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  1. It was sure a shock for me, too. We've twice been on the cabin immediately above D741 on the Star, and there was no smell on the balcony what-so-ever. We love the balconies and practically live out there. When not in port we read and solve puzzles out there--as well as just watching the wake and contemplating the world. We don't go to the casinos at night, and often we've seen the shows two or three times, so in the evenings and at night we sit on our balcony to enjoy a glass of wine or two and enjoy the moon and stars. When we were on the New Zealand/Australia cruise, we took heavy jackets and bundled up out there. We prepared for the Alaska balcony experience by taking heavy jackets, sox and gloves, but it sure didn't work out, and that's the reason for our disappointment. Charlotte
  2. Wow! I was checking something else out, and for the heck of it looked up Princess on the Better Business Bureau site, http://www.bbb.com My eyes just popped out of my head! I don't want to be accused of misstating anything so I'm just going to cut and paste this report from their site: "Princess Cruises 24844 Avenue Rockefeller Santa Clarita, CA 91355 Contact: George Erengis Phone: (661) 284-4411 Company Rating: F Rating Explanation: The rating the Better Business Bureau assigns a business is determined by our composite score of such factors as its type of business, length of time in business, compliance ... Under the description of a Rating F, "F We strongly question the company’s reliability for reasons such as that they have failed to respond to complaints, their advertising is grossly misleading, they are not in compliance with the law’s licensing or registration requirements, their complaints contain especially serious allegations, or the company’s industry is known for its fraudulent business practices." "Complaint Experience Our complaint history for this company shows the company gave proper consideration to some complaints presented by the Bureau. Although in some cases the company failed to respond to complaints. Some complainants allege general dissatisfaction with services, and accomodations, such as, room service, food quality, cabin size, or location. Other travelers complain of delays in departure or arrival times. he company generally responds to copmlaints by providing explanations of their policies. In cases where cancellation and refunds are an issue, the company explains that insurance can be purchased to ensure refunds should a cancellation become necessary. Other service related complaints are addressed by offering discounts on future cruises, apologies or explanations for delays in departure or arrival times. Several complainants who were unable to complete their cruise were not satisfied with the company's response, explaining the "no refund policy." The company refused to make any monetary adjustments in most cases, and customers generally felt their policies were unfair." Charlotte
  3. Thanks for posting that, Betty anne. It's interesting that they don't fix the problem, when it's been going on for so long. Charlotte
  4. To update on this, we filed our suit in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Small Claims Division last week. The Sheriff is going to serve the notice. The trial date is in October. I'll post what happens. Charlotte
  5. Kathi, I hope that you'll have a great cruise; we have enjoyed 6 on Princess, and this was good as long as we didn't try to use the balcony. I just hope that you're not in one of the cabins mentioned by the various posters on this thread. Charlotte
  6. I'll let their reply speak for itself. "Dear Mrs. Craven, "Thank you for your most recent correspondence addressed to the President of Princess Cruises, Alan Buckelew, in response to our letter of July 14, regarding your experience onboard Diamond Princess. Your letter has been forwarded to the Customer Relations Department for response. We are sorry you considered our initial response did not adequately address your concerns. Passenger satisfaction is important to us, and we appreciate the opportunity to respond further. "We regret to learn of your continued concern regarding your experience aborad Diamond Princess and note that you weould prefer to receive a response from executive management. However, the Passenger Relations Department handles all post-cruie issues, and we respond on behalf of all levels of the management team. We work with many departments within the organization to secure appropriate information relative to each passenger's concerns and to formulate equitable responses. This process is continually monitored by senior management at all levels. "If any mameer of management who is copied on our original letter receives subsequent correspondence from a passenger, it is forwarded to the Passenger Relations Department for further response and coordination with appropriate departments for resolution. Although other departments and members of management may be involved in reaching an appropriate resolution, you will continue to receive follow-up correspondence only from the Passenger Relations Department. Again, we are sorry for any misunderstanding created by these procedures. "Mrs. Craven, again, thank you for contacting our office. We understand this is not the response you were seeking, and we regret we would be unable to offer further assistance to you in this matter. Please note that further communication with our office will not generate a change in resolution. While we cannot honor your request for remuneration, we continue to send our kind regards. Sincerely, Megan Small Specialist, Passenter Relations"
  7. In preparing my response to Princess' second letter and second offer of $50 per person onboard credit on a future cruise, I thought it might be a good idea to read that "contract of passage" that travel writers like to talk about. Let's call it fortunate geography. In dispute resolution, there are three steps spelled out. First, the "initial claim" must be received within 15 days of the end of the cruise. Mine was. Second, any suit must be filed within 6 months of the end of the cruise. I hadn't even thought of sueing, but I read on, and that's where the fortune of geography entered the picture. From all the magazine articles I'd read, I'd gathered that to file a lawsuit with any cruise line, you had to go to Miami. However, Princess' headquarters happens to be in Santa Clarita, CA, which is about 35 miles from our house. The Contract of Passage says that any suit must be filed in Los Angeles County, CA. We live in an adjacent county, but there is a LA County courthouse branch with a small claims court about 20 miles away. We'll send the third letter out tomorrow to everybody we can think of except Customer Relations, but if they continue to offer $50 per person onboard credit on a future cruise, and since they mentioned it, after that I think we'll just file in small claims court. Even if we don't prevail, they will be forced to send somebody other than a lawyer to defend it or automatically lose. But we still think that our request to be reimbursed the difference between what we paid for and what they gave us is fair. Their people knew about the problem months before we boarded. They upgraded other people and could just as easily have offered us a change, along with the reason, and we'd most likely have taken the offer, but they never notified us of a problem. Further, the Purser's office person told us that it would take the cabin's being vacant for a week so they could fix it, but that the sales offices kept booking people into the cabin. The difference in price between our category balcony cabin for that cruise and the highest priced ocean view cabin was $400 per person, and that's what we want. Generally, the cruise linies' specification of a place where suits MUST be filed discourages people from pursuing their claims, but in this case I hope that the fortune of geography will at least make that an ace up our sleeve, so to speak. Charlotte
  8. The following just arrived from Princess. "Dear Mr. and Mrs. Craven: "Thank you for your most recent correspondence in reposnse to our letter of July 5 regarding your experience onboard Diamond Princess. We are sorry you consider our initial response did not adequately address your concerns regarding your stateroom. Passenger satisfaction is important to us, and we appreciate the opportunity to respond further. "We assure you, all of your concerns were taken into consideration in our response to your original letter. We do wish that every facet of your time aboard had met all of your expectations. However, we believe that our response adequately addressed your concerns and we must, therefore, respectfully deny your requst for further compensation. Mr. and Mrs. Craven, we appreciate the time you have taken to advise us of your continued concern. We sincerely hope you will take advantage of our goodwill offer and join us on another sailing. Until then, we send our kind regards. Sincerely, Megan Small Specialist, passenger Relations" So what they are saying is that, although they wish we had liked every minute of our time aboard, they are perfectly happy to offer us $50 per person onboard credit on a future cruise to compensate us for the fact that they charged us $400 per person for a balcony that we could not use because they vented the garbage grinder onto the balcony. Nice guys, those Princess people! Sounds like a money maker for them to me. Charlotte
  9. I tried to post this earlier, but it was either removed or got lost in cyberspace. AT any rate, we heard from Princess. The letter says, "As a goodwill gesture, we would like to offer an onbaord credit of USD $100 ($50 per person) to enhance your next cruise. What a joke! We paid for a balcony that we couldn't use because of the stench that they obviously knew about, judging from the comments of customer service people onboard. The difference between a balcony and cabin without a balcony is more than $50 per person. Coral, have you heard from them? We plan to write again, Charlotte
  10. We heard from Princess. Their letter says, "As a goodwill gesture, we would like to offer an onboard credit of USD $100 ($50 per person) to enhance your next cruise." What a joke! We paid extra for a balcony that was totally unusable because of the stench. We'll write back. Coral, have you heard from them? Charlotte
  11. I'm just curious if anybody on the past four cruises has had this problem with this cabin. charlotte
  12. So far I've received an e-mail from Princess saying that I should hear from them on the topic within 3-5 weeks. Charlotte
  13. Kay, the smell was not on the balcony of cabin D-740. It's on the other side of the filter room, and Frank & Pat had no smell there; apparently the air from some other part of the ship is vented to that side. The smell was really, really bad on the balcony of D-741 and to a lesser extent the suite next door, D-739. Camillia, you received exactly the same reply that I did. Denise, we've never been under a night club, but we were under an outdoor balcony off of the buffet, an area where they had outdoor music till 11 pm every night. Others complained about it, but we don't go to bed very early and considered it our private music session on our balcony as we toasted the wake each night. Widow, I think you were wise to change cabins. Our daughter was booked into another cabin on the side, and she had no problem. She's in her 30's, but suffers greatly from allergies and wouldn't even come to our room after the first trip. We were able to use her balcony to view the glaciers, but I still feel that Princess owes me the difference between the price I paid for a category BB balcony and an ocean view with an obstructed view. After all, I paid for two balconies and should have been able to use both--and hers was about 1/3 the size of ours so it was crowded! Just to make sure that everybody understands, though. The room, itself, did not smell as long as we kept the sliding door closed tightly. The door sealed well and kept the odor out. However, we were not able to use the balcony at all because of the stench and also could not leave the door open to hear the sound of moving water, which is what we love back there. Charlotte
  14. Cammelia, I would certainly contact Princess about this and I'd save whatever communications they send you in both electronic and hardcopy formats. That way, if you do happen to have a smell after they have assured you that there is none, you'll have something to deal with. My husband and I do not have sensitive noses, and both of us still thought the stench was unbearable. Our daughter, who has a more sensitive nose than we do, did become very nauseous and left our room. The neighbor, who happened to be a butcher, said that it smelled exactly like a meat locker. As an aside, for the muster drill they sent us down a side door to the muster station. The door is beside cabin D-439, which was our only neighbor. That is usually a "crew only" area, but they open those doors for muster. At any rate, the smell in there was absolutely horrible, and whenever the crew members did use it, we could smell it in the hall after the door had been opened for even a short time. The e-mail address in Santa Clarita, CA where we were directed is for Princess Customer Relations: passengerrelations@princesscruises.com Good luck, Charlotte
  15. Yes, those vents are huge. They take up the space of two cabins and are a couple of decks high. However, different pipes from different regions go to different parts of the vents. They can re-conigure the pipes with some engineering and worker know-how. On the star that particular vent pipe from the kitchen vents to the stern on the Prominade Deck. However, that smell affects everybody who happens to take a stroll completely around the Prominade. So I think that they have tried to move it several different places on succeeding ships in that Grand Class of ships. Charlotte
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