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  1. Another vote for Passion Island. We went via Twister boat, it was a fabulous time! Beautiful beach, very clean bathrooms with attendant present. Included food & drinks. Lots of options for palapas, chairs, loungers, hammocks, sun rocker beds, covered beds etc... Plenty of room to socialize or find a quiet spot for just you. They also play games, etc...if you want to join in. Trikes Cozumel would be our choice next visit or Harley Rental & Tour.
  2. Knowing the cause would be great! Hopefully, we’ll find out. No injuries would be awesome, too. ‘It must have been a bit unnerving for everyone. It’d get all of my attention. Yikes! Yeah, um, I’d be scared. I lost everything one morning at 6am. It CAN happen to anyone at anytime.
  3. Sigh.... surely this will be a additional charge activity....bet, anyone? LOL If it’s something I liked and had the time, I may participate. But.... sheeezzz...
  4. No falling through the cracks here. I went back and looked. It was on the Breeze in 2014. The other excursion was for the hop on hop off trolley in Key West. I’d have to say the policies/conditions have changed since then. We kept the excursions with the business’ themselves and Carnival put 150% of the price difference on our account as OBC. I know we followed the restrictions/submission requirements at that time. They are/were very specific. We also had reason to speak to the guest services manager on another matter during the cruise. She had commented on how well I had researched for and got the 2 OBC’s. For the Atlantis Sub, we watched the Carnival group leave before we went on our sub.
  5. Good Luck, OP! Wine S/B required at nearly all times. ‘You May wear the spa out on this cruise! Please come back & let us know how it worked and any tips you may glean from your experience. ‘We would NEVER attempt this ourselves. We really value our private time. ‘You May get nominated for sainthood after this...LOL
  6. We collected twice on the same cruise. 1 for Atlantis Sub in Grand Cayman & I don’t remember the other off hand. ‘They paid us 150% of the difference in OBC. We DID NOT book with Carnival but stayed with the private vendor. IDK, maybe the way it works has changed? The form is on the Carnival website. Very easy to fill out. Screen shot the others price, receipt, brochure, etc... and attached to the form. Excursion must be EXACTLY the same!
  7. It sounds like the Barcadi “factory” tour is a bust. We don’t want to take the time for a tasting or mixology tour either. I’m a big Barcardi Fan though and would love to just go to the gift shop. Can I do that without taking the tour? Can we buy cocktails in lieu of the freebie with the tour? Thanks!
  8. FWIW: We have booked connecting cabins many times online, including our upcoming Horizon Cruise next month.
  9. We enjoyed the Altun Ha Mayan ruins with River Wallace tour through Carnival. The bus ride was entertaining with samples of Cashew Wine & bottled water. They passed around Belizean Currency and did a great job of telling us about Belize. The River Wallace Cruise was fun and we saw plenty of wildlife, monkeys, bats, gators, iguanas, manatees & the local coast guard. Between the boat tour and Altun Ha was a stop with local crafts & a restaurant if you wanted to try it. Very good food. We found the ruins, surprisingly, very very interesting. We’d do this excursion again!
  10. We have connecting Cove Balcony cabins on the Horizon next month. Can the dividers be opened to give us a connected Balcony? TIA
  11. I’m not 100% on this, but I think it’s not available until 5pm.
  12. Interesting topic... 1. Lately it’s been by the best casino offers we get. (surprised no one has said this) 2. The order of variables other than #1 change based on every circumstance to cruise. ‘Sometimes a port or destination is #1 like Alaska & Hawaii. A certain port must be on itinerary happens too. Sometimes the dates matter most. ‘With all the options, we change our order depending upon......
  13. Interesting topic.... I think that because Carnival treats passengers as adults at age 18, that it would be a legal issue. If a adult were allowed in and something terrible did happpen, Carnival could be liable? ...I don’t know... Eighteen is a “teen” anyway. But Carnival won’t let an 18 yr old book a cabin, on the other hand.
  14. Yeah, another nuisance charge. It is what it is. Things continually change, everywhere. That’s life. How we each decide to deal with a change is an individual thing. Does it suck? Yes!! Oh well, if we want something, we’ll still get it. Room service is something we can’t have everyday & enjoy it. That’s our choice with this change. Others are allowed their choice. If we can’t afford to order room service, we probably should not be on a cruise!! Let’s hope they make some menu changes & add some new choices too.
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