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  1. Thank you so much taking your time to post this very interesting and informative review. It is so helpful for those of us planning a future cruise with this itinerary.
  2. Thank you for reposting the link. It works perfectly. Antarctica is on our bucket list of places to go. I am a DIY-type person. I use your reviews as the starting point for making my plans. Thank you again for all the wonderful information.
  3. Oops. Forgive me. I forgot to say please. Again, thank you so much.
  4. Ive been following your wonderful and informative review since we have a deposit on the 2020 Rotterdam Northern Isle cruise which includes Iceland. I am just getting caught up with your review after a recent trip. In your #313 post from July 16 about Seydisfjordur you posted a link for a review. I only see a blank image “box.” Could you please repost this link? I am very interested in it’s contents. Again, thank you for the immense amount of time it is taking for you to post this information. I cannot begin to tell you how helpful it is.
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