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  1. I stumbled on your review since you posted a link in a different post. I'm glad I did since we were on the same cruise!! Glad you enjoyed your vacation as much as we enjoyed ours (despite the awful heat.) Fascinating to me how we went to the same exact places and yet our vacations were so different 🤗 Here's what our cruise looked like:
  2. I think there was a good mix of ages on board, some our age, some older, some younger. And you nailed it - we were heading back to our room by 1030/11 most nights because we had fairly early starts most nights. But I can say that when we were going back, there was always live music going on and plenty of people out and about.
  3. Our sailing (June 22) there was one of Celebrity's new tenders and two local tenders.
  4. Hi Dave, We just got back from the Edge a few weeks ago. You'll find that any heating elements may be confiscated when boarding a ship, so I would advise against bringing your own travel kettle - vtcruising's suggestion of requesting room service should work out well! For tenders, we tendered in Villefranche and it couldn't have been easier. Just went down to the deck and got on the next tender. We asked the day before how the process worked and they said if they have too many people, they do change to tickets, but only if necessary. Enjoy your trip!
  5. Was your sommelier Jomkwan? She was amazing!! No reason we can't all enjoy!
  6. I think some of the complaints I heard were instead benefits to us. For example - things being in an app rather than printed. We're very comfortable living our lives with tech, true to our generation, so it was a bonus for us. Also the music did skew to current hits, or hits within the last 20 years that for the most part we knew that my parents would not have. Otherwise no - but I heard so much leading up to this cruise about how Celebrity was "targeting millennial consumers" and a lot of people seemed to have opinions on that. So I figured I would at least throw an opinion out t
  7. Sorry, I don't remember when it was offered. I think it was offered once, I remember seeing a sign for it, but that's about all I remember. If you carry your bags off yourself, I think it was as early as 6:30am, if not 6am. We wanted to get off around 9, so we were a little more focused on that. Sorry I'm not more help!
  8. It was through this company: https://www.nice-wine-tours.com/provence I mentioned it, but just so there's no surprises, you do have to get yourself from the Villefranche port to the Nice port. We gave ourselves 2 hours which was too much time. You'd need about 60-75 minutes if grabbing a taxi. Tender took about 20 minutes, but of course you need to time it right. Taxi was about 15 minutes.
  9. Glad you enjoyed @hcat! Careful, if you're a millennial you'll start killing industries, lol!
  10. Those tables would be nice! I like people watching and you'd be able to see a little outside the restaurant and a lot of what's going on inside. If Jeshna & Lebron are still there on your next cruise, ask for them and sit in their section, you'll be well taken care of! I understand why the IV aren't super popular in the Caribbean, but I think in Mediterranean, Alaska (my husband and I think it would be a fantastic ship in Alaska), or a Norwegian Fjord cruise would all be great with an IV. We were planning for a long time...we put a lot of thought into it.
  11. Reading @MrsEmmaPeel's review, I realized I forgot Evening Chic night.... So since we were in Blu, we technically didn't need to participate, but still had clothes along that would work. On our cruise, the nights were Valencia and Villefranche. The guys wore slacks and button down shirts - no ties (though they had them along in case they felt underdressed. They did not, even just walking around the ship after dinner.) Us ladies wore cocktail dresses. In both cases we felt that we fit in just fine. Certainly not the fanciest, but also not the worst dressed.
  12. Yes! My husband kept his plugged in at the box, mine was at the nightstand since I was where the outlet was. Worked out okay since I'm the one who turns on the alarm, but it would have been nice to have one at each beside instead of 2 on one. I think an "experience" is a good way to describe it. We loved it, but it was definitely unique!
  13. WOW! That sounds like a...unique? experience. Probably one you'll never forget!
  14. La Spezia Also now on our "places to return" list is Northern Italy. We loved this region. We did a food tour that took us out to the Parma region (just slightly over an hour from the port) and visited a Parmigiano Reggiano factory and Prosciutto di Parma factory and stopped for lunch. We could have also visited a balsamic vinegar factory, but we were so worn out from the heat that we opted to return to the ship - plus we had decided that we would return, so we'll hit that up next time!! Like Valencia, getting out of the city and into the countryside was really wonderful. Plus when there'
  15. We were in Ibiza until midnight too. If we were there later we may have attempted a club (maybe...the last time I was in a club was a decade ago, lol!) but I have to imagine they aren't very busy until later?
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