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  1. silvercrikhix

    Glory Ultra Cruise Western Caribbean Review

    Thanks for sharing your Ultra Cruise experience. Inquiring minds want to know... great so far!
  2. Thank you for your review from the viewpoint of mid 20’s something! ‘I don’t see much difference from an age perspective here though. ‘Now, if you had done some crazy adrenaline excursion...that would be a change not often seen. Glad you enjoyed your cruise..... what’s not to like, right!
  3. Our First cruise taught me to pack 1/2 of what I thought I’d need/want. And also to bring 2X the $$$$ we thought we’d need!
  4. Thank you for your time & consideration in sharing your Horizon review. We are excited to sail her in February!
  5. silvercrikhix

    How many cruises have you been on?

    The moment we stepped into the atrium on our first cruise in 2010..... ......we were both immediately smitten and knew this wouldn’t be our only cruise. ‘We looked at each with huge smiles & said, ohhh, yeahhhh....... #8 is in Feb 2019. 1 on RCCL 1 on Norwegian 5 on Carnival with the 6th up next. ‘ Always Dreaming of Floating.......
  6. silvercrikhix

    MSP Airport help

    That’s really pushing it. Personally, we wouldn’t do that. 39 Minutes is not a lot of time. What month is this? Nov - March is wintertime. Snowstorms are very possible. Are both flights Delta? You have a better chance they’d wait if your 1st flight is late. Are there alternate flights available if you’re 1st flight is late? Do you have spare time built in if a issue arises? Hours? Days? Are both flights is same terminal (A&B)? Probably, but not always. Happy sailing!
  7. silvercrikhix

    Children in Havana Pool

    Oh my, this will be a hot topic until confirmed by Carnival Corp. I’m guessing that no one under 12 allowed at any time will prevail. These Havana cabins are sans wee ones for a reason, adults will pay extra for it. We weren’t able to book one next cruise, but it’s on our radar....
  8. silvercrikhix

    Cruising with 3 under 3

    Hopefully someone will respond who has been here, done that. You know what your daily life is like with these wee ones. Also hoping some of your cruise group would be willing & able to help out. The 3.5 and 2 yr old can attend the Camp Carnival sometimes too. If you could swing it try and get a suite for the room. That will help too.
  9. 2 - 12 packs of water, 2 bottles liquor w/mixers, gummy funnels 2 pack. Sometimes a logo item for a gift for someone and If there is any reason whatsoever to get a cake....the chocolate cake is pure ecstasy. Seriously.....
  10. silvercrikhix

    No network TV on the Horizon

    We watched our Vikings get crushed by the Eagles on the giant lido deck screen during NFL playoffs! DS is a sports nut nut nut and spent time watching other stuff in the Sports Bar. This was on the Conquest in January. So the big stuff they show somehow. On who watches tv on a cruise: -Some people are so busy in their day to day life that they never have the time to watch so for them, it’s a luxury they usually can’t do. -A movie lounging in bed is luxurious for some, add room service & your favorite beverage and snuggler. This is so nice we’ve often missed the end of the movie ;) -I have 2-3 programs I would like to watch in a week, thank goodness for DVR’s. -To each their own. For whatever reason, it’s their choice out of many.
  11. Cozumel has Harley rentals. Scooter rentals also. Check the port of call forum for Cozumel or use TripAdvisor. Google would help too. We would not rent a scooter or motorcycle in Roatan. It is a lot more sketchy there. Get a Victor Bodden or other private tour for the day. Very very reasonable & yours to go where you want for the day!
  12. silvercrikhix

    Thanksgiving day cruise review - Carnival Valor 2017

    Thank you for sharing your family's cruise. Just booked the Valor for the 1st time. We had to cancel our last 2 cruises so we are soooo excited to sail again! Dreaming of Floating................
  13. silvercrikhix

    Miami for two days before Escape Cruise

    The hop on & off bus tour has 2-3 different loops and is fun and gives a great overview. We did a combo with a Cruise on the Island Queen around the bay out of Bayside Marketplace which is where you can get the bus too. You can get off in South Beach / the Cuban Area / etc... We also enjoyed the duck tour. Way fun and informative also. Tripadvisor is a great resource, as other posters said! Bayside has live music and a great frozen drink bar near where the Island Queen is docked.
  14. silvercrikhix

    The IRS wants their money so my cruise is cancelled

    We had to cancel our New Years cruise on the Conquest in December due to my MIL illness & passing. I just cancelled the cruise itself via phone and FTTF, Bon Voyage purchases, & shore excursions were automatically refunded just as the Customer Service rep via phone said they would be. So sorry greedy Uncle Sam wants so much from you!! Ugh..... DH is a CPA & agrees with the previous poster about your CPA not keeping you better informed about your tax status....unless there was something they were unaware of until tax prep time. Hoping you can plan & sail soon!
  15. silvercrikhix

    Our stateroom was dirty

    Not at all sure why you quoted me? If you read my entire post, I'm pretty sure we agree! :confused: We'd be fine with once a day, I guess, but would still want ice am & pm. My point is that it's still another "lessening" of the cruise experience that made it so popular to begin with. Cutback #153648....JK, but seriously, I am bummed about the changes made in only 5 years time.