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  1. CDC won their appeal...now we wait to see if Florida takes it to the next level.
  2. For us, royal refunded in 3 days. It took another 10 for it to show up on my credit card.
  3. We took advantage of that the last time we sailed. It was nice to be able to keep track of the teens without paying extra money. 🙂
  4. It could be the credit card company. With my card, they always seem to post a week after Royal issues the credit(it does post to the correct day which means I have to go hunt for it...LOL).
  5. RCL cancelled May sailings last week. NCL cancelled May a month ago.
  6. According to CDC order, the cruise line must perform a test cruise in order to apply for Conditional Sailing Certificate.
  7. I just read(somewhere 😏) that they are waving the fee when transferring deposit to another date.
  8. Just playing the waiting game here. We are booked on Oasis mid June. I would rather they cancel so we don't have to deal with FCC. It's a family trip with 3 kids ages 16-19. Royal won't let them sail on their own, but will issue FCC in their name(makes no sense to me).
  9. Possibly raise fares next year? Have you priced a cruise for next summer yet? If I cancel my June cruise, and reschedule for next June, it will cost me an extra $4000 (I have 2 rooms booked). Crazy!
  10. We took the kids last June and only paid $39 a person. Taking them again, this June, and current price is $125 but I've seen it as high as $135. Crazy! We won't be participating this year. May just stay onboard and enjoy the mostly empty ship. 🙃
  11. If you book a balcony, the connecting cabin isn't a necessity. Once they open the divider, you have access to the other balcony and room.
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