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  1. We have something like 24 cruises and this did happen once . It was a problem and we called they fixed it once It was good for a couple days but came back . They tried again and it was better ,it was not just inside the cabin bit the hallway also. This was the X Constellation they were nice about it and sent a bottle of sparkling wine . I got the feeling they were used to people saying something . We were back on that ship a year latter and had no Problem.
  2. That is one of the problems for the travel section is the lack of ad's . For something like 50 years one of the biggest travel company's bought the back page of the big Phila. paper and the New York Times travel section . They no longer do which makes the section smaller and less relevant . I can see why they do not buy ad's because very few people buy a paper. This viscous circle is a huge hill to climb for papers they will fail because the people in charge do not know business and are to bogged down in P.C. politics.
  3. Rainy dreary Sunday morning here, all my life I loved News papers and the Sunday paper in particular . For a variety of reasons I do not buy them anymore ,but on some Sunday's I really miss the Travel section . As a young person in the 70s it was great to read and dream about the amazing trips others lived and wrote about. News papers deserve the doom they face and even though I am part of putting them under I do miss those days. How about you, did your local paper have good travel section (mine did) and I do miss it but not enough to bail them out.
  4. Did this already happen if not what are the details of this trip we might join this cruise . Balt. is easy for us and would love to do Greenland and Iceland . Thanks in advance
  5. My wife and I were on our Sat hike and I happen to say '' the breakaway out of New York is 399 dollars tomorrow'' She looks at me like I am making it up and says '' if that is true we will book it''. Went home and we did at 1:00 P.M. on the ship the next day . Some on this site will tell you you can not book a cruise that late ,believe me you can. The only downside for me was part of a cruise\trip for me is the prep. and studying the ports and excursions . also part of any vacation is the anticipation with this kind of trip there is none of that. Still had a great time and are glad we live close to two ports.
  6. It went out of Philadelphia in the early 90s my daughter and friends went on it in for ''senior week''. They still get a laugh about our ship sinking.
  7. Did the Celebrity Meridian later go down in a storm.
  8. That's one table ,I might get sick of the same six people and they would fell the same.
  9. Been watching videos of cruises and many are not full or even near full. I know at first everyone would think great I have this ship to myself and I could think of times like the pool, embark and dis that would be better . But it is a funny thing many experiences in life are about the other people like last years football games all the people who went said it was not the same when the place was mostly empty. I have noticed this at Disney World when you off season and crowds are sparse it is nice but something is missing. I think it has an effect on the workers too. While parts of an empty ship would be nice I do think you lose something. What do you think.
  10. This post is right on, no issues on any line but some countries in the Caribbean are very homophobic and trans. One place is notorious for this but I will get in trouble for telling the truth. So you will have to look it up.
  11. Our first cruise was 9\10 out of Vancouver to Alaska for our 25th anniversary . It all went great got on the Holland America Volendam and left Vancouver .We loved the ship the and everything that went with it. Wake up the next day turn on the tv. and see all hell breaking loose back home. I have found it hard in the past to write about our experience it seems kind of frivolous when 3 thousand people were murdered. The strange thing was the long time it took for people to find out ,we went to buffet for breakfast and I could tell no one knew. It felt strange like this was not real(I knew it was)As we were walking out a women saw it in my face and said ''none of these people know do they'' I shook my head no .I stayed in the room and watched C.N.N, (only channel the ship had back then) my wife went around the ship and came back to the room every 10 minutes with every wild rumor .Only one turned out to be true they told everyone to go to there cabin and stay while the officers searched each cabin .The cruise went on with all the stops it was hard but we had to make the best of it. What was your experience I know we rode with two other ships all the way back.
  12. We had a two day stay in London before a Baltic cruise .Walked all over and used the tube stumbled into the west end ( I think) . Walked by a theater where Oliver! the musical was playing got tickets for our last night. It was great to see my favorite show about London in London . It was a great way to end our stay in London and one of our best cruises.
  13. So sad for all these people caught up in this Spirit Airline mess . This happens with bad whether and some man made foul -ups. How do they get back to normal, you have so many people backed up and most of the flights are already sold out .Do the people waiting get on first or the one's who have the ticket for that flight. I have never understood how this works . B.T.W. Spirit is big where I live and does not have a good reputation ,we have never flown with them and pay a little more for A.A. It is worth it.
  14. Was talking to a N.C.L. Rep yesterday about booking this month .Second thing he asked me are you both vaxed because if not it is a deal breaker you can not cruise.B.T.W we are.
  15. We cruised with our grandson many times, you will need a letter as stated above . After a couple times we just had kept the same letter (no date) and kept it with our travel docs. The strange thing was some lines asked for it and really looked at it others did not ask at all . Have a good time.
  16. Paul Tippits was always thoughtful and serious person who made the world a better place. Most will not know who he is that may be for the best.
  17. Was standing on a street corner in Sedona Az. I turn around and right next to me was film maker Ken Burns .It was along wait I said are you the Documentary guy I see on P.B.S. ''Yes I am'' I said I love you shows on Coney Island and the statute of liberty.He says ''wow you are a fan all I ever get is Civil war and Baseball '' . We talked a few minutes and told us he had flown threw the Grand Cannon the day before and asked if we were going (we were the next day). He was a very nice guy very down to earth.
  18. Years ago on this site ,on this same subject people said if you had a very good looking wife you get asked. I think this was years ago,
  19. It has been a while since I have been on Carnival use to have some great singers.
  20. I like talking about the shows on ships (most on this site do not ) .It is hard to say because I do not know what you like and they change the shows a lot. At one time they all had similar shows a little of everything country,rock and soul. They tended to be like Vegas style show girl type (more modest) . People got sick of those any some tried some new things with mixed results. There is only two kinds of music for me a song I like and one I do not care for. At one time Carnival had the best of these old Vegas style shows very good talent and a good mix of songs. Celebrity also had very good shows at one time but our last couple of times they were stale and not very good (the dancers were great). Royal on some ships has truncated versions of Broadway show's . They gut the plot and do the music we prefer these type of shows. N.C.L has tried some new and different things like ''burn the floor'' a great show of all ballroom dancers. Good luck finding anything about what will be on you ship .I would not pick a cruise based on the shows ,just take it for what it is and enjoy.
  21. Ours was on our first D.I.Y. in Europe in Athens we got off the ship early walked to the train got off at the stop for the Parthenon .We were so early the streets empty and all the tourist shops were closed and boarded up ,we got lost in a very nice park somehow walked through some woods and the entrance was right at our feet. Paid our 11 euros and had the whole place to ourselves (except for some loose dogs) for an hour or so . Then all the tour groups from our ship and others showed up and in a few minutes it was a nut house(an amazing one) . We left walked the same way, everything was open ,had a great lunch did some shopping and made our way back to the ship. It was a great day we have D.I.Y.ed many ports since . One more thing about the Parthenon it is great to look at but the view from there of the city is one of the things I will never forget.
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