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  1. Don’t ever ask your Concierge about Gala night chocolates or you will get this in your room ever after:
  2. Can’t load videos so here are more pics. Love the sparkler lights above the Queen’s Lounge:
  3. *Miss G*

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    I got 404 Not Found when I tried that. I am currently on the Koningsdam.
  4. I did let the CO Manager know that I preferred the PG breakfast over CO. I was told that it was the same breakfast but let him know it was the serene ambiance I was missing. In CO you are on display to all who pass by. My first impression of the CO dining room was that I didn’t really care for it but I was withholding final judgement until the end of the cruise because first impressions usually change. I don’t think it is as bad as a Denny’s; more like an upgraded version of a cafeteria. It is nice to have a small venue to go to so I like that part about it. The chef comes over every once in a while to chat. He is a very nice young man from Columbia. Overall, thus far, and because I am not impressed with the overall Neptune Suite experience on the Koningsdam, I would go back to a verandah cabin if I am sailing her again.
  5. Here is that same ship offloading the boats. I took some videos and will try to upload but I am having difficulty with the connection so will post later if I can’t upload now.
  6. Oh yuck. Don’t remind me. Lol I am not having as much luck with internet as Crew News is. For me it is excruciatingly slow. Some random things I hadn’t mentioned: The 2nd day of our cruise the toilets stopped flushing on our side of the deck. That was fun. They got it fixed in a reasonable amount of time though. Some problem with the tank. I finally disconnected the VERY BRIGHT LIGHT phone after 3 nights and put it under the bedside table. The next day they had managed to fix the problem and it was reconnected. Oh, and we also received our missing fleurs on the 3rd day! Tonight is our last night at Club Orange. Tomorrow and the next night is the Pinnacle Grill. The Grill has been packed every night (except the first) so we went on a wait list.
  7. Pics taking a long time to load. Will try loading more after breakfast!
  8. Doesn’t look like this pic took well. Probably because I am taking it into the sun, but I can see another ship docked in another section in the distance:
  9. DAY TWELVE - CHARLOTTE AMALIE, ST THOMAS, USVI We have just docked in St Thomas and so has Yacht Transport:
  10. Sorry, I should have been more specific. The Koningsdam is fresh out of dry dock and this is the first cruise where the menu has changed/is. . There are no longer any sushi options. For that you have to go to the new “Nami Sushi” restaurant, which is sectioned off from the Tamarind. If you would like to eat at the Tamarind but want sushi, that is an additional price and they will fetch the menu from Nami Sushi for you.
  11. The Tamarind menu has changed and not for the better. The food is not as good as it once was. We will not be back. I hear that others have made the same comment. The Tamarind Bar is still there but if you want sushi/sashimi it is an additional charge.
  12. Just a note on your same-day laundry service comment... although our items go out early morning we don’t receive the finished product until late afternoon the following day.