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  1. My wife MAILED ours. Took about 3 weeks and this was recently.
  2. Not trying to start a war here but cruising is part of the economy and the economy sucks right now.. When people take cruises it effects lots of people and in a good way
  3. Yes it makes the CDC look bad. I have no experience with the CDC but I do with the FDA. When there is a problem they tell you to make a plan to fix it and we will see if we approve it.
  4. Good luck and make sure to send us a trip report It will really help those of us waiting on our future cruises.
  5. I recently cancelled some specialty dining. Was refunded in 30 days. BUT I didn’t transfer my cruise
  6. Thanks for your thoughts. I wondered if the extra entree was something special or is it like a drumstick or grilled cheese lol.
  7. Looking at booking a Neptune suite on a Panama Canal cruise on Zaandam. What is the expanded menu for breakfast etc. Club Orange... how does it work. Are the extra entrees worth it. What will we love in the Neptune Lounge? Thanks in advance.
  8. We got through this Morning. I wouldn’t leave a message just keep calling. Their voice mail crashed yesterday
  9. What cruise line were you on.? I have never heard that happen.
  10. Let her stay as a no show. You will get you port fee’s and such returned.
  11. If you don’t have insurance. Just have them be a no show.
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