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  1. Corona with a lime might have tones of Old Spice Lime. My DH says it kept mosquitoes away. Probably girls too. My dad used Brylcreem until he switched to V05 Hair Dressing. (Black & Gold tube) He had very fine hair that he called baby bird feathers. Lol
  2. A guys cheese burger with piles of the raw shredded type onions and ketchup dollaps from the toppings bar. I’m obsessed with those onions. And an “adult” shake from Java Blue...OMDrool!
  3. Hi Hunter, thank you for the AUS Covid Update. Hope to see you on board!!
  4. We’re booked on Spirit on our 1st B2B in Australia...hoping COVID has had its butt kicked soon so we can get Visas...sigh ... a girl can hope, but the clock is ticking fast on this one. 🙌 ‘Fireworks at sea would be awesome! Ship horn honking competition may break out I’d guess. ‘Supposed to be a commemorative pin, coin or something similar I heard somewhere.
  5. Sadly, we are not worthy, apparently. We have 2 booked, for 2022, so maybe that matters.
  6. Brought it once. Saw no need for it. There are 6 shelves in the bathroom and plenty of storage spaces in the cabin. If there was a way to bring more closet shelves & hanging space, I’d be all over that. It’s just adequate. Sigh…
  7. I’m also missing the free feeling of cruising...no cooking, no cleaning, no bartendering!! If the stars line up for us, our next scheduled cruise is our 1st B2B, on the Carnival Spirit in March 2022 in Australia. Fingers crossed. We still may add the 50yr Sailabration cruise for a B2B2B. I’m trying not to get too excited, as we need lotsa luck for this to be a go.
  8. Can you book 2022? We booked a similar Aussie Offer for March of 2022. Ext balcony upgrade. About $500/person for 7 day. +Fees. We thought that was a great deal so we made it our first back to back cruise. Still contemplating adding a third cruise because of the rates. Price of airfare was about $1,000 pre-COVID-19. It will probably go up for sure. If it’s too awful we'll cancel. in our opinion that is far enough out to book. We are not worried about Carnival shutting its doors, at least at this point. A month in Australia would check off a big bucket list #1. —- Scram already,
  9. On the Breeze, after 4 nights of no sleep, due to loud music left on all night, at full blast in the EMPTY piano bar below, we were given without asking or begging: Steakhouse Dinner & Cucina Dinner. Spa Passes for the rest of the Cruise They paid for all of our excursions, even gave OBC for ones booked elsewhere. We had 2 visits to the ship Dr, DH for a bad toothache & me for a nasty bug bite of some kind from Key West, all were paid. A bottle of cheap bubbly and a small cake were delivered to the cabin. As were fruit & cookies the next day. Our
  10. 6:30 pm Dinner is done, we head to the casino. We get a round of fresh drinks at the bar. At 7:05 pm, I finally hit a slot jackpot of $785,000!!! This cruise just became a lot more interesting, as did retirement. Lol. Dreaming or Floating....
  11. The answer is very little, but so is the comparative price. You get priority boarding & can use the priority guest services line. However, the cabins are much more room, including a dressing room and we consider the VISTA suites on the Spirit class the best bargain on the seas, because of the cabin & balcony. All but the 5th deck are true 2 room suites. The lower the deck the bigger the huge curved corner balcony will be, because of the slant of the glass & railings. The cabin has lots of windows too. Someone else will know which ships, I don’t recall, but the few Captai
  12. Thanks barneyboy. Yes, we usually prefer a vacation rental over anything else on most vacations. We really like our privacy and the space you get with vacation rentals! I have been looking at them. There are a lot of options in the Brisbane area. Nice!! It seems some of the hotels have some privately owned units, that are on Airbnb and the like also. My search continues...ok...I love the research nearly as much as the trip itself. LOL
  13. Thank you, Kiwi Kruzer. I’ll look at those options, too!
  14. We booked this casino offer for back to back cruises for March 2022 Down Under. Our offers were a bit different but both a great bargain. Airfare is a bit spendy but hey the cruise is almost free! Scram & get lost COVID-19!
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