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  1. Star last week, no towel animals at all in family suite.
  2. Just off of the star, We didn't try it with our 8 year old this trip but there was a child access option in the app that showed up once connected to the ship wifi.
  3. Because sometimes space from those you're traveling with is best for everyone...says the stepmom who has sailed two blended family cruises and is planning a third cruise with her husband, our daughter, stepchildren, stepchildren's mother and stepfather.
  4. We just came off the star yesterday. It was a different experience from what we are used to, I believe a previous posted mentioned the staff appear to be new onboard this ship and are inexperienced. We had to involve supervisors and managers on a couple occasions. A child with a severe food allergy who never ordered a meal was given a meal containing all of her allergies. The matre' d was immediately correcting the situation with servers and cooks and we were appropriately linked with the special diet waiter, then at the atrium cafe a blind adult in our party was scolded by the staff that the prices were printed on the board after asking the price for the candy. The beverage manager was very apologetic and stated he would personally re-educate the person that NCL's policy for a blind passenger is to verbally read the pricing and describe the items to the passenger as well as escort the passenger to a seat. In regards to kids onboard, the ship no longer has water slides, there are no towel animals. The kids club was a lot of fun for my 8 year old, her favorite activity is the end of cruise circus show.
  5. Every virus on a cruise ship comes from somewhere else, a human being brings them onboard. I was actually surprised this past week on the NCL Star when I noticed ship housekeeping staff were spraying busses and vans before shore excursions left with virkon. When I asked about it assuming it was a pesticide for zika and they said no, its a viralcide because we were a late arrival in port the busses had already been used by passengers of another cruise line and they wanted to ensure that transmission between ships was minimized.
  6. We booked the concierge family inside for August. We are a family of 6 and the price point for this room was better than the other options we looked at. I'm looking forward to seeing how the virtual Oceanview window wall works!
  7. There is also the Concierge Class on Joy which have suite "lite" perks. We are booked in a two bedroom family inside concierge class stateroom.
  8. I never trusted the travel agent to make the notification because then they would receive all of the communication. We would receive an email late the night before boarding from the onboard access desk coordinator with the name and phone number of who we were supposed to call at the port for expedited arrival processing and in my daughter's case alternative boarding. There is a multipage access desk form that needs to be filled out and returned.
  9. I do believe Jovo returned to bliss this month, darn...was wishing he would be on the Star out of Miami.
  10. My daughter will be very disappointed, we sail the Star in 2 weeks. We might have to bring our towel animal book and make our own...
  11. Thank you! We are sailing for the first time on RCL and Mariner in December and wasn't sure if I should ask or the answer would become clear later in the review.
  12. Also, we have cruised with my mom in a mobility scooter several times, we have always spoken with the access person when we board through handicapped boarding where our muster station is and what time the elevators will be turned off. Then we ensure that we are on the deck of the muster station before the elevators are turned off so that she can avoid the mad crush of people.
  13. I had all of my name change documents complete in one day, new social security card printed at SS office, took that to DMV for new drivers license then set up appointment at Post Office to turn in my old passport and submit name change application on it. Three months is an incredibly long timeframe.
  14. We did this cruise in September, we embarked in Barcelona but everything was level across the board for both Barcelona and Rome boarding passengers. Tender tickets were not available until the night before (Florence/Pisa) night which was the day after the Rome passengers boarded. Everything was clearly laid out in the freestyle daily.
  15. This is concerning to me, we are first time RCCL travelers and have never had issues with mobility devices fitting into the main dinning room. Is this on a certain ship class that you've encountered this issue?
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