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  1. We sail on Breeze Oct 21 on a 4 night cruise. I’ve heard they have the All White Party, does anyone know which night? Also, is the Italian Restaurant open for lunch on first day? Are they enforcing masks? What about Cozumel? Any excursions you recommend? Sorry for all the questions, getting excited! We recently returned from Alaska in July but this is the first time on the Breeze.
  2. Wasn’t sure if this has been answered yet but, are they still doing the all white party one night? Booked for October and want to be prepared! 🥳
  3. Just booked the Breeze in October with the drinks on us while in casino promo. My companion is not eligible and wants to purchase the Cheers program. Will I be required to purchase it as well since I already get drinks in the casino?
  4. If you like peach, the “kiss on the lips” is really good. Only problem is ordering it when the server asks what you’d like….lol
  5. We are on the Miracle next week. Received this email the other day but have not received link it references in email.
  6. Thanks all! I’ll be checking with hotel on shuttles to surrounding grocery stores.
  7. Oh no!! I see the ship only carries Pepsi products.
  8. Thanks everyone. I’ll check around hotel.
  9. Thanks…..Cruising Carnival and according to website, they still allow carrying on sodas in cans.
  10. We will be arriving very late the night before cruise and chose to stay close to SeaTac. Plan on taking shuttle to Pier 91 the next morning. Does anyone know if there is somewhere close to the Pier to buy sodas? Prefer not to lug a 12 pack on the airplane but can’t live without my Diet Dr Pepper. Lol
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