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  1. We had a similar situation. We figured out that there was no way we could do our B2B Australia. Cruises because we can’t get a visa fast enough and the borders are closed for a long stretch they say. It was for March 2022. Carnival moved all our monies and obc’s to a Nov 2022 out of Galveston. Very helpful and understanding about it. YMMV of course.
  2. Room Card: We put them on a carabiner and clip it to a front belt loop and tuck in front pocket. It’s out of sight but quickly unclipped and slid out of pocket. We love it! Of course for this method you need belt loops on your shorts or jeans etc..
  3. Thank you, Tom, for sharing this tidbit regarding the coffee maker status in the Excel Suites. Room service it will be for the kickstarter and when I’m presentable, on to the coffee bar!
  4. Yes it’ll take some time to get everything flowing correctly. Yes there’s something nearly every night that we like and won’t starve. Great to order bread so there’s much less waste. However, it is disappointing to see dessert choice of only 1 each night plus the old standbys. To me it signals another step of elimination of cruise “benefits”. On the last 2 cruises we took with Carnival the buffet has been so whittled down it’s ridiculous. 2-3 entree choices every night with rice & baked potatoes. Maybe another side and some vegetables. The choices were often full of peppers, oni
  5. The lower the deck, the bigger the balcony is. Yep, a bit of vibration when docking & undocking. Not a deal breaker. We love deck 4. Middle of row is usually bigger too. Bummer on the aft wrap…absolutely best balcony on Carnival thus far.
  6. We’re in after all the ship size, blah, blah, blah and more blah are worked out. We have toured around all five Great Lakes via motorcycles and also down and up the Mississippi River roads. I think there is a market for this & Lake Superior is the best of them all, y’all! Heck, add on River cruises eventually as well. I’d see this as more likely a whole new division. A new model, etc… Something else, new and fresh. Built to cruise elsewhere during the winter months the northern US & Canada are hibernating. My mother & uncle cruised The Delta Queen &
  7. Thank you for your replies. We’ll be a bit early for whale season. I’ll look at the aquarium suggestion. Thanks Again!
  8. Best Animal/Wildlife Spots/Zoos/Tours/Interactions in Cabo, Matzatlan & Puerto Vallarta besides Dolphins? Does any one have any recommendations or experiences in these ports in Mex Riviera? Thank you!
  9. We just cancelled end of March 2022 B2B in Australia. We told Carnival we couldn’t get visas in time to sail because of COVID. They moved our deposits over to our Nov 2022 Panorama cruise. They did however charge us $50 each change fee. Disappointed they did that, but at least we didn’t lose $600+ we had already paid.
  10. Old thread but oh well. We’ve had a cove once. Great for privacy, a bit bigger balcony, port days (no elevator to get on & off), views in port for pier runners! & the closeness to the water. We didn’t like being so far to lido and other things. = Lots of elevator time. Lol
  11. Corona with a lime might have tones of Old Spice Lime. My DH says it kept mosquitoes away. Probably girls too. My dad used Brylcreem until he switched to V05 Hair Dressing. (Black & Gold tube) He had very fine hair that he called baby bird feathers. Lol
  12. A guys cheese burger with piles of the raw shredded type onions and ketchup dollaps from the toppings bar. I’m obsessed with those onions. And an “adult” shake from Java Blue...OMDrool!
  13. Hi Hunter, thank you for the AUS Covid Update. Hope to see you on board!!
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