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    Holland America Signature Experiences

    The Signature Experience was included with our June 27 Baltic cruise. We stayed at the Scandic Hotel near the Planetarium in Copenhagen. Breakfast was included (a very extensive buffet appealing to all nationalities). The hotel was an easy walk to the Old Town and Tivoli Gardens. Rooms were small and typically Danish. Our visit to Kronborg Castle occurred on the second night. All of us thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It began with a very scenic 45 min drive along the coastline. We toured part of Kronborg Castle, ending with hors d’ourves, champagne, beer and sodas in the main hall. The promised “heavy” hors d’ourves consisted of six selections. Most of our group of six ate 1-2. Be advised - eat dinner before going. This was followed by one actor performing parts of Hamlet. One member of our group was not able to go to Kronborg Castle. We were told at check-in that it would be very difficult for someone in a wheelchair. The 15 min. walk from where the bus parked to the castle had some uneven, cobblestone areas. Once in the Castle, you had to climb 42 steps to reach the second floor where the main hall was located. There wasn’t any handrail, just a rope along the outer wall of the spiral staircase. No elevator was available.
  2. pschweig

    HAL Flights - When will they "ticket"?

    We used HAL’s Flight Ease program to reserve flights for June 2018. I paid for the tickets last August. At that time, we were issued ticket numbers. I do not have a “ticket” but I do have a ticket number for each passenger. BTW, we used a TA from our credit card company,
  3. Thank goodness - no tendering. I think I know what a transport chair is - a small, narrow wheelchair? We’ve got to sit down and get a good feeling of what she can and can’t do. We’ve got 1 1/2 months to get this figured out. I had no idea what to advise her to do! I knew I could ask this question on CC and get good suggestions from people with first-hand experiences. Thanks to You all.
  4. Thank you again for another excellent suggestion.
  5. Thanks so much for the your responses. I tried to research my question on CC before posting but I guess I don’t do a good job of selecting search words. You all have given us the information which We needed.
  6. My sister is accompanying my extended family on a Baltic cruise aboard the Zuiderdam in June 2018. To make a long story short, her bad knee has sudden,y become much worse since we made our reservations in July 2017. She plans to take panaramic shore excursions but does not feel she would be able to walk from the ship to the tour bus and back unassisted. I thought she might be able to reserve a scooter for the cruise, but do not know yet if that is a possibility (more research!). My question - do staff members assist passengers (on scooters) from the ship to the tour bus? Or, should she consider canceling her cruise reservation because there isn’t any way for her to walk to a tour bus? Thank you in advance for any replies, suggestions or personal stories about your experiences. I have no knowledge or experience which would enable me to give her suggestions.
  7. pschweig

    Gluten free options koningsdam?

    Both my granddaughter and I are gluten intolerant. I used the email info for HAL Ship services provided in mslindz’ post yesterday and received this reply from HAL on the same day. Much easier than it was in the past! “Everything is all set for you and Ava now for your Gluten Free request. There are no forms to fill out for this as there were in the past as all of the ships now carry a stock of gluten free foods onboard all sailings. All that is needed now is for you to let us know that that you need to have a gluten free diet while onboard our ships. The only dining venue onboard that can guarantee against cross contamination is the Main Dining Room as the other venues have too small of kitchens to dedicate a space for gluten free food preparation.”
  8. We are booked on the Sep 28 Mediterranean cruise on the Noordam. Does anyone know when final payment is due for this cruise? We paid in full when we booked it so I do not know. Long story (volcano, rebooking, insurance reimbursement, etc.) Thank you in advance for your reply.
  9. My husband and I are looking for a cruise for next year. When I go to the HAL site, it says "View and Verandah" sale. Does HAL ever have an across-the-board "Suite" sale similar to this "View and Verandah" sale in which suites are discounted? Sorry for my ignorance but I figured a long-time HAL cruiser on this board could answer this question.
  10. We have purchased HAL's transfer from Livorno to Florence. Does anyone know where the drop-off and pick-up points are in Florence for this transfer? Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  11. I saw a 2006 post on virtual tourist dot com stating backpacks were not allowed in the Accademia in Florence. It also warned that there was no place to leave your backpacks. I searched the cruise critic forum to see if this question was addressed on any recent posts and could not find it. Does anyone know what the backpack policy is at the Accademia as of 2010? Thank you in advance for answering my question.
  12. We are going on b2b Mediterranean cruises on the Eurodam, leaving April 19, 2010. How soon before departure should we book shore excursions? The fee for the exursions are charged to your credit card immediately (if not waitlisted). We would like to delay this charge as long as possible, but still want to get the shore excursions that we want. Thank you in advance for your response.