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  1. We are sailing aboard Equinox out of Port Everglades tomorrow, returning next Saturday & we have prepaid celebrity for our transfers to & from the airport (Celebrity arranged the flights). Our return flight is not until 4:05PM, and I am curious as to when we will be transferred to the airport. The ship will arrive back in Ft. Lauderdale for 7AM, on the Saturday & I am worried they will transfer us to the airport too early. You generally can only check-in & go through security at airports 3 hours max before your flight time. If we're too early we'd get stuck waiting
  2. Thanks to everyone for your advice on my situation. We'll keep hoping our flight is on-time or only slightly delayed & we have definitely decided to take a cab to the cruise terminal instead of the X transfer. Once aboard Equinox, I'll make a beeline for the specialty dining desk, which in another post on this forum, I was informed is set-up just outside the Oceanview Cafe. I'll make all my reservations immediately &, if I don't get all the venues/times I prefer, I'll check with the concierge to see if he or she can make any changes as the cruise progresses.
  3. We might be earlier than 1:30, I was being safe. Our flight is scheduled to land @ about 9:30, and we have arranged for Celebrity to do the transfer between airport & cruise terminal. My worry is the flight we are on is delayed almost every day. Usually only a one hour or less delay, but about once a week the delay is significant with a landing time of 12:15-12:30. This concerns me. I know, I know, I know- we should have flown in the day before. I swear I’ll never do this again and always fly in to the departure city at least a day in advance. But for this trip, what is done is d
  4. My wife & I, sailing this Saturday, Feb. 29, on Equinox on a 7-night Caribbean cruise have just been informed our MoveUp bid for a concierge class upgrade was successful. We are very happy to now have a much better location but I have a specific question regarding my specialty restaurant seating time priority that comes with concierge class. We have pre-purchased the 5-night specialty dining package & already know that we are not allowed to make the actual night-by-night reservations until once on-board. This was disappointing to us because we likely won't be boarding until
  5. Thanks for all your suggestions. I can now definitely report the app is working for me on both the iPad & iPhone. All my reservations are also appearing in the app calendar again. Ready for next week!
  6. I spoke too soon. The app on my iPhone works, but on the iPad reinstalling did not work. I’ll try deleting & reinstalling later today, I guess. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. This worked for both devices. Thanks for the suggestion. A minor issue, as I assume it will repopulate soon, ut our booked events are not appearing in thecalendar now, whereas they were prior to this (5 night specialty dining package and a behind the scenes tour of the ship excursion). Sent from my iPad using Forums
  8. There was an update to the iOS version of the app on Feb. 20/21, & now the app will not allow me to log-in. The update automatically logged me out & when i attempt to login, it will not accept my credentials. This is on both my iPad (Mini- 5th generation) & iPhoneXS. The same is true of my wife's app on her iPhone11. We sail aboard Equinox this coming Saturday, Feb. 29, & certainly hope the issue is resolved by then, as I looked forward to using the app on-board. I'd prefer it get resolved even sooner so i can look at the calendar before the
  9. We've pre-purchased the 5-night specialty dining package (using our OBC) for our upcoming (Feb.29) 7-night Caribbean cruise on Equinox &, as well-noted in this thread, all we can reserve is a "courtesy-reservation" for embarkation night one. We were told we can make further reservations once on-board. We are anxious to do this immediately upon embarkation, because we want to cancel night one & get the dates & times for the restaurants we want. chemmo notes above that there is a specialty restaurants table set-up outside the buffet to make reservations. Can anyone else c
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