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  1. They had drone flying which has been discontinued probably due to the fact that someone flew the drone into the chandelier above the martini bar. They also had paintball contests.
  2. They do publish it. We just got off the Equinox and the Who's on Board paper was in the rack by Guest Relations. On ship that we couldn't get one on was the Edge. They were on a "green" program.
  3. Dan was back on the Equinox this past week. I think he's one of the best CDs I've ever had!! So funny and what a voice!! We had Martin Bruehls on the maiden voyage of the Edge and he was awful. Planned virtually no activities. He was the worst of over 35 Celebrity cruises.
  4. He was the opening CD on the Edge. He was awful. Almost no activities planned. He was replaced after just a couple of cruises.
  5. C Can anyone on board measure the width of the bedside table?? Not the top shelf but the second shelf. Thanks.
  6. Thank you Marilyn! I appreciate your help. I sure hope you had a great cruise with no visits to medical!!!
  7. I was told by Celebrity that the room stewards sweep every safe when cleaning the room at the end of a cruise.
  8. I heard that each room module would be taken out and a new module slid in. Maybe someone cruising can ask again.
  9. Thanks! I appreciate your input. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone who is planning a trip on the Edge. Hopefully, I will get it to him!
  10. You can pass this information on to whom ever you want to on the ship. I’m talking about a massive amount of jewelry that many people would’ve just taken and fenced somewhere so he really needs to be praised for his honesty. I would love to know who I should possibly try to contact so he gets rewarded for what he did. If you have any suggestions, I will try to get in contact with other people. I appreciate you trying to do this for me. He deserves it.
  11. Marilyn, I have a big favor to ask of you. I've been desperately trying to get in touch with the room steward from my Dec. 9th Edge cruise. I had a senior moment when leaving my cabin and I left all my jewelry in the safe. He returned every last piece of it and I want to give him a big reward. Would it be possible for you to give my email address to your room steward and ask him to pass it along to my room steward? I have to discuss with him how I best could get this money to him. I was in room 9230 and my steward's name was Arturo. Hopefully there is only one Arturo and your steward would most likely know him. My email is deeva211 at aol dot com. I would really appreciate it if you could get this info to him. Thank you so much!
  12. I actually liked the new dining arrangement. That was one of the few things I did like on the Edge!!
  13. I'd rather have a drawer under the desk than that stupid slide out!
  14. I don't know!! Those Eden brownies were some of the best I've ever had!!
  15. Yes, the typical IV cabin on the Edge has these things. The accessible does not.
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