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  1. Wow. That was very thoughtful of your Concierges to surprise you with snacks! I would have enjoyed that cultural center. The displays are very attractive and unique. Holy smokes on 500 cigars per day!... day after day after live-long day. No thanks. Maybe 20. After that the monotony would have me running out of there screaming. The guy at the desk reading the paper.... was he reading it out loud to the workers? That would be a good way of relieving the monotony. For maybe 20 cigars.
  2. Agree with Kazu. Close to one of my sailing dates I changed my mind and called my PCC about a category change. He put me on hold while he spoke with a pricing specialist, then came back with a really good offer. You should try!
  3. I could never understand why you could get free mimosas in your room (and now in CO) but not in the PG.
  4. ..... Unless your flight connects at Toronto City Centre (Toronto Island/Billy Bishop Airport). There is no Pre-Clearance Center there.
  5. That is awesome @chill6x6!! Congratulations! Please come back and tell us all about it.
  6. It looks like the OP is the only one who qualifies.
  7. I just looked for it on Amazon and it says “Out of Print - Limited Availability”. So if they have it on the ship I’d grab it.
  8. I would imagine that HAL does not absorb the printing costs of their contracted ancillary services.
  9. Do you think that HAL antagonists would find that part of the survey incredibly inaccurate? 😉 In all fairness, I don’t think it’s kind... or helpful... to call others out in a derogatory way when they voice their preferences. It’s just a conversation with different viewpoints.
  10. Somewhere in your email confirmation for your booking should be the name and contact information of your Personal Cruise Consultant. I would discuss the situation with them. If the information is not there then use THIS CONTACT PAGE.
  11. I don’t recall a survey so I am guessing CC pulled that information from the Reviews section. I don’t imagine there are a whole lot of HAL regulars writing reviews. Most seem to do them on the HAL board.
  12. The OBC is listed on the first page of the booking confirmation:
  13. I think they are fine right where they are.
  14. We did the Andy Matsuda dinner last year and it was really lovely and quite unique. If you are a foodie you will enjoy it.
  15. Ohhh. Well that makes sense now. Haha. That play was AMAZING.
  16. I have been working on catching up on your thread (amazingly beautiful pictures of the sea, Roy, thank you) when I saw this post. Back when I was single and having fun, my friends and I were enjoying an evening on the patio at The Martini House when Ron Joyce joined our table. He took a great liking to my best friend. She’s pretty feisty, (having grown up as the youngest, and only, female with 5 brothers) and gave him a run for his money. I think he enjoyed the challenge. One of her brother’s was in the NHL so there was also something in common. Anyway. Sorry for the diversion. You brought back great memories of a crazy night. LOL
  17. I love the Club Orange bag! Unlimited mimosas are free in Club Orange. They do charge for them in the PG. Not quite sure why there is a difference.
  18. I’m a bit confused. They’re charging for mimosas in CO now? Did you get an orange tote bag? Love the towel animals.
  19. Loving your report and pictures, Copper! I love this ship. Thank you. HAL should consider hiring you for an educational series! I like learning all these things. Does that door beside your bed lead into the bathroom? It seems rather odd. Is there no dressing room?
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