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  1. *Miss G*

    New Club Orange

    I enjoyed Club Orange as a benefit of having a Neptune Suite. I would not purchase it in addition to booking a Signature/Vista Suite or Verandah as I do not see any value, personally, beyond the dining aspect. But when you can dine in a specialty restaurant for less than the per-day cost of CO it devalues itself even further. To summarize.... Yes to Club Orange as part of the Neptune Suite perks. No to Club Orange (for me) as an add-on to a non-PS/NS booking.
  2. *Miss G*

    Koningsdam - Get your flu shots!

    I had the mega-dose flu shot in September and it has been amazing. I am usually sick as a dog a minimum of 2-3 times (flu and colds) over the season but this is the first year I haven’t caught a single bug. Not even a sniffle. *knocks on wood*
  3. *Miss G*

    New Club Orange

    The last 3 sailings were in a NS. A Verandah is the only other category of stateroom I have stayed in. We took a page out of @frankc98376‘s book on the September Zuiderdam sailing and ate at the Pinnacle Grill each night. That, combined with breakfast in the PG each morning, was our favorite way to dine. Club Orange on the Koningsdam came in second, then the Nieuw Amsterdam Pinnacle Grill breakfasts came in a dead last. We actually hated the NA PG experience for multiple reasons. The tables were on top of each other and the service was haphazard, unfriendly, and scarce. We only dined there a couple of times since it was so abysmal.
  4. *Miss G*

    New Club Orange

    Yes, that is correct.
  5. *Miss G*

    New Club Orange

    Yes, Blend is at the entrance to Club Orange but I never noticed it in use during dining hours. I believe they had a Happy Hour there at some point. I might try that one day! There would usually be people walking by on their way to and from the MDR, but found most people accessed the MDR from the aft elevators. As with all new things it took me a day or two to adjust and then I fell into the flow of things. It was nice to see the same faces on a daily basis because you began to acknowledge each other whenever you met. There was a camaraderie after a few seatings... to the point where some diners ended up sharing tables. It was really quite pleasant and nice.
  6. They could have been non-US citizens (i.e. greencard or visa holders) or started and ended from separate US ports.
  7. *Miss G*

    New Club Orange

    Suite passengers pay extra for the Pinnacle Grill at supper; Club Orange is included in the fare. I much preferred CO to the MDR. The thought behind leaving the existing glass walls intact was so diners could still see the ocean from their seats. Most of the time passers-by (which there really aren’t many of), as well as the CO diners, don’t really pay much attention to each other.... kind of like people do everywhere. If they look it’s just a glance. Most HAL cruisers are quite civilized.
  8. *Miss G*

    Nexus cards San Diego port

    All NEXUS pass holders have GE privileges; not just US citizens.
  9. *Miss G*

    Nexus cards San Diego port

    I found out early on that CBP has the final word, whether they have interpreted policy correctly or not.
  10. *Miss G*

    Crew News -- Question for you

    I did it for you. You start with an “@“ character and then start typing the name. A List of users with those first letters will pop up and then you pick the one you want. For example: @Italy52
  11. *Miss G*

    Crew News -- Question for you

    If you tag him he will get a notification. @Crew News
  12. *Miss G*

    Port Everglades and Lyft/Uber

    We had Uber pick us up at our hotel to take us to the port. The driver actually told us he almost cancelled because it’s such a hassle to take people there. They also have to purchase a port access sticker or they won’t be let in. I have read complaints where some Ubers have been refused entry because they don’t have one. The port officer did check and also wanted to see all our documents and passports. As the others said, there is no sense requesting an Uber when there are plenty of taxis waiting when you disembark. In December we took the hotel shuttle. (Renaissance Cruiseport) The van was waved right on through in a special lane. No waiting. Kind of like an HOV or E-Zpass lane. The driver said it was because he is the one with the responsibility to check his passengers are valid. It was the fastest and the easiest trip to the port I have ever had.
  13. *Miss G*

    Suggestions for packing without wrinkling

    In December my sister sent her gala night dress for pressing to have the creases removed, which were caused by packing. It came back pressed and folded with the exact same creases put back in the outfit.
  14. I was in VE 7009 in October 2017. The “side blank areas” appeared to be the steward’s breakroom space. I do not know for sure because I didn’t want to be intrusive, but when I went in and out of my room during the day the door would occasionally be open and that’s what it appeared to be. It was a quiet area as not many people had any reason to go that far forward. The area in front of D7001-7004’s windows is not a public deck walking space.
  15. When I asked one of our servers how to get the good coffee as opposed to the one that they pour from the pot she told me to ask for an Americano. I have no experience with requesting it for the room but it’s always worth a shot. And, after the first day, I always had good coffee. 🙂