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  1. Branson didn't pay them, he must be out of cash.
  2. So I guess South America or Asia may be the only hope for the cruise lines: I hear China is a possible option. They are big gamblers, so perahps they are the only possible income stream.
  3. I had no idea, as Don's Canadian cruise channel is always complaining about the US CDC, so I assumed Canada must be better. Though today, he said that Canada is just going along with the US and basically giving up its sovereignty to the US.
  4. It is a big country, with severe winters: offering comped trial cruises, I bet could get 100,000's+ volunteers and even more paying guests later. This has worked in Italy with MSC, so could work well, in closed nation like Canada.
  5. The non-Section 8 crowd, that cause more problems than ships of guests 3,000+. People who spend money and support the line. More actual gamblers, who's revenue out of Miami, would make BPL very profitable, if they would overnight in Nassau.
  6. Virgin Trains in Miami is gone too, makes you wonder about his LV casino?
  7. The major cruise lines could avoid the CDC altogether, by sailing our of Quebec, for Caribbean sailings. It is time for them to base their ships in Eastern Canada and service the Canadian market first, then North America. Also, Panama & South American sailings, could save their companies from bankruptcy.
  8. They should move the ship to Miami and do a more inclusive/longer trip, that gets a better clientele. I love Grand Classica and her crew: I wish them the very best!
  9. When I was on the Century, Murano was a French dining room, with tableside presentation.
  10. Introducing our Western Caribbean Charm sailing. Starting at $1,025 per night, it’s the perfect time to turn this year’s daydreams into next year’s reality. Are these people crazy, a grand a night is a bit hi, no?
  11. Will there be any November or December sailings?
  12. Diamond Plus gets you Platinum Mlife status, at MGMMirage.
  13. But it is not a private island, it is part of the Hilton Bimini, thus the ban of Americans would kill Richard's exclusive club.
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