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  1. Yes. The FCC is posted to each cruiser’s own captain’s circle account. Even though your wife doesn’t have a myPrincess account she still has her own number and her credits will be attached to her. The same for your mother.
  2. I had forgotten that our initial deposits for our cruise were paid on a different card than final payment. The card used for the deposit was an old number as we had upgraded the card to a different perks level and we also now have a new expiry date but somehow those credits showed on our credit card account. The credit card company back end must have some way to follow the trail when refunds are posted to old account numbers. I was so caught off guard that at first I didn’t realize they were credits and thought Princess had charged us money for something we didn’t buy! an
  3. FCC are credited to each persons individual cruise account. So you need to log into your sailing partners Captains Circle account to view their credits.
  4. Happy to report we got our refund today. Our cruise was April 12 Regal Princess. We had two rooms under two separate booking numbers for our family group. We cancelled two days before they announced Pause 1. At the time we cancelled, we were happy to take the 50% refund and 50% FCC that was on offer so that we didn’t ‘lose’ any money. We were nervous about sailing because of the ages (young and old) of the members of our group. So we were glad to see this initial offer. When the pause was announced, we immediately requested option 2 - full refund plus 2
  5. in anticipation of getting our refund, I phoned our credit card company to ask about the large Credit balance that would appear. It will be returned to a USD card we don’t use that often and would prefer to have the cash back in Canadian funds. I was told that large refund balances To the credit card can be deposited back into our chequing account. I can not do this myself through online banking- I have to phone the credit card company and they will initiate the transfer and within 3-5 days it will be processed. so if you are concerned about your ‘huge negative balance’ on your one c
  6. My mother got a phone call from Princess asking if she wanted to book her next cruise and use the FCC she was getting from the refund- but we don’t actually have the FCCs in any of our accounts yet despite the rep saying they had been issued. No refund to credit card yet either.
  7. We weren't clear on what to do with this new cancellation policy becasue we had just cancelled on Tuesday to receive 50% FCC and 50% refund to credit card for our April 12 cruise. The online statement didn't really explain this well So we phoned, even though the notice said not to call. The phone rep said they can not do any cancellations by phone and you have to fill out the online form. When we asked for clarification on this because we had already cancelled - she advised to fill out the form using our booking number for the cancelled cruise. Good thing we had this
  8. where I live the restaurants have the health inspection notice sign posted on the door/window and indicates the date of last inspection. Green means they passed. I think yellow means they had some issues to work on? But I’m not sure because I rarely see anything other than green signs
  9. Just noticed several days of blog posts were added! And tons of great pictures too!
  10. If you did end up with an FCD in USD you can book your next cruise in USD. Even though we are Canadian we often book in USD And pay with a USD credit card. For our next cruise we actually got better pricing booking in USD. When we do our own conversion to Canadian dollars for payment it is less than what the Canadian dollar quote for the cruise was. we book direct with Princess and the first time we paid in USD was an accident because when the rep asked for the closest airport to start the booking, we gave an American airport (we live close to the border and the US airport i
  11. I think I’ve seen more items on the regular menu that our daughter would prefer over what’s noted on the kids menu.
  12. disappointing to hear that. Keeps the DH busy for a few hours on sea day.
  13. thanks for the confirmation on this. Didn’t read the first patter carefully enough.
  14. thanks! I went back and reviewed the patter again and it was there. Missed it the first time.
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