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  1. Have to say never again for us, Our experience in June was a nightmare both arrival and departure at Naples Airport, it did not spoil what was a great cruise on Explorer 2 but will not have to do this intinerary again, if we do it will be Dubrovnik. Don't even consider Baltic Cruise just do it, we had a great cruise couple years ago.
  2. With Alla Tours you get to see just everything - small group in minibus with local guide and two full days taking in everything, not cheap but only likely to visit this wonderful city once so you don't want to miss a thing, lunch provided both days plus all entry fees. The ship excursions, when we visited, we're not half as comprehensive as Alla Tours. If you do this cruise you must do a private tour in St Petersburg.
  3. We did Baltic couple years ago and it was magnificent - the highlight is of course St Petersburg, for which we did a 2 day Grand Tour with Alla Tours - first class. The other city that impressed was Stockholm. We went July and the weather was great and sea mainly calm. Helsinki was also very nice, but we were there on a Sunday, only the church was open, apart from a few cafes. Can strongly recommend the cruise whichever itenerary you choose.
  4. I suppose we are lucky to be 20mins from Manchester Airport, so we don't have your problem. We just feel comfortable with Marella and although not the cheapest they do suit us. MSC was our first ever cruise many years ago, I am sure, noting your location, if we had to choose it would probably be MSC - again superb modern ships, lovely food choices and great staff, if it suited we would not hesitate in sailing with MSC. We saw their many cruise ships in Venice this year.
  5. We have sailed with both, but prefer Marella. MSC ships are truly magnificent and food was ok - the problem was the fact that 90 per cent of the passengers were Italian, entertainment was visual rather than musical - language problem - the Cruise Director introduced the entertainment in various languages, took too long. We did sail out of Venice so that could have been the reason for lots of Italians. We would certainly choose Marella and just do the drive to Manchester Airport, it's only about 4 hrs or less from Glasgow.
  6. Now that is certainly good news, should solve a lot of the problems.
  7. I would email Marella and ask what they plan for next year at Naples Airport, something will have to happen otherwise I can't see anyone, who knows the situation, booking a cruise out of the Port of Naples. A great pity because the itinerary is a very good one. Cannot understand why they cannot introduce " Bonded Luggage " even that would still leave a long walk to coaches.
  8. Totally agree, but Sorrento and Herculaneum are not Naples City, the original post was asking about Naples in particular. The whole Campania region is stunning, we have visited this area many times.
  9. Sorry Edinburgher but we never want to see/visit Naples Airport or City ever again and apart from the museum, to see the treasures of Pompeii, would just stop on the ship.
  10. We sailed from Naples in June - airport absolute shambles, never again from Naples. Yes you can easily walk into town - busy, dirty and not a lot to see. We did Ho-ho bus but it was a waste of time, not at all impressed with the city. But Naples was the gateway to a wonderful cruise on Explorer 2, just sorry you will have the Naples Airport experience. Enjoy.
  11. Free safe in cabin. Cases under bed if they will fit. Cannot help with other questions. We sailed on Explorer 2 in June and had a great cruise, lots of eating options and plenty of space for everyone - never felt crowded.
  12. Coffee anywhere free, but Coffee Port have special coffee blends, otherwise it's Nescafé style
  13. Breakfast drinks included. If you don't drink alcohol I would not upgrade, but one earlier post said she upgraded and just saved it in the Coffee Port.
  14. Never happy doing DIY using public transport, especially Italy, lightening rail strike would leave you stranded. Rome organised excursion means you will not miss anything and should you be delayed the ship would wait for you. We normally do our own thing if ship docks close to the city/town, unless we do ship excursion to somewhere special. Not very adventurous are we ! Enjoy.
  15. Cable Car not working these days, apparently its been like this for some time - we visited in June. Wonderful place though.
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