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  1. I would hedge your bets by calling the airline (closer to the date) and asking whether the test is required from the point of origin or if it’s okay to take it between connections.
  2. Although the honor bar is more of a convenience than a perq, I think they are missing an opportunity here. If they offered a social hour each evening, with an included beverage, it would go a long way to promoting camaraderie and conversation. I know the connections I made just by dining in Club Orange put a smile on my face when passing familiar faces around the ship. A nod of recognition and a friendly hello changes the atmosphere entirely.
  3. I wish you all the best! There was only one time I flew in on the day of the cruise…. Out of Buffalo in December. We took the first flight of the day and we were the only flight to depart as a snowstorm moved in. All flights out of Chicago were cancelled from the same storm. Tons of people missed the ship but we did see one couple catch up to us in the Caymans. I hope you come back to tell us you made it!
  4. You’re flying in on the day of the cruise. From Ottawa. On December 26th. Just writing that made me nervous. 😂
  5. I would be interested to hear if you are successful in getting the test. CVS cancelled our appointments and Patient First stopped doing them. They are saving them for patients with symptoms.
  6. I haven’t had to do this in quite a while but you used to be able to cancel a non-refundable flight and they would hold the credit for a year. Should you rebook you simply paid a $150 penalty and they would apply the credit to your new flight. Worth a call to find out.
  7. I would have a solid backup plan as quite a number of the pharmacy and walk-in clinics in the US are no longer doing travel testing.
  8. Weird glitch. Verify your “E’s”! 😂
  9. My husband’s name is Jeffery. When I scanned his Nexus card it came out JFFFFRY. 🤨 Took me a while to figure out how to edit that error.
  10. Thank you! I did see the appointment request but I don’t trust anything at the moment. 😂
  11. I suppose if you really wanted to go you could do the PCR test prior to leaving Canada. Does anyone happen to know whether the walk-in passport locations are open?
  12. I see they still have those stupid monitors blocking the view. 😝
  13. Sorry, just to reiterate… the Amazon kit is not proctored if that is what is required. It is accepted, however, in certain circumstances. I was notified when the lab received my kit, which was 10:00am the following business day. By 2:00pm the same day I was notified that my results were ready for viewing.
  14. @Fouremco is correct. Currently, unless you are a US citizen or permanent resident you will not be allowed to board the ship.
  15. Based on all the news reports here in the US… in fact I’ve just finished watching a segment about it on Lester Holt not 3 minutes ago…. all signs indicate they will not only accept it but are recommending it for those with the non mRNA vaccines… as a booster. They also reported that the US will not require a negative covid test for entry. Let’s hope Canada follows.
  16. Personally, I don’t think it’s worth it. I’ve stayed in a Spa Neptune suite on the Koningsdam and the balcony was tiny tiny tiny. Never again. Two bathrooms! Definitely worth their weight in gold.
  17. I think I may be missing your point as this is exactly what they are currently doing. We are no longer required to do a PCR test at the border (except random spot checks) but we do still need a negative test within 72 hours of crossing.
  18. I did see the EDL but, towards the end of the last line, it also mentions a regular drivers license. Just found that odd. Also, for those who may have that question, a Real ID (or EDL) is also issued to those with Permanent Resident status.
  19. I find it interesting that all you need is a drivers license in this help response. LINK TO CLOSED LOOP CRUISES
  20. Sorry, but I have to do these links in separate posts. LINK TO EXPIRED PASSPORTS
  21. These articles from the CBP help pages are applicable to your situation. Due to covid, most countries are making allowances for expired passports. I once had a CBP officer tell me that an expired passport was better than no passport at all. If push comes to shove at check-in, I would definitely request to speak with a supervisor and have these links available. LINK TO NAME CHANGE
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