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  1. No I'm happy to pay but not an extra thousand like they wanted a few weeks ago.
  2. My cruise leaves in about 3 weeks. There are tons of balconies left according to the website this morning. I called a few weeks ago to upgrade and they wanted a ridiculous amount. What are the chances that I can snag one closer to the departure due to how many are still left? Any other tips? Thanks!
  3. It's amazing, especially at the price point. I ate it every single evening during my Horizon cruise...lol
  4. Carnival has reportedly told people they're working on an agreement. I would like to know what is actually required sooner rather than later.
  5. It would not meet the Bermuda requirement.It must be a PCR. Bermuda suggests rapid PCRs, which are costly.
  6. I'm booked on the Legend to Bermuda in 6 weeks. I am hearing all sorts of stuff about the multiple testing requirements. Bermuda also apparently just pulled 4 passengers off of a Crystal ship there and are making them quarantine on the island. Does anyone know if Carnival is still planning to go to Bermuda? I'm hoping for an itinerary change at this point, but I don't know when we'd hear about it. Thanks!
  7. The prime rib at Pig and Anchor is hands down my favorite, especially for the price.
  8. I haven't been on the ship yet, but just based off of the Youtube videos so far, it's drastically smaller than Horizon/Vista/Panorama. What's the rationale?
  9. I am absolutely shocked that they made it smaller on the new ship. It was the best selling point to me on the Horizon.
  10. Feb 2023. Price is negligible. Will stay in Havana area on either ship. Mardi Gras--7 day, Eastern Caribbean. Leave from Orlando, ports are Grand Turk, San Juan, and Amber Cove. Horizon--8 day, Southern Caribbean. Leave from Miami, ports are Aruba, Amber Cove, La Romana, Bonaire. Thanks for the input!
  11. Is this true? We are booked on Mardi Gras but our friends want to switch over to Horizon for the same week due to the hot tub in the Havana area. The Horizon itinerary for that week seems better (to us) anyway, so I'm not upset about switching ships at this point but just wanted to confirm about the hot tubs. Thanks!
  12. I'm booked for Feb 2023. LOL. Anyways, I figure I should purchase Cheers before the price presumably goes up. But I'd also like to wait until after Christmas if I can. I apologize that I don't spend tons of time on here, so if this has been addressed, sorry! I did search before I posted and didn't find anything but you know how that goes. Thanks!
  13. Mardi Gras is one night longer and $232 more expensive. Mardi Gras is Eastern Caribbean and Horizon is Western. Sort of seems like a no brainer to go Mardi Gras but just wanted to hear other's opinions. Thanks!
  14. The private pool and hot tubs were just so much nicer than feeling like you're packed in like sardines for the regular pool and hot tub area.
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