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  1. Delete from Buffet: For DH, he votes with the stop adding peppers & onions to everything idea. I despise peppers too, they make everything taste like peppers. Make hand sanitizing upon entry to any food venue mandatory. So since COVID 19, remove anything self serve and change to preplated or prebowled in kitchen, line them up in the ice or on cooled or safe touch heated tables. Add to Buffet: How about putting back the food?! On our last 2 cruises, the buffet had very few choices & most of the serving areas sat empty. The carving station was a joke with a small very fatty “roast/meat“ & highly pimpled guys cutting mere slivers of meat and trying hard to make you feel unwelcome to actually get a real slice of meat. Not Cool At All. We do not consider 3 choices a buffet, it was really disappointing. It looked so cheap & unappetizing with such meager Offerings. Yes to more pasta. There was usually baked potatoes & white rice every day. Pasta of 1 type once or twice. Really?! We’re on vacation, we want pasta choices, everyday!!! Lol The new ships do have food stations in buffet. Worked well for guest flow.
  2. Thank you so much for the positive comments about what you experienced. ‘That’s so wonderful, it can be overwhelming sometimes for families. As the mom of an adult autism spectrum son it makes me smile!! I’ve been really tiring of the negative/critical/holier than thou comments on here lately. Nearly every thread has them now. Thanks again for the positive post!!!
  3. So Carnival quit buying thousands of plastic straws. Now they are selling straws for profit. LOL Perfect Business Move Hilarious .....
  4. We tip based on the guide, excursion, service & attitude. Usually something $10, sometimes $20. Maybe once or twice $0 since the guides were jerks, crass &/or greedy acting.
  5. #1 ~ Aft wrap Suite on Spirit Class ships any deck but 5. Deck 5 are one room suites. Deck 4 and higher are true two room suites. The balconies get smaller as you go higher but still huge even up top. It’s because the slant of the glass gets steeper on the way up.
  6. IMO Considering that alcoholic drinks sell for more than all of those bottled beverages and the high fee for Cheers!, it all should be included with Cheers!. It may be that Carnival pays more for each bottled beverage than for a mixed drink so they’re justifying the distinction that way. I can see less of it available for Bottomless Bubbles, as to me its name implies soda only. it’ll be interesting when it all shakes out. 🙂
  7. Hooray for a real pizza oven! To Each There Own! Hawaiian is DH’s favorite pizza. I like it too. I also like Taco pizza, chicken Alfredo pizza, Mac n cheese pizza is awesome too. We also enjoy the occasional breakfast pizza.
  8. The offers really vary. We are not huge gamblers but receive very good offers including $500 casino cash, drinks on us and a reduced cabin fare. Sometimes the cabin is $100 for an inside, but we upgrade to at least a balcony.
  9. We did the package for the first couple of cruises. It is all about the convenience. We do, however, order the chocolate cake. We find it really delicious and moist. Unless the cake has changed, we love it.
  10. Oh no, maybe it wasn’t ...but there was at least one pool open. Covered one in back maybe?
  11. We found the Carnival Alaska cruise to be a much different atmosphere than Carnival Caribbean Cruises. A bit older crowd, people get more tired out from all the excursions so it’s quieter at night. There are still plenty of activities going. There was a least one heated pool going and all the hot tubs. That issue you had previously is very inappropriate & disturbing. If you ever have a issue like that again, go to guest services and insist on meeting with the “hotel director”. We had a real issue once and that meeting took care of it real quick.
  12. Our 1st Alaska trip was in July and it snizzled the ENTIRE time. . I still thought it was as beautiful as a dream anyway. Hopefully we’ll have better weather there this summer. Had we not had the following, we would have been wet & miserable: Definitely waterproof comfy ankle boots. Mine are Clarks. A hooded waterproof raincoat. Take a baseball hat and waterproof the bill of it. Put on under your raincoat hood. Gloves, winter hat. We also water proofed our slingpacks for excursions. We stayed dry & had a fabulous time. Excursions - Skagway - Took ferry to Haines & did a Gold Rush (tv show) Tour no longer avail - sorry. We had the tour guide drop us off at the Haines airport and were picked up by Fly Drake (also on tv show) He flew us about an hour or so around the mountains, glaciers and wildlife. He dropped us back at Skagway airport. This is the most fantastic scenery we have ever seen in our lives, just breathtaking. We then rented a Jeep and drove around for several hours. Beautiful scenery everywhere. Juneau - Whale watching boat tour (used coupon from Alaska Toursaver book). Ketchikan - Harley Tour with guide. Very reasonable and he knew all the great roads to ride on. It was snizzling but the scenery made us not even care. LOL The Totem Museum (?) was very very interesting, we watched a guy making one. It takes years. We had no idea. LOL He was gracious and answered all of our questions. We went to two locations that had zillions of eagles in trees and poles. Amazing sight. Victoria - We arranged for a carriage to pick us up at the port. We had a beautiful tour through the Gardens and around town, amazing homes, castle, etc... It’s one of the most beautiful cities. It started pouring 1\2 way through the tour and the poor uniformed driver just stoically continued on. LOL We tipped him very well. You’ll love Alaska, Enjoy !
  13. There is a Seuss at Sea Breakfast you can sign them up for. It’s like $5 There will also be a build a build a bear workshop you could treat them to. Time in the arcade is a great idea! You can have gifts from the online Bon voyage Shop sent to your room also. Or theirs! You must order before your cruise. Check for the shop on carnival.com. The onboard Cherry on Top Shop will have many things you could get them besides candy. Towels, tops, toys, etc... The onboard Carnival Shop will have things to buy also. The ports all have many things you could surprise them with. What a kind grandma you are! Enjoy your cruise!
  14. Well, I guess we will be bringing butter on board also. Unbelievable! We don’t eat anything but real butter at home and aren’t about to eat oleo on a vacation. Carnival has gone too far with this butter thing. Hey, come pay thousands of bucks with us to vacay and eat Oleo. Not happening, ever. All these cuts to better the environment are saving them tons of bucks too. Doubt we’ll see any improvements elsewhere to compensate for all the missing items. They could easily make rosettes of real butter in the dip cups in the kitchen and have those available Very. Easy to do. They’re choosing to cut instead. Tacky.
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