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  1. The problem is, that these ships are so big, they are difficult to travel though, due to their huge size.
  2. The Cruise and Stay "all inclusive option" from Meliá Nassau Beach, includes comped drinks on the ship. All inclusive on land & sea. Has anyone tried this?
  3. Notice that NCL is close to bankruptcy; before it got it's expensive, emergency cash infusion.
  4. Miami 10 News, just emailed me about the possible upcoming NCL bankruptcy filings.
  5. But NCL is two or three Lines, where Carnival is many.
  6. Cancelled - Carnival's Project Pinnacle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzKeVvfOqxA This amazing young man, did an interview with Carnivals lead designer, Joe Farcas, on this revolutionary ship. The idea of a "people mover" which is like a Disney monorail, at sea. This would revolutionize cruising, making large ships easier to navigate.
  7. But you have Grand Celebration, you don't need a second ship.
  8. What about one of the MSC Yacht Club Suites? Now the two-story, Duplex Suites on Meraviglia are included in the Yacht Club.
  9. If it is possible to book a cruise deal with them, this year, I would like to go on it. All I am saying is, booking far in advance is a risk (based on their horrible terms and financial stability), but if a cruise comes up and the line is running, book it.
  10. I would like Classica to be out of Miami and do nighttime visits to Nassau.
  11. As a Liberian Company, I wonder what the relief for them, with their foreign flagged vessels? Perhaps Monrovia, was more accepting than Washington.
  12. VIRGIN ATLANTIC COULD FACE IMMINENT COLLAPSE WITHOUT GOVERNMENT LOAN TED PERTON APRIL 21, 2020 https://samchui.com/2020/04/21/virgin-atlantic-could-face-imminent-collapse-without-government-loan/#.Xp8wS8hKhPY
  13. Well my best offer is $99 flat rate, for up to a 5 night cruise.
  14. They are foreign flagged vessels, they can do anything they want.
  15. I just want to warn people, Richard Branson is out of money, and has few political friends. His Australian Airline, could not even get one of its largest shareholders, Singapore Airlines, to bail them out. Trouble also with Virgin Atlantic, much the same thing. So if you think the cruise line has magical friends, that will save the day, well best of luck to you.
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