a ship can not go to two U.S. ports in a row .It is some what more complex . I am sure someone will explain it better . It is a frequent subject on this site.
  21. I know many on this site (me also) are sick of the Jones Act but getting rid of it fro a year or two might be a good thing in this mess.You could have cruises doing the east and west coast keeping all that money in the U.S .It would help many states tourist inds. and many would go to places they would have never been . Just look at the map and there are many great stops on both coasts . It would help with those who are fearful of flying in this new world. Ships could start in the east and go south and in Fla. the reverse . Think of N.Y.city as a stop . It would be great on the west coast . I know the down side is the linear nature of the coasts ,it is a long haul but they could leave from many cities along the coasts . What do you think ,would you be interested in these ports . I think many would like to see these parts of the U.S. .What places on the coasts would you like to see.
  22. You would get the last seat and pay more than anyone else on the plane.Wonder if you can still do this ,I doubt they would take cash.
  23. They know very few will book at almost any price ,and that this cruise may or may not go off anyway. Once things start up for real (ships going out) prices will drop to fill all cabins.
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