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  1. The Virgin crew were great, changing my cancelled voyage, to this one!
  2. Yet something like Chotto Matte in Miami Beach, would do wonders for Virgin. Notice the retractable roof, that leads to a party at night: a solarium on ship, is just like this and would be revolutionary, for shipboard dining! https://chotto-matte.com/miami/gallery/
  3. I have used them often, in my eight Transatlantics!
  4. I had a back-to-back cruise in a Balcony Suite, through URComped. The suites are great, two large rooms, with a large jacuzzi tub in the large bathroom. This is a very regal suite, with rich wood interior and hand made tapestries over the bed and other areas. When Costa made the ship in the early 90's, it Classica was the most expensive passenger ship ever built. No expense was spared, as the flagship of the line. Out of 25+ cruises, this is my favorite ship!
  5. I guess I was nearly asleep when I wrote this. What I meant to say was/translation: Without first rate pools and a solarium, the ship will be at a great disadvantage, and likely a loser, in the ultra-competitive Miami-Caribbean market.
  6. But the law of first class pools & a solarium, will make this ship a looser in the Caribbean market.
  7. No, cheap Spring Breakers are not our thing, in Miami Beach!
  8. Well NY/NJ spring breakers, screwed Miami Beach, leaving us with weeks of 8 pm curfews! I am so glad they went home finally, leaving our island!
  9. On the Carnival board, there are discussing De Santos's banning of Vaccine Passports. So the cruise industry better take the hint, from our governor!
  10. Operating their headquarters & sailing from Floridian ports, is a privilege, not a right.
  11. Other than the Miami Beach, Spring Break 8pm curfews this weekend, continuing to April 14th, I am doing fine.
  12. As a Floridian, I expect the same protocols used in the state. Florida Governor Ron De Santos, has given us, a common sense approach to Corona, which should be adopted by all ships leaving Floridian ports. For me personally, here is a short list: 1. Forcing mask compliance, as it is not required in the State of Florida. 2. Mandating Corona vaccine, as this remans unproven and is not required for Floridians. 3. Forcing social distancing, with a vessel at low capacity. Not required in Florida. 4. Mandatory ship shore excursions, as such practices are illegal in Florida.
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