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  1. I should add that you will need your US passport to fly to the US as the country of departure will require proof that you are allowed to travel there. ( I say “there” as I am currently in Europe but I live in the US. )
  2. I have to side with Zach on this one as that is also my experience and the information I was given. It is also not necessary to present the same passport you travel on, just as long as you use the US passport to re-enter the US.
  3. If you arrive in port early the hours are 7:30am - 9:00am. If you arrive in port late the hours are from 8:00am - 9:30am. Follow the hours listed for the main dining room because they use the same galley. Also, if the local time hours are different than the ship time hours you will need to go by local time.
  4. Dinner and dress code is as Kazu says. Bottomless mimosas are included for breakfast. I always ask for an Americano coffee and that’s included as well... but the regular coffee is fine.
  5. Here’s A more recent post saying the same thing:
  6. Here’s a link on which states the 3rd and 4th guests in a cabin are included: Club Orange Press Release
  7. Our first cruise on HAL we were the same ages as you. (Husband, myself, kids.) We all had a blast. When the kids weren’t with family they were out making friends with other passengers their age, as well as the performers. They were very sad to leave. I would book two verandahs side-by-side. That way you can have the steward open the divider between the balconies to make it easy to move back and forth. There are also adjoining cabins with a door between the rooms if you want that option. The showers on the Pinnacle-class ships are Amazing!!! They are HUGE in the verandah rooms (not so in the Neptune Suites) and have great water pressure. The TV’s are large and interactive with the ability to view your account and the days’ menus so you can make your dining decisions in advance. 24 hour room service is free with the exception of specialty items as noted. Dining venues are varied and many. The Explorations cafe is a great place for small bites at lunchtime if you want to avoid the congestion in the Lido. Speaking of the Lido... most stations the serving is done by the staff. There are small bites available in between stations (around the corner) where you can help yourself. Bagged potato chips are available at the end of the sandwich stations, which my husband loves. There are popcorn and blankets available for movie nights at the Lido Pool. It’s like going to a Drive-In movie. Your room stewards will drop off striped beach towels for you to take with you if you visit a beach. Just drop them on the bathroom floor if you need a fresh one. Club Orange on a Pinnacle-class ship is fantastic. I think you are making a wise decision there. Enjoy your cruise!
  8. Depends on the ship. There are also SQ’s on the Pinnacle-class.
  9. If you enjoy live music then BB King’s and the Rolling Stone Rock Room are always lively.
  10. I believe I saw where some were able to but it was under very specific or limited circumstances.
  11. Mind if we vote on that?
  12. Reposting for emphasis. Ironic, no?
  13. 100% of the Club HAL reviews I’ve seen have been positive. It sounds like the biggest problem is getting the kids to leave. lol
  14. It does seem to be a little amped up lately. Maybe there’s a full moon.
  15. I’ve noticed that has a lot to do with how the negatives are presented. Most people can tell the difference between an observation and an attack..... or just plain unreasonableness. Recent threads can attest to that. 😅
  16. Wow! That is awesome @sevenseasnomad! I am sorry for the initial frustration but if that’s the payment then it’s turned out lovely. Congratulations! I hope you love it as much as I did. Looking forward to your review and have a great trip!
  17. Here is a good guideline from the Know Before You Go:
  18. Mostly? 😂 Enjoying your review Aquahound! Thank you.
  19. I like that we can get a condensed version of the news in a US, Canadian, and British edition. I think that’s a nice touch. It’s also a nice touch that they will deliver. It will be interesting to see if there is a replacement.
  20. Just remember; blame management.
  21. You don’t need paid internet to log onto the Navigator. It’s free.
  22. Yes. It’s available through the Navigator.
  23. It would be interesting if those who are doing this would post on this thread to tell us why. I would love to understand their reasoning.
  24. I love the Nieuw Amsterdam but I did my TA on the Koningsdam almost 2 years ago. The TA was one of my favorite cruises with beautiful weather from start to finish. Lots of lectures to stimulate the intellect and with all the sea days and relaxed pace and rhythm I was able to decompress and relax my mind, which was really important to me. I would do it again in a heartbeat, especially on the NA. She’s a beautiful ship.
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