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  1. I would like to add one thing to everyone’s comments to also reassure you from someone who also must eat GF. We were able to tour the kitchen on a ship tour of the Zuiderdam on our last cruise. Knowing that I required a GF diet, we were shown the designated kitchen area where the food allergy diets were prepared. My order for dinner was hanging on a clip. we were told that there were kitchen staff designated to only prepare the food allergy meals. BTW, there were a lot of yellow pieces of paper representing food allergy orders clipped there! I feel 100% safe on HAL ships
  2. I guess that is my question - how comfortable would you be on a cruise with children below 16 who obviously have not been vaccinated? I am trying to be considerate of other passengers on the cruise. We have a Med cruise booked for Aug 2021 with children and grandchildren. Of course, odds are it will be cancelled!
  3. I understand the topic is for “100% vaccinated cruises”. It seems that people are forgetting that no vaccines are yet approved for children below the age of 16 and that vaccine efficacy testing has just begun for those age groups. Since we cruise with grandchildren who are 12 and 15, I ask this question - would you cruise with children below 16 for whom no vaccine is yet available?
  4. If HAL moves your booking to another ship, does anyone know if you still receive the FCC offer?
  5. I apologize for what is going to be a long response about our experience with Saga Travel. There never was a toll call for this cruise to which to respond. I contacted Saga Travel in April after HAL cancelled our June 27 cruise in order to cancel our two fully-paid tours for six. I made the comment that I would reschedule the same tours in 2021. Anna Margret of Saga Travel immediately contacted me and offered to reschedule the same tours for the same amount of money for July 2021. I even received new tour tickets indicating the amount paid for the now July 2021 tours.
  6. Thank you for all your responses. My TA confirmed prior to her departure today that HAL’s cancellation insurance had to be purchased at the time of booking when booking with the non-refundable deposit fare. Their concern is what happens to the fully-paid flights. it sounds as if they will be calling to talk to our TA when she returns to determine if the cancellation insurance will be offered again. The rest of the family, including myself, bought cancellation insurance! At least we all purchased medical insurance through GeoBlue.
  7. Our TA is unavailable to answer emails until after Mar 6. I am hoping someone on this board can answer my questions. Our family is booked on the 14 Day Northern Isles Cruise (Rotterdam/Norway/Iceland/Scotland/Rotterdam) which departs 27 June 2020. When my son and DIL purchased their cruise on the less-expensive restricted fare last May (no refundable deposit), they chose not to purchase HAL travel insurance at the time of booking (pls - no flaming! This was their decision). They also used HAL’s Flight Ease program to purchase airfare. Final payment is due on Mar 29. Like so many other
  8. We did not receive the Platinum AmEx benefits on a June 2018 Baltic cruise. We booked a Pinnacle Suite over 6 months before departure under a HAL promo which included 2 nights in a Copenhagen hotel pre-cruise, transfers and a pre-cruise event. It was clearly stated on the HAL website that this promo was not combinable with anything else. Our long-time TA whom we use through our Platinum AmEx card also clearly stated that we would not be able to receive the OBC, etc. So, in answer to your question, it has happened to others.
  9. Thank you so much taking your time to post this very interesting and informative review. It is so helpful for those of us planning a future cruise with this itinerary.
  10. Thank you for reposting the link. It works perfectly. Antarctica is on our bucket list of places to go. I am a DIY-type person. I use your reviews as the starting point for making my plans. Thank you again for all the wonderful information.
  11. Ive been following your wonderful and informative review since we have a deposit on the 2020 Rotterdam Northern Isle cruise which includes Iceland. I am just getting caught up with your review after a recent trip. In your #313 post from July 16 about Seydisfjordur you posted a link for a review. I only see a blank image “box.” Could you please repost this link? I am very interested in it’s contents. Again, thank you for the immense amount of time it is taking for you to post this information. I cannot begin to tell you how helpful it is.
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